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Feel the beauty of silence, feel the simple life aesthetics


Wabi-Sabi (侘寂) is a simple and flawless beauty

Rustic, simple, quiet, elegant, and able to stand the test of time

Ren Guangyin passed away, and he did not take the inner beauty of things.

When the mainstream society is gorgeous and eager

Interior designer Axel Vervoordt from Belgium with a low-key luxury

Incorporate into nature and simplicity

Show the beauty of the silence to the fullest

Axel Vervoordt is also a collector

From the early 1970s

He started to buy antiques in Thailand, Cambodia and Japan.

Combine items, furniture and accessories properly

Dilapidated walls and peeling wood

Every breakage has become a quaint reproduction.

Create a new, harmonious and relaxed atmosphere

If you look at a dazzling thing, your heart will easily become impetuous.

And these simple decorative spaces give people peace of mind

Axel Vervoordt is the beauty of silence

Design restaurants, hotels, private art galleries

Finally, the client became his follower

Life in ancient times turned out to be such a frontier and fashion

Silence is a way of life

Discover beauty in imperfections, accept the natural cycle of life and death

Such a beautiful space makes people have to think about it.

Its owner and designer must be a passion for life.

And people who know how to enjoy life

The whole house is like an old man who is nearly old and old. It seems to be old but still has a finish.

Not rich and gorgeous, only simple, comfortable and comfortable

May you find this dull and harmonious taste after you get home from work.