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12 constellation human blackening is inspired by the dark side of the constellation in the end how evil (middle)


If you say that human nature is evil, would you feel very depressed? However, this rare evil comes from our original instinct and emotions, which are produced through the scent of the day after tomorrow, or the improvement or qualitative change. Whether a person is good or bad is a subjective consciousness. After all, the so-called good people occasionally do bad things, and the bad guys often don't often lose their goodness.

When a person is subjected to strong stimulation in life and work emotions, and often in a state of being crushed and forced, the psychology will produce distortions and intensify the paranoid side.

This dark side is very evil, with powerful energy, and directs all human emotions to a black hole with negative energy. It is dark and damp, and there is no hope for the five fingers.

Then, when the demon hidden in the inner black hole is awakened, what kind of evil will be inspired by the 12 constellations, how terrible are they after the blackening?


The Leo, which is emotional, is easily used because of the heavy feelings. After the blackening, Leo is more reluctant and good-faced as a self-respecting effort. Everything they do is for the dignity of high morality.

They become more overbearing, unreasonable, and the tentacles of control desire extend in all directions. The blackened lion will become very insecure, often hysterical, especially in love, beginning to become unclear with the opposite sex.

When desires swell to the point where they can't afford them, they are also very tormented. Of course, they can also temporarily converge on the edge to complete their ambitions. But after a long time, they will feel very boring and boring. A strong sense of emptiness will occupy their entire soul. Therefore, they will choose the route of the Sui and Tang dying, let them fall into disrepair, give up their dignity, and let the fate tear away. At the mercy.

After the blackening, Leo is more like a helpless child. If you don't get anywhere, you can't get it.


Any blackening of the constellation will magnify its shortcomings, and Virgo is no exception. After the blackening of Virgo, not only the poisonous tongue is very black, they will show the most sour and thin side, revealing the scars and shortcomings of others. They will become very vain, this vain used to be inferior and introverted, but when Virgo does not intend to converge again, this vanity is arrogant.

Because it is too neurotic, so after the blackening of Virgo, it will run its own thinking at high speed and let yourself fall into madness. The difference is that Virgo is different from men and women. In contrast, a virgin woman is much better than a virgin man, at least with a certain technical content.

Virgo's paranoia creates their obsessive-compulsive disorder, they create a series of self-righteous principles and order, and a little violation of their disappointment will provoke their murderousness. Virgo likes to criticize from the perspective of God and to pick the sentient beings. They refuse to surrender and accompany others, but they like to force others to follow their own forms of consciousness.

After the blackening of Virgo, control desires will be doubled and strengthened, more indecisive, more perfect than before, and will love to overthrow their own decisions than before, in short, hurting others.


The inner harmony of the Libra was completely destroyed, and when they began to lose balance, they began to retaliate. Because the scale in the heart, the balance of interpersonal relationships also represents their inner balance, they can not control the self-starting point to measure the public, the results are always unsatisfactory, but this is not enough to lead to Libra blackening .

The only driving force that can make Libra black is betrayal, love, friendship, affection, as long as it is betrayal, can not be forgiven.

After the blackening, Libra will become narrow and refuse to avoid communication. Everything will be examined with the worst perspective. The proud and lonely soul makes them more vulnerable to emptiness after blackening. At this time, Libra will be over-excited and unable to control his own thoughts and behaviors. They will blame everything for causing them to become such people, shaping them into a feeling that others owe them, and rationalizing their blackening.

At this time, the scales closed the heart, and even the words were too lazy to say. There is no patience to run interpersonal relationships at all. Often, you love to come and go, and love to take a hurry. Whether they make a mistake or not, they will be justified and do not feel that they have hurt others. Even if they hurt, they should be taken care of by others.

Because Libra's double business is very high, so they want to retaliate, they can have a very precise layout, quietly watching the other party fall into their own set, decided to retaliate Libra inside no pity and ambiguity. No matter what your ending, you can't heal his betrayed heart.


Legend has it that this constellation loves to avenge, but think about it, who is not like this? However, the vengeance of Scorpio is nothing more than remembering the damage. It is difficult for them to put down their dignity to retaliate. The big deal is that you are not the opponent's mentality.

However, the blackened Scorpio is simply the messenger of darkness, a natural vengeance.

The Scorpio, which is full of emotions and does not flow in the shape, will show the ultimate black belly state. Their city is very deep, and their mind is very heavy. They are good at attacking the heart. After the blackening, Scorpio can use the keen observation and insight to use the things of the people who can use them for their own purposes.

At this time, Scorpio, the brain power is quite powerful, all the other people's minds and tricks will be detected by them in time, and N kinds of programs will be prepared in time.

Scorpio is a constellation of passive revenge. Once it is touched to the point of blackening, they will turn all the accumulated patience and anger into powerful weapons, and do not listen to anyone's dissuasion to fight back everything they want to fight back.

------To be continued -

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