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Yingke partner lawyer Sunmei signed the interview experience, a thick little era style...


The best of the day is this screenshot on Weibo (from @哑巴 ). A sister who claimed to be a partner of Yingke Partner shared her experience of going to the consulate to interview the US visa in the circle of friends, including “nearly 50,000 pieces of 2017 latest bag”, “full set of Burberry shirt suits”, “Chanel 13 inch black high heels”. "The description of "Cartier's watch" can not help but bring the reader back to the small era of Guo Jingming's pen...

However, since we talked about the US visa, we intend to talk about it more seriously. Despite the exaggeration of the writing, the author did introduce the face-to-face process in great detail. So, what are the merits in her description, and what are the exaggerations? What is the real beauty visa interview? Panda Jun has already marked out the main points and took you one by one!

1. Before the interview:

“1 backpack, mobile phone, earphone, charging treasure, and data cable are not allowed to be brought in.”

There is nothing wrong with this sentence. Except for the documents and materials that must be carried, all other items cannot be brought into the consulate. It is recommended to pack the documents in a transparent file bag.

"2... don't trust the aunt at the door to keep it."

There are many children's shoes that go to the interview alone. These questions are very distressing: Who are the mobile phones and bags to hand over? Suggestions can be saved in the newsstand or in the lockers of nearby shopping malls. The aunt who gave it to the door is actually very low in security. It is very likely that there are scammers who may come in.

2. During the interview:

"3 brings all the documents together, and one is useless."

That's right, it's normal for you to bring in the materials that you can't easily find out. The interviewer doesn't even look at it. The data in recent years show that visa officers are increasingly asking applicants to show proof of real estate, car production, etc., but of course it is hard to beat us! How to show the proof materials skillfully and unobtrusively? You can tentatively deliver the material while introducing the situation, or clip a work card in the file.

"4 wearing a full set of Burberry shirt suits, 15-inch Chanel high-heeled..."

We recommend that applicants dress appropriately and conform to their identity . What is the match? For example, if you are a student, then you can wear it well; you are a white-collar or ordinary staff member, and you don't have to wear a suit and a suit. Normally, if you are a high-ranking management, you can dress a little. Alternative or exposed dresses are exempt.

"5... repeat it again in English"

What questions will the visa officer ask? How can I answer it properly? This is probably the most concern of all applicants. In fact, each person's interview time is usually only two or three minutes, and even two short questions are over. The most common question is about the itinerary: "Which city are you going to? How long will it go? With whom?" or about the individual: "What is your position?" and so on.

As for answering in English or Chinese, it depends on your English level. If you are not confident enough, you can use it directly in Chinese. You don't have to be reluctant; if you are good at English, you can definitely add a small amount. However, like the author, the whole process of Chinese first and then the English creation of the clock show operation... Do not learn! Don't learn! Don't learn! Normal!

"6... I knew I wouldn’t bother Dad to go back and find a room."

It is said that the visa officer may not look at your room, but this is not the reason why you do not bring the house. Brother dei, all that can be brought with you!

3. After the interview:

After the interview is completed, there are three results:

- Interview: The visa officer accepts the passport, informs the pass and gives the notice;

- Administrative review: special industry (communication, chemistry, aviation technology, etc.) or lost passports, suspected of submitting false information;

- Failed: The visa officer returns the passport to the applicant, notifying the notice and giving the notice.

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Finally, I attached a talented netizen's comment on this circle of friends: Today, wearing my 2014 back to the interview package, I can't bring it in. Fortunately, my classmates from my neighbor's neighbor's children came over from Tieling to help. Otherwise, I don’t really care about the 50 packs I bought on the pedestrian street for my aunt. I used all the techniques of doing hair in the past, wearing the elk suit that I often wear when I was getting a haircut on weekdays. When I arrived, the interviewer asked me: Tony teacher? Me: Barber, the universe's first big fart just hairdressing team designer tony. @ 田蹦-