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Wei Zhe: Why did Ali’s China Railways Army train the drop-drift dimension? | Chaos University Notes


“What is the difference between dream and ideal?”

Wei Zhe said that a person's dream is a dream, and a group of people is called an ideal.

He believes that it is useless for companies to want employees to work hard, shouting slogans and playing chicken blood. Enterprises need to understand what everyone's dreams on the team are, help him to achieve, let him drive for his own dreams, and this is the effective way of managing employees.

Speaker | Wei Zhe

Jiayu Fund Co-founder and Chairman, former Executive Vice President of Alibaba Group

After five years of investing, I have a deep feeling that many founders do not pay attention to efficiency. They feel that the Internet does not need to pursue efficiency, and traditional enterprises pursue efficiency. In fact, on the contrary, the biggest role of the Internet is to improve efficiency.

Speaking of the success of Alibaba, many people will say how big and how fast Ali is. But in fact, Ali can go to today, the most important thing is that it attaches importance to efficiency indicators.

Human efficiency is the key to the success of the Iron Army

Let us give an example of how high the efficiency of Alibaba is.

Ma Yun's math is quite bad, but his numbers feel good. The earliest efficiency indicators of Ali were determined by Ma Yun personally.

Ali has a well-known iron army called the Iron Supply Army, which means Chinese suppliers, is a sales team for ground promotion. From this team, Dr. Cheng Wei, the COO Qian Jiawei of the former US group, Michael, the CEO of the former public comment, and Zhang Qiang, the president of the place.

The first indicator that Ma Yun gave to the China Railways Iron and Steel Administration was that one person had 1 million sales per year, and there was no limit on the number of people. However, for each additional person, the annual sales would increase by 1 million.

The net profit margin of this product to Ali Group is about 25%-30%, which means that one person earns 250,000 to 300,000 a year for the company . So at that time, the ground promotion team of 5,000 people, corresponding to a turnover of 5 billion, a profit of 1.25 billion.

This is like the human effect of the Internet company, and the human effect is the key to the iron supply army.

One of the important reasons why these CEOs and founders who have been trained by the Iron Army can succeed is to grasp the efficiency indicators. Why can Didi and Meituan survive? Is it because they get more money than their peers? Is it because they are faster than their peers? No, it is because they burn money more efficiently, even though they burn money.

When Taobao was created, Ma Yun set an indicator for Taobao. One person had to complete an average of 100 million transactions in one year, and the number was unlimited.

At that time, the conversion rate of Taobao was 2%, so the transaction amount of one hundred million, the per capita income was 2 million, and the per capita profit of Taobao was higher than that of the iron supply army.

An Internet company, if not per capita profit contribution of $100,000, is not a real Internet company. Behind the big and fast is efficiency, and one of the most important indicators of efficiency is human efficiency, that is, personal efficiency.

So how to improve people's effectiveness? You can start with these three steps: reduce the combat units, build trust, and establish a corporate culture.

Reduce the combat unit

It is very important that we ask our own companies whether they have become a self-driven company.

How to drive yourself?

You have to take a big organization and think of ways to get smaller. Why?

Because in a company of more than 100 people, the sense of personal accomplishment has become smaller.

But if you turn a big team into a group of 10 people, everyone's contribution in the middle can be seen.

for example.

Everyone knows that the Mongolian army is very powerful.

But they have no military books, and they have no name. Why can they swept through Eurasia?

Alibaba’s first manager, Guan Mingsheng, said that the most powerful Mongolian army is the ten commanders and centurions, the team that led the ten people.

Therefore, a company can be alive if it can drive the smallest units of operations.

Building trust and promoting self-restraint

However, the improvement of personal efficiency is not enough for self-driving, or there must be constraints. But what do employees do not like constraints? To promote self-discipline.

for example.

Ali is a private enterprise, but the bureaucratic disease does not bypass private enterprises.

Many customer service and sales of Alibaba are female students. In 2006-2007, many girls aged 25 and 26 got married and had to have children. There are 6,000 people in the park, 60% of the girls, that is, 3,600 girls, 700,800 children a year, and have children for almost six years.

Because pregnant women should work in front of the computer, when Ali heard that radiation-proof pregnancy clothes are good for pregnant women, they will give pregnant women radiation-proof pregnancy clothes.

We bought the best brand at the time, a piece of more than 300 yuan. One person sends two pieces to change the wash, that is 600 yuan, according to 800 yuan a person, a year is 480,000.

480,000 said that Alibaba at that time was not big, but after all, it was a money, and there must be a rule. The Ministry of Administration has set a method for the use of maternity clothes, which is to let the pregnant employees write their own applications, the supervisor approves, and take the pregnancy certificate of the hospital to the administrative department for collection. This process is not complicated.

But then we found out that this was a very stupid policy. Because first, this maternity dress does not look good, girls love beauty, nothing will not be pregnant. Second, no one will pretend to be pregnant with pregnant women, many sickness can be loaded, pregnant can not be installed.

Why don't we trust employees? Get pregnant with him.

However, the Ministry of Administration raised an objection and said that if she is not pregnant, what should she do for her relatives and friends? Later, Ali made a very simple preach, told all the students, to prepare pregnant women clothes for everyone, is to protect everyone and the future of the next generation of health, here is the Alibaba logo.

If you think that the pregnant woman is good, I want to give one to my relatives and friends, and go to the canteen to buy. If you feel that you can't afford the treatment in Alibaba, you can also take it. After giving the students a thorough explanation, Ali canceled the rules.

After a year of asking how much, about 800 or so, no staff to take advantage of this. Because pregnancy can not be charged, after you go to the collar, how to do if you see that you are not pregnant, this will be self-disciplined, don't worry too much.

Personal efficiency should be improved. In addition to self-motivation, there should not be too many constraints of superiors, but moral self-discipline. Enterprises should tell employees what is the moral bottom line, and the masses will also supervise.

How did the bureaucracy come about? It is because of distrust. How do companies build trust in their relationships with their employees? I suggest that the strong side take the lead .

Look at Alibaba, the employee said that I am pregnant, we do not believe him. The strong side does not trust, you should not expect employees to trust you in the future .

Establish corporate culture

Why is the efficiency higher when starting a business? Because all people know the bottom, everyone trusts each other. But as more and more strangers join and mistrust begins to increase, what should we do? Establish a common value - corporate culture.

Ali pays great attention to the training of values. We like to tell stories and don't like to talk about things.

We often ask in Alibaba, why join Alibaba? One classmate stood up and said that there is no hard business in the world. I said to go to you, for whom to come to Alibaba to lie. The more I said the more natural, I heard that Alibaba has a lot of beautiful women and wants to find a girlfriend here. It is quite good. I heard that Alibaba is well treated and wants to get the family to Hangzhou to buy a suite. It is quite good. Everyone is very good with their dreams.

The company has some rules and regulations and some so-called cultural values.

For example, if you go to the temple to worship Buddha, with any thoughts to worship, the little monk at the entrance of the temple will not let you back a piece of diamonds and let them go in. Alibaba will not let you swear, saying that your wish is to let the world not Difficult business.

But in the temple, there are some things that you can't destroy. For example, if you take out KFC's chicken legs in the temple, there is a little monk who says that you want to eat chicken, please go outside.

Like Alibaba, everyone can come to the company with different personal dreams, but in Ali we are a team, there are still some basic bottom line to hold, this is the training outside the ability.

Ali attaches great importance to the first class of new employees. All the new employees are in the first class. Ma Yun personally talks and persists until 2006. I took it from 2006 and talked about my 2011.

The first class of a new employee has to be told by the founder. It must not be a skill. What is the reason for our team? What are the rules of the game for us to do things internally and externally? This kind of training must be outside the ability, but it is very important.

In summary, the corporate culture does two things. When the days are good, it brings trust, making the company simple and efficient. When the company is not going to work, it can come over.

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