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I am 28 years old and have a monthly salary of 5000. Do you want to change careers?


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Recently, I received several messages about the change of the line.

Most of the commenters are in the traditional industry, working for 2 or 3 years, undergraduate graduation is about 25 years old, and master's degree is about 28 years old.

The income is not high, and the upside is limited. I can't say that I like the work, and I can't say that I hate it. I just read the relevant majors and successfully graduated into employment.

But now I see that the emerging industries have been fired by the media, what is the "90 million annual salary" and "100,000 monthly income"... So I feel anxious, I have a desire to change careers, and I feel that I can't start.

I can understand them very well. My major is architectural design, undergraduate and master's degrees in the four best schools in the country. After graduation, I also worked as an architect for more than two years.

In the architectural design industry, 28-year-old is still a child, a bunch of experienced seniors, kill you in minutes. But peers in Internet companies may all be managers and directors. Even minutes are CXOs, with a bunch of 95 children, discussing the user, traffic, conversion rate, a bunch of traditional industry nouns.

So anxious...

I am more able to toss myself. From college to major, I have been growing up in tears and knowing myself in the wall . So this article, for the questions that readers often ask, I share my experiences and thoughts.


Is everyone suitable for a change?

Although I have lived a life of tossing, I don't think that a change is suitable for everyone . But in the future, as the cost of changing things becomes lower and more diverse, I think it will be suitable for more and more people.

A lot of professional work is necessary to calm down and accumulate for many years. For example, we have more doctors and talk about doctors.

Outsiders feel that the profession of doctors is glamorous. I don't know the long-term patience of the doctors.

The medical system of the medical students is super long, and it takes 11 years for this master to add up. I am a small hospital in Shanghai, and their hospitals have not received the eight-year graduates from the hospital a few years ago. Because I feel that I have lost three years of study, the basic knowledge is not strong and my stamina will be insufficient.

The knowledge that doctors need to master is extremely trivial and complicated. My friend who studied medicine once joked: "We have no focus on the exam. Any point mentioned in the book is the focus, because the patient may not be sick according to your priorities."

Then, after graduation, you have to endure the low-paying regulations, specialist training, and so on.

What is the annual salary of 30 years? I am still not graduated at the age of 30...

Therefore, many practitioners in similar occupations can easily feel unsatisfied when they see the rapid growth of their peers on other tracks.

However, life is a long-distance running.

The money that a person earns in his lifetime is the sum of money that we make every year in our life (of course not simply add, but also consider the time compounding of money), rather than seeing who makes more money before the age of 30 or 35.

Therefore, please believe that a person's knowledge is accumulated in the compound interest.

You envy the 28-year-old programmer who pays four times as much as you, but when the programmer is 40 years old and scared to lose his job, you are enjoying the rapid rise of the doctor's career and compounding the accumulation of knowledge for so many years. I feel that others are eating meat, but in fact, there are times when they are beaten.

So, don't just switch the track just because the current salary is low. If you enter a lower threshold, you want to take a share. You may not be able to hold it.

Moreover, with the rise of knowledge payment, knowledge accumulated in an industry will become more and more valuable. For example, you can try to go to the online platform to answer questions; for example, you can systematically organize your knowledge and share the lessons; for example, you can show your muscles on the line, provide appointments to people in need, get professional Suggested opportunity.

These can make your knowledge more than once, and your ability will grow in multiple dimensions in these attempts, and the income will inevitably increase.

This is actually a "transfer" in a certain sense. In the past, you were only a doctor who saved people from illness. Now you are a writer of medical problems, a professor of medical knowledge, and even a speaker and entrepreneur. Isn't this better than switching the track?


Determined how to change careers, how to quickly understand the unknown area?

This article applies to friends who really find that they are not suitable or do not like the work they are doing, and are willing to take risks.

For example, you said that you are a surgeon who finds himself dizzy. For example, I am an architect. I found myself painting a construction drawing.

So, how do you quickly understand an unknown area you want to enter?

I have seen a point before, I still agree. To say that 80% of the knowledge in a field can be quickly understood with 20% of the time. What do industry experts do? It takes 80% of the time to explore the remaining 20% ​​of the knowledge.

So don't think that we can't quickly understand other industries. I have practiced a lot of methods myself, and I feel that it is particularly useful.

One. Read the classic chapters of classic books in the industry

This method was not invented by me, and I forgot where I saw it many years ago. The idea is to buy 10 books and 20 classic books in an industry. Comparing their catalogs and finding the parts of the catalog, these are the core knowledge points of the industry . read carefully.

This is how I quickly understand economics.

Before I knew this method, I bought a lot of books on economics. Reading 2 is the highest record. Because the books are very thick, I was unable to grasp the key point when I was a small white doorman. I always read and read, and my attention was drawn away by other fun books.

I read the core content in this way, and I slowly extended my reading according to my interest, and found that economics is not boring at all.

two. Online course study

When I was in college 10 years ago, I wanted to know other fields, and I searched the Internet for scattered knowledge. It takes time and trouble. Studying an offline course outside? The cost is not affordable at all.

Nowadays, the rise of Internet knowledge payment has provided us with great convenience. Dozens of hundreds of pieces, and often 9.9 yuan, you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

Why is it so cheap? The offline class has a large class of 200 people, and the back row has been unable to listen to the minutes. The offline course can face tens of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. So the tuition fee is naturally reduced by hundreds of times.

I first learned about product and operational knowledge, all through online courses. This kind of learning platform is super, I also often recommend good courses in the public number, everyone picks themselves.

Don't give up this shortcut to learning.

three. Find someone to chat inside

The reason why I put this article after reading and listening to classes is because I am an introverted personality. I am not good at learning in chat.

Therefore, I must first be well prepared to quickly grasp the key absorption in the dialogue and ask for in-depth exchange of valuable issues.

And, I think everyone's perception of the industry is a lot of personal colors. If you don't know anything about your mind, it's easy to catch the core and influence the judgment of the industry.

How do you know people in the industry? Find a friend, vertical WeChat group, QQ group consultation, meet on the line... Today's society, as long as you want, you can find it.

Paying advice and appointments is a good shortcut when you don't have the right to exchange resources.

four. Create more practical opportunities for yourself

My friends who know me know that I have written a public account full time in recent months.

However, before I really decided to do this whole-time job, I wrote a blog for 5 years, wrote a diary in the 3rd and 4th years of my impression notes, and worked on products, operations, and brands in Internet companies. The public account also accumulated nearly 100 original.

Therefore, I have already had certain practice, and I have all the basic judgments on whether I love this matter and whether I can do it.


What if the transfer fails?

I heard that I am going to be a public number. There are no shortage of friends telling me that the market is not in a good environment, the dividend period of the public number has passed, and it is still necessary to find a job to save.

Their views are correct. But this is also the risk I want to talk about here.

Is there a risk of failure in the transition? Of course, it is not small. Be sure to leave yourself with room for failure. Psychological and financial preparation is indispensable.

I want to understand this when I am a major. At the time, I was at the School of Telecommunications. The first semester was 4.58 (out of 5), which was an ideal result. The first year of the School of Telecommunications is the most easiest to hang on. If I maintain an advantage in the second semester, it is very likely to lay a good foundation for Baoyan.

But I want to switch to a professional. It is necessary to compete in the extremely intense art examinations through the School of Architecture. So in the second semester I gave up most of the courses at the School of Telecommunications, all in sketch.

Is it possible to turn professional failure? It’s too likely... the exam of the Tongji Architecture Department... um. And, if I fail, the one-semester course of telecommunications is not serious, the inevitable exam can only guarantee that the low-flying will fly, the grade point will be super ugly, and it is almost impossible to reverse the grade-point insurance research.

But each of us has limited time and energy, and you have to make a choice and bear the risk of taking it. The road you choose is responsible for your own results.

Some readers asked me why he created a value of 1 million a year for the company, only to enter 5000?

That's because the boss is taking risks for you! If the market is not good, you will only bring 10,000 yuan worth of value to the company in a year. Is the boss still giving you 5000 per month? Still have to pay the social security fund.

Some readers asked me why the sales commission is so high? Feeling unfair about their technology.

Why don't you ask why the sales base salary is so low? Many companies sell even a zero base salary. If you don't open a bill in January, you have to hand over the social security to the company. The company has carried out the risk transfer, and the sales leader’s commission includes its risk-taking benefits, which is reasonable.

Therefore, we must take risks seriously.

Finally, don't think about turning to make quick money. Set goals, do long-term planning, and believe in the compounding of time.


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