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Solve a problem with selling wine every day (34): What kind of brand is the customer asking you to sell? how to answer?


Customer: What brand of wine are you selling?

Yang Xiaoyang Yang's answer: There are many brands of wine. I mainly have wines from Australia's five-star wineries, wines from the French ** region, and wines from American ** wineries. Which country do you like? Would you like to recommend it to sell better? For example, this Australian is a long-term use of wine in a certain unit , each time is ten boxes of twenty drag, the taste is good and the price is not expensive.

Summary: I found this leader in consumer spending is very useful, a new brand, you tell him that a leader or a unit he knows likes to use, generally appropriate.

Captain Drake | Hangzhou

Customer: What brand of wine are you selling?

Captain Drake's answer: I have wines from all over the world's star producing regions. Wines are more about the country and the region. Different countries produce different styles of wine. Do you drink or give gifts?

Customer: I am drinking it myself.

Captain: What kind of wine do you usually like? Is the richness still elegant?

Customer: I like to be more elegant, but not too watery.

Captain: Then I recommend Australian wines, like this Mandala winery, produced in the Yala region of Australia, the climate is relatively cool, not as high as traditional Australia, the wine is still full.

Customer: Well, let me see.

Captain: And you see his wine label clearly expresses the philosophy of the owner. The world and the family of the owner can make a good wine and symbolize the reunion, so we also push this in the fall. Now, there is a special price of 3xx for the activity.

Summary: For customers who don't understand wine completely, I prefer to guide him into our field. Professionalism can make customers more convinced.

李彪 | Chengdu

Customer: What brand are you selling?

The answer provided by Li Wei (1): Our main thing now is the French brand, which is famous, has many varieties, various price points, all kinds of tastes, and buys the rest assured. In our Ji'an (my hometown) who doesn't know that French wine is good, the world is famous. (Observing customer response) You see this, Bordeaux, France, the reputation is enough, the legal production area, holding a try, is not very texture, only 199, absolutely value for money. Even if it is sent to people who seem to buy at least four or five hundred, do you want to bring 2 bottles to go home?

Summary (1): First of all, under the premise of not understanding the needs of customers, first introduce their main brand. After the introduction, look at the customer's facial expressions and then make the next step. If you are interested in the introduction or not, you can further elaborate. Introduce a mid-range price to try the customer's psychological price.

If the customer is interested, they can directly make a quick transaction or introduce a higher price. With specific reference to the local consumption level, it is awkward to sell hundreds of wines in a place where the per capita consumption level is less than 100. If the customer feels that there is a problem with the price, the corresponding price is recommended.

The answer provided by Li Wei (2): (If the first introduction to the customer is not very interested, immediately transfer the battlefield.)

Of course, in addition to French wine, we also selected a selection of Chilean / Australian / XXX wines, very distinctive, are carefully selected, you see this, called the yellow-tailed kangaroo, is it all at once I thought of the Australian boxer, the kangaroo. This is a very famous brand in Australia, it sells very hot outside, and the price is close to the people. Look at this...

(If you are interested, you can directly make a quick deal or introduce a higher price; if the customer feels that there is a problem with the price, then recommend the corresponding price.)

Summary (2): Try to let customers say more, touch more, to accurately grasp the purpose of customer questioning, and then guide sales according to the purpose. For different customer types to deal with it, historical articles can be reviewed.

There are countless possibilities behind this question. In actual sales, there are few customers who ask for a brand. Generally, the brand will directly ask if there is any XXX. I have little experience in the industry, and I have no way to summarize the relatively common templates, waiting for the seniors. experience of.

Awen| Changsha

Customer: What brand of wine are you selling?

Awen's answer: Hello, we have a lot of brands here, don't know which country you bought before?

Customer: French, card ** card.

Awen: Oh, you liked the style of the Bordeaux region of France. We also have several wines of this style. When we say that we pick up the recommended wine, this wine is the same production area as you used to drink. They are all Bordeaux in France, and they are also made from the same grape varieties. The price is more affordable, and our wine comes from French fine wineries. The production is limited. Sell one bottle and one bottle. Do you want to bring two bottles to try?

Summary: People who do not educate customers do not violate the inherent knowledge of the brand in their hearts, and can follow their own products.


Customer: What brand of wine are you selling?

Yu Hongzhou's answer: I have more brands here, France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Australia, and brands in these countries. Do you drink or give away?

Customer: A few friends have dinner together at night.

Yu Hongzhou: Oh, what kind of wine was used in the previous season, and is there any special preference for grape varieties?

Customer: I don't particularly understand it, it seems to be Cabernet Sauvignon.

Old : Then you may like the weight of the wine, eat and drink at night? What to eat? Is there seafood?

Customer: We Weihai people eat, seafood is definitely indispensable, what is it?

Older: Of course, seafood and dry white are more suitable, especially the practice of Weiweihai seafood is simple cooking, in fact, it is not very good with dry red, because the umami will make the tannins in red wine very bitter.

Customer: Ah? In this way, it seems that the wine is really a lot of roads, you can help me with a few bottles.

Old: No problem, so I will give you two bottles of Chardonnay in the Chilean Appart Valley Collection. Then the red is also equipped with two bottles, Merlot on the right bank of Bordeaux, France, with other dishes to drink, can you see? Both wines are featured in the classic production area and the winery is also very good. If you have a lady, you can also consider adding a sweet white.

Customer: Good, trouble you.

Old: No problem, welcome to sit down and taste our other wines.

Summary: Weaken the brand, reflect its professionalism, let the customer recognize your professionalism and your company's brand, such customers can return to the next day through WeChat, the satisfaction will be very high.