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1040 MLM is the touchstone of your love


A few years ago, I once had a point: "MLM is the touchstone of love." A relationship, or a marriage, if it can resist the double attack of "ten dreams" and "MLM fear", then this relationship is undoubtedly very sincere.

MLM participants must choose between 10 million dreams and love;

Those who oppose pyramid schemes must choose between boundless fear and love.

And love is a matter of two people. The reality of this double attack will make both sides very suffering and painful.

In fact, people who know more about pyramid schemes know that this is actually an uncomplicated psychological problem.

The first case:

To divert or backwash the MLM participants, this proposition will fail. This is what the anti-party does. Of course, the ending is the resurrection of love in the same place.

The second case:

Let the people who oppose pyramid schemes really understand the pyramid scheme, this proposition will also fail, this is what the MLM gang does. The outcome is naturally that both people are doing MLM together. According to MLM, it is "to work together and succeed together."

The third case:

The two sides are very calm, do not interfere with each other, you do your pyramid scheme, I continue my work, well water does not make river water, this rationality is actually very common, but there will be many variables in the later stage, some of which will evolve into the first Four situations.

--------------- The focus is on the fourth -------------

The fourth situation:

The two sides talked to each other, did not understand each other, refused to communicate or could not communicate effectively. This situation is more than the stubbornness of both parties.

"That is MLM, you have to come back"---"This is not a pyramid scheme. You will know when you come to the inspection."

"I sent you to the door to brainwash, don't go"---"If you don't come, I will be a black pot for a lifetime."

"You don't come back to our divorce"---"Divorce is divorced",

The people in the pyramid scheme are reluctant to reflect on the evidence. The pyramid schemes don’t dare to go to the pyramid scheme to see if the relationship between the two sides will be completely collapsed.

On the side of the MLM participants, there are full-time MLM gangs to guide the teachings, especially the 1040 of the Central China School of Hefei, which often praises the ghosts of “breaking all the roads faster and faster”. The divorce does not evade this group. Strongly advocating, this time the feelings are really dangerous.

Against the MLM side, the power behind it is even stronger. Even if you want to see it, your relatives and friends will try to stop it. After the telephone exchange fails, friends and relatives will swear "no need to get along with this kind of person", and even many friends will deliberately deliberately despise. The outside support for the breakup of divorce has begun to ferment and become a huge pressure.

Then in this fourth case, the love affair is repeatedly devastated, and there is very little that can be sustained.

Against the other party's problems and tactics:

MLM gangs often lead the participants to a dead end. There is no way to retreat. If the opponents break up the threat of divorce at this time, it will inevitably have side effects. If there is a back road, he will be divorced and split up.

The difficulty here is that people involved in pyramid schemes believe that only AB has two choices, divorce and inspection. If the opposition party is also entangled in two points of AB, it is sure that there is no solution. It is necessary to soften the tone, ease the contradiction, create opportunities, suggest to give him a third road, and even lure and mislead to the fourth road.

Participants can only choose one dead end if they leave the AB double election. More choices will naturally calm down a lot, and the latter things will be much simpler.

MLM participants' methods and tactics

High-quality gangs do not encourage divorce breakups. At most, they suggest that there is such a risk. They will not impose this view. If the participants fail to make a rational attempt, they will give up the opposition to investigate and naturally turn into the third case. .

Very high-quality gangs, very very individual gangs, will drive away the participants themselves and prevent them from doing it. This happens occasionally in the probability of more than 65 gangs.

Groups with low quality, especially those with poor economic conditions, will develop 18 martial arts:

1, all kinds of Hyun Happiness: "You see how good my family is together."
2, various responsibility words: "Your home is too ruthless"
3. Various vicious teachings: "She will not divorce when she visits. Frighten her.
4, naked and provocative: "She was poisoned by this negative, not saved."
5, directly introduce the new object: "If you divorce, tell you who and who"

The purpose is one, to get the person who is now recognized (one of the daily management of MLM is not to lose members), regardless of whether he will divorce. This operation has gradually become the standard operation of the national 1040 gang.

There is a key point to pay attention to here.

The former MLM gangs are divorced, most of them are fake, just like it, but if they are repeatedly rejected, the parties themselves are more extreme, emotional, or the marriage has some other contradictions, it will turn from false to true, This process is very subtle.

------- If the MLM participants have a good emotional foundation, the MLM gang's transfer will be counterproductive, but it will cause him to be suspicious, so most MLM gangs are side-by-side temptations, if the parties voluntarily declare, sternly refuse, gangs Members can only go away.

------- If the opponent himself is very rational, believes in feelings, resists all pressure waiting, or is backwashing, the relationship will not cause much problems. (It is a terrible thing to be despised by everyone)

Develop as far as possible in the first case, at least guarantee the third situation, resolve the second situation to control the direction of development, and try to avoid the fourth situation. This is very simple. Take your time, step by step.

Feelings are sentimental, anti-washing is backwashing, values ​​are values, don't mix and see, MLM is very simple, this is a very simple methodology.

This is not the author's own point of view, abandoning the issue of belief, judging by the mainstream values ​​of the society, some marriages have some feelings, it is necessary to draw conclusions. After all, the development trend of this era is more and more inclusive, everyone has the freedom to choose happiness and life. .

Rejecting bad people, but also rejecting irrationality.

Rationality is the third option beyond AB double selection