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But you are the flower of the underworld, Elise Jigal


"Well... Well... it’s not that I can’t say it. After all, if the humanity is destroyed, there will be a lot of creatures pouring into the underworld. It’s very distressing... It’s better to help me with this...”

Thinking of the shy words he said at the beginning, Ai Lei sighed heavily and leaned on the table in the restaurant.

"Oh... really... what have you said..."

"Hey... why sigh?..."

Ai Lei’s side came with a low, heavy voice that sounded like a death knell.

The owner of the voice is a black armor, and the dress is not incompatible with the word "Assassin".

Is it better to say that it is a "dark knight"?

Aile thought.

It may be that such a person is the origin of the "Assassin" - "Mountain of the Mountain" Hassan Sabah, no doubt the heroic level of the crown.

In addition to talking a little weird, and from time to time, there is a sentence that I don’t understand, "Yueshe, Lahu", "Love Syram Wowler", this old man who is very high in prestige is still very Let Ailee feel comfortable - especially when the other party speaks, the coldness is like the undead atmosphere, making Aile feel very natural.

"No...nothing... but Hassan, don't you need to go to the fire with the lord today?"

What is coming day? Hibiscus Day? Killing the stage... riding the stage? right? Ai Lei is a little messy... After all, this kind of thing has nothing to do with her.

"No. Today is a special day. I have another job."

"Then you are busy... Leave me alone."

"No, my life is the command of the Lord: If you see you, invite you to be the same."

"Ha? Where are you going? Now?"

The other party did not say more, but quietly lowered his head. Two ghost-like fires on the shoulders flashed twice, as if asking for their opinions.

"Okay, let's go."

Ever since he was summoned to the Chaldeans and completed the mission of repairing humanity. Aile is idle. It also slowly adapted to the leisure life of the Chaldeans during the non-war period (long grass period).

Today's life is easy. Only two points, Ai Lei didn't like it very much: one is the sister who looked down and saw her, Ishgar, and the other is that she has no friends.

Forget it... Who makes himself a god of the underworld?

Ming and his sister Ishmuel are the same divinity. Just because she is in charge of the heavens, she is in the dark, and she is not loved. What is this?

But there is nothing wrong with it. Who would like to die?

In this way, Ishmul is like a jewel in the palm of your hand, and what about yourself? It is like a mouse in a stinking ditch that nobody cares about.

But what is the solution? You must manage the underworld, or you will be confused.

Obviously, if you don't have your own world, you will be confused. These stupid humans can't believe in themselves well, even if they just do it, give them some supplies every year, it's good.

This is what Irene thought before.

Later, she met the lord, met Matthew, and saw the various spirits of the Chaldeans, but also relaxed.

For example, the big hero Zi Gefei, not too late than I am. In contrast, at least I am still free, and I am lucky if I am like a bullied person.

But it is true that this kind of negative energy that has been forgotten in the underworld for many years is not so easy to disperse.

In particular, Ishmuer has a taste of it. In addition to the two Jude, the lord gave the few sacred cups to the stupid sister, which made Aile feel uncomfortable.

Really, when I made such a great determination and said so shameful words, I felt that there was not much to do at the Chaldean, like a white meal.

It is not necessary to have dinner, but the cooking of Archer called Weigong is very delicious, and I only eat it because I like it.

However, it may also be because of the girl who seems to be dependent on the time, Ai Lei feels that he and he have a bit of inexplicable kindness.

“The goal is to be, to concentrate.”

The sound of the death knell came again. Ai Lei discovered that it was coming soon.

After licking the hoe, the golden scorpion smashed into the face, letting Ai Lei feel the itchy cheeks and rule out the distracting thoughts in her mind.

It’s rare to be invited, and take some effort!

"Ah, Ai Lei, you are coming~"

The lord-Tengwan Pills raised his head and looked at Ai Lei.

She is a very ordinary magician, her qualifications are not high, and her magic ability is not strong. The only thing that looks so powerful is probably the arm strength? An orange hair looks like it is dyed. Although my blond hair is not good enough to go there...

She is always very enthusiastic and sincerely likes every follower. Although I still feel left out, but it is undeniable, she is relying on this, can we command so many heroes to complete the task of saving people?

I glanced around and found that the round table was full of followers.

Speaking of this round table, it seems to be the Knight of the Round Table from King Arthur. However, since the lord summoned King Arthur, he began to be keen to open a combat meeting on such a table, and he has participated several times.

I don’t understand what it means.

However, since the lord likes it and does not delay anything, Ai Lei is too lazy to say anything.

There are many and many followers, including Ayashi, Kong Ming, Mei Lin, Yuan Laiguang, Nito, Enqidu, Gilgamesh... who are also familiar with Ai Lei. There are also people who are not familiar with them, such as strange pink hair. The warrior, an alien who looks like King Arthur but has a baseball cap, wears a pair of goldfish eyes in a clown-like dress, and keeps staring at the strange people watching King Arthur and the Virgin... Of course, There is also a sister that I hate.

"Well... is there any task?"

"Oh, oh yeah, Ai Lei, relax. Today, everyone is coming for the holidays? Holy - Birthday - Festival - Merry Christmas!"

"Ah... 咩哩 Curry silk silk..."

Seems to be etiquette? But I still learned this blunt foreign language. However, I didn’t want to go to this inexplicable festival at all, and I stayed in the underworld for a normal year. This kind of foreign holiday is just worth mentioning. I don't know the tradition of the festival.

"Sit down and sit down! The Guardian will soon be ready to come up with food~"


"Predecessor... Miss Ailee, she seems to be very nervous... not as good as we are..."


I don't know why, when Aile sees that Matthew Gilelet is whispering in the ear of the Lord, there is a feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

"Ai Lei! When we are waiting for dinner, why not play a game?"

Aile didn't answer, and suddenly came not far from her:

"Rice! Rice! Where is the rice?"

Such a voice.

Then there is another one:

"The rice is not good yet, Wang, you will sleep for a while, I will call you when I arrive."

"Oh, okay. Thank you, Bedford Weil."


"Well... yes."

"Hey! You paint, I guess! Who is going to play! Two people! The loser wants to help the palace to wash the dishes!"


"I am!"

"It’s better to be respectful in the next."

"I am free when I am idle, and I am here too."

"Cut, the winner is definitely me... oh? Father is also..."



"Ah, play with the comrades who are against the slave owners! It's a hearty battle!"

"Rome can't admit defeat, let's join together."

"Oh... in the participate..."

"I don't want to participate in this...Hey! What are you doing! I don't want it! Ah... I know I know..."

The sounds of miscellaneous are one after another.

"So, everyone draws together~"

A group of two.

I hope I can get someone I know...

Ai Lei thought.

"Ha? And a sister?" / "Ha? And a sister?"

After receiving a positive response...

"What a joke?" x2

"Look, you have more shots~ Play and see~"

"Do you obey the result of the lottery?" At this time, Merlin also came over to help the Lord, while his hand was placed on the shoulder of the lord, his face showed his usual smile.

Just like those gods on the Internet.

Ai Lei looked up at her sister, and the other party seemed to be aware of the lottery.

But so many heroes look at it, and they don’t always say much.

Forget it... hard on the scalp...

"it is good……"

"Very good~ Ai Lei and Ishmuer pro ~ the fourth group ~..."

"So, the group will be divided~ Now the first group starts the game, the time is three minutes, start!"

The first group is Da Vinci and Andersen. I saw that Leonardo da Vinci showed amazing painting skills, but Andersen could not guess.

Probably, do they each have their own genius route?

The first group only took three points. Of course, this may also be related to Da Vinci's fuss.

The second group is Gil Dreyer and Spartacus. Regardless of the subject, Jill is doing his best to paint Joan of Arc. In addition to making the two singers in the game seem to be bothered, there is no help for the game.

And Sparta is always guessing the answers back and forth:

"This... this is a slave owner!"

"Hey!" The white 贞德面露窘色.

"This... this is a slave!"

"Hey!" This time it is black.

"This... this is! This is! This is Sparta!"

"Hey!" Both spewed out at the same time.

This group took zero points without any surprise.

The third group is Shakespeare and Miyamoto Musashi.

Shakespeare has been quoting his classic lines of drama.

He first painted a winding path, and at the end he painted a small angel with a bow and arrow, like Eros. Then I painted a lot of stones, branches, thorns on the road...

Miyamoto Musashi looked for a long time and didn't know what he was talking about.

Shakespeare said after the end of the countdown: "Oh! My God! Dear, how can you not know my mind! Dear, Course of true love never did run smooth! This is "A Midsummer Night's Dream" The lines! The answer is 蝉!"

You listen, is this what people say?

I don't know why, I saw the third group of the first group and I was worried that I and my sister couldn't cooperate with each other. At this moment, there was no pressure.

It’s better to be better than a good one. It’s better to play well.

It’s your turn.

"Do you paint or I paint? Do you want me to come? I am worried that your primary school students can't understand and be embarrassed. Thanks to me, I don't replace you to paint. Everyone knows that you are painting a portrait. It is."

Ishmaar challenged.

"Hey! What happened to the pupils! Kora!" Ilia, who was on the crowd, shouted angrily.

"Hey! You have to draw and draw, I am worried about your IQ, don't say painting, maybe you can't guess what you look at?"

"Alright, don't say it~ the game starts!"

Ishmuel began to paint without any explanation.

Sure enough, even if you don't deal with it, you have to admit that this guy is a bit like himself - like a strong heart.

What is this... a pig?


"You are a pig! Look good!"

This is...what is it, it’s still a long corner...does it...

"Heaven's Bull?"


what? Is she a pig or is she losing the bull for too long and forget what it looks like? Is this good except for the angle?

Of course, Ailee in the belly does not know that Ishmuer’s thoughts at this time are similar. But the corresponding one became "Is it awkward? Can such a big cow not see?"

next question.

This... oh oh oh... a stickman, a lot of aperture around, no more?

Where is it?

It is imaginable that it should be a spirit.

This circle is a circle...

Wait... Ish's face is so red... is it...

"Ji... Gilgamesh?"


"Ha? Are you stupid? The street lights don't draw one. How do you know what it is?"

Not to mention that it is Tesla, the circle around it is all magnetic lines.

"No intelligence, what do you say? Are you provoking the king?"

"Ah haha... Okay, next question."

If there is a Marshall who is a referee, Gilgamesh may really fight with himself...

what is this? Lun Rune? Eh? How did you write the word? It is the language of Sumer...






"Although to say so, you guys, cheating."

The purple gunman has taken out her red lance.

"Enqidu, is that the word written on it?"

Matthew asked.

"Yes, it says bba."

"Oh, oh... the goddess of the past two years, is this a misunderstanding to me?"

"Forget it! Master! Don't be impulsive!"

"In any case, this body is a sixteen-year-old girl?"

"That is to say ah~ People are also girls now~"

It is rare to reach a united front with my sister, although sharing a body with her makes Ai Lei feel a bit uncomfortable.

"That part is invalid, the time is restarted. The players behind should also pay attention. Your special text is not in the scope of 'painting'. It is not counted. Then restart the next question..."


Spit out a sigh of gas, Ai Lei set the god.

The result is still only three points, hehe...

"Hey, I thought that with your IQ, I can't guess what this Miss's painting is! I just reluctantly recognize your little intelligence."

"Ha? I said this right?"

In the end, you draw the champion of the guessing contest, and I won the score of 15 points by Skaha and Kurchurin, who were lucky enough to get together.

Although it is impossible to confirm whether they have used Lun's runes to cheat, they insist that this is a tacit understanding between the master and the apprentice.

The zero-scores with the lowest scores were asked to wash the dishes in a while.

Anyway, if you don't obey, you will have a curse, and you are also on the score of three points. You don't need to wash the dishes. Ai Lei doesn't matter.

"Open the meal!"

The lord shouted happily and excitedly like a child.

Come and go, playing the role of the waiter, is the dolls made by Avis Brown, and Elizabeth Bartoli and Yuzao cats who are interested in this role.

Originally thought that the chef is from the Weimu Palace in Dongmu City, the dishes may be zephyr. I did not expect the richness of the variety to exceed the imagination of Ai Lei.

There are English, French, Indian, Southeast Asian, Italian, German, Nordic, Greek... There are many traditional dishes that I have never seen before, and I can't name them.

There are also many kinds of drinks, but I still want to drink black tea.

It is said that Edison also made something called "roasted turkey", which is said to be a traditional dish that Americans must eat for Christmas. I don't know where to put it.

"Ai Lei, you come to sit next to me~"

The lord sent an invitation.

"Oh? Well, ah... since you have said that... then... I will agree to it."

The master is usually surrounded by Matthew, and one of the enthusiastic followers of Qing Ji, Hei Dede, Elizabeth, Nero, and Yuan Laiguang.

It’s rare that the lord invited himself, and Ai Lei is actually a little... happy?


The lord seemed to be very happy, and hugged Ai Lei’s neck.

"Hey, hey, what to do, suddenly...! Hey... Really..."

"I am very worried."

The lord suddenly lowered his voice and said at the ear of Aile.


"You are the last one to come to the Chaldean, the character is so awkward, and the identity is so different. I am worried, you will be lonely."

So this is ah……

It's no wonder that Hassan is going to find himself to go to the party, and he has to use that small means to force himself to play with Ishmu. Everything is to help you let go of your body and mind.

Ai Lei did not speak, but just hugged the royal master.

Leaning his chin on the shoulder of the lord, Aile looked around.

Jack is eating something in his head. Source Laiguang is trying to pick her up on the side of Jack’s head. The wine is swallowed or a bowl of wine is a worldly look. Nero is shouting at the table. The next slaves stared at her with trepidation, except for Elizabeth.

King Arthur quickly wiped out the food on the table with a group of round table knights. Iskandar pulled a group of males to drink and chat. Jill didn't know what he was talking about in the black, and his expression was very excited. Miyamoto Musashi also held meat with Sasaki Kojiro and held a samurai sword in one hand.

This is also very good, isn't it?

Even if there is nothing to do in peacetime, even if you don’t forget the feeling of dominating one, you can still have a good time here, isn’t it?

I often complain that there is no flower in the underworld. After the master knows it, he specially planted a large red phalaenopsis in his room. Looks like the color of his cloak.

It seems that the lord also told himself that the flower meaning of this flower is: the coming of happiness. Come.

"Thank you."

For a long time, Ai Lei only whispered to the lord.

After the meal, the lord left with Matthew because there was still something to be taken care of.

Before leaving, the lord called Jude.

"贞德亲~ Please, let Alice play with everyone~"

"Good~ I will work hard~"

"Please, please~"

Ailee had not had time to refuse, and the other party quickly decided.

"Okay, okay~ Ai Lei, you will go with the Jude to play with you~"

It was seen that Ai Lei’s words and thoughts stopped, and the lord once again comforted her.


After sending away the lord, Jude took Ailee and wandered around the Chaldean.

"Oh ah... Jude? Why can you be so calm with everyone?"

"Because everyone is a good person~ It’s good to talk and play, and the game is amazing. It’s also a better look than one. I really like it here~”

"Oh...hey! This way..."

"So, what do you want to play~"

"Oh... I think about it..."

"If it is difficult to decide, why not go with me to play the Kwant brand?"

"Kun... what is that?"

"Come on, come on~ very simple~"

"it is good……"

I don't know why, in front of this gentle girl from the countryside, Ai Lei can't afford the shelf of the goddess.

It is no wonder that the other party can become the sacred woman who led the French Rebels.

Modred's room

"Ha ha ha, this is what I won, according to the agreement ~"


In the room, Astorford and Modred are playing board games.

"We come to 喽~莫亲"

"Ah, just, they are playing the Kwant plaque~ Come, let me tell you the rules..."

What did Jude say behind, Ai Lei stunned and did not hear clearly.

So that after Jude, I did not bother to say it again.

Ailee and Jude, Astorford, Modred, Ilia, Baish Hassan, Frankenstein, and later joined Mary, Altoli Alter, Black Jude, Little Black Attila, together, went to the middle of the night.

During the period, they also tried many other board games, sitting around playing the murder game of the werewolf, using various cards to match each other's games, and two people partnering to knock down another person's poker game...

Jude also taught the tradition of Aile Christmas:

"Like this, hanging the socks on the bed, Santa will put the gift in."

"Does Santa really exist?"

"Ha ha ha ha ha, Santa Claus certainly does not exist, but love you, will give you a Christmas gift, people who will remember your favorite and hateful things, but everywhere?"


It’s so heavy...oh...

Opening his eyes, Ai Lei saw Mordred, who had a bad sleep, and pressed one leg to his stomach.

Gently moving Mordred's leg, Ai Lei sat up and looked around, but saw the lord beside her, lying next to her, lying like a little singer who had just fallen asleep, Jude was still wearing a Christmas style - - After today, Ai Lei finally understood the style of Christmas clothing - clothes. There is also an empty linen bag at the foot of the royal family.

It turned out to be a Santa Claus...

"Well? Ai Lei, are you awake?"


"Sorry, I can't accompany..."


Aile shook her head and walked over to the lord, stopping her an apology that seemed unreasonable.

Then, Ai Lei got into the bed, gently, did not wake up the little Jude, and told the Lord to lie down.

The lord did not say much, lying next to Ai Lei. Ai Lei hugged the lord and buried her face on the shoulder of the lord.

"Thank you, I am very happy."


"Hey, Ai Lei."


"You have to remember, no matter what the past, in my heart, you are the only one in the underworld, the most beautiful flower~"


"Don't care about my past identity. I only know that Ai Lei is a very gentle and kind person in the bones. I only know that Ai Lei can also give off warm light. I only know that Ai Lei is working hard every day. Maintaining the operation of the underworld. Sometimes we are born to accept something that we may not be willing to get. But these things are not necessarily bad for us. On the contrary, if we can face it, it will definitely Be a booster to your growth. I believe so."


"In the past, I was also a lord with no talent. With the care of Matthew, a singularity was created, and then I met a new lover. I learned magical magic with the Guardian, with the teacher and the library. · Chulin learned the magic of Lun's runes, etc. I used to think that there was an accident at the Chaldean, but I left a lord, obviously so many better than me. A master who is better than my qualification."

"I later wanted to understand that since fate is chosen in this way, there must be reasons for it. What I need to do is to believe in the future, wait, and hope."


Ai Lei finally stabilized her mood and responded to the lord with a voice that was as so choked as possible.

"Of course, you don't have too much pressure. It doesn't matter if you can't do it. After all, there is me."


Ai Lei wants to speak, but she can't make a sound.

"Good night, the little flowers in the underworld~"

"good night……"

what! ? Such a shy name.

Tomorrow, the sun will rise as usual.

Tonight, let's sleep well.