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Beijing’s monthly income of three thousand couples, all eaten

With the object drifting for a year, the whole day is crowded with people from the North Fifth Ring Road to the East Second Ring Road. One year of cohabitation makes each other more dependent on each other. Although there is a quarrel, many still laugh.
Suddenly thought of a sentence, want to retain the man's heart to retain his stomach. I used to read this sentence and I feel that it is a special thing. I only think that milk is enough. ~嘘~ Now I understand the true meaning of the sentence. The ancients do not deceive me~
Today, I will show you the food that the object has given me in this nearly one-year period.

Braised pork and radish strips
Braised pork trotters

Spicy Shrimp
Braised ribs
Braised egg potatoes
Boiled fish
Prawn noodles

Steamed squid
Bacon Flammulina
Pork ribs soup in winter
Garlic white meat
Xiaolongbao for all tastes


Mapo tofu
Porridge cooked for me before going to work
Entertain friends at home on weekends
Simple but very tasty noodles
It’s better to eat hot pot at home on weekends than at home.
Homemade cold noodles are simple and super delicious
Pot stickers and roses?
Saliva chicken and spicy potato chips
Tell the truth, these are just a few!
Every dish is something I can't eat.
Maybe I saved the galaxy in my last life.

Finally put a photo of my little girl of five or five