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Perseverance of ordinary social animals


Day 36 [Culture / Devil Wars 5] Author

For a small game publisher "Japan One", the new series "My Devil Wars 5" is just the same as the "Blood Curse" on the PS4. This is not good news. In this case, the choice of the "Devil Wars 5" in the PS4 seems to be not very optimistic from the beginning. "Japan One" does not mean that it can sell big, and how much it can hold.

As an SRPG series of games, basically based on the host platform, the series of fans are naturally the majority of host players. Although the 1st and 2nd generations were put on the steam store, they were also flat. There was no fan base accumulated on the PC side, and the popularity was not so great. However, it is unexpected that in the era of this war game, the sales of "Devil Wars 5" on ps4 are still accumulated by the exquisite original painting, the sincere dubbing and the more unique fighting style and level design. More than 350,000 copies, the player rating on the Metacritic website also reached 8.7 points, which made the "Japan One" president Shinkawa Masahiro a lot easier, after all, he had previously promised if the game could not sell 150,000 sets. Above, I will resign from the position of the president.

After that, the president, Shinkawa Satoshi, realized that the portability of Swtich brought the advantages of SPRG games. In the first year of NS launch, the scarcity of SPRG games on the platform, the "Devil Wars 5" was transplanted again. On the NS. The Switch version initially booked more than 100,000 in the United States. In a recent interview, NIS America (Japan-US branch) revealed that the sales volume of the "Devil Wars 5" NS version only reached 200,000 in Europe and America. And for this 200,000 miles, 40% are players who have already bought the PS4 version. Why do they buy it again? This is the power of NS portable. Sony gave up the PSV, PSV is gone, Nintendo's Switch naturally became the best choice for the portable version. Then, in order to sell more in the Chinese market, "Japan One" took Sega's thighs and rushed to the cultural renewal of Poland. It can be said that in order to be able to sell more than one game, I have racked my brains.

Although the price of the "Devil Wars 5" Switch version is twice as large as that of the PS4, considering that the previously sold DLC has been packaged into the main body, the portable characteristics of the Switch are also particularly suitable for SRPG. It’s quite sincere. Compared with the low profile of the developer, the quality of the game itself is not so unbearable.

Insist on polishing fine series

"Devil Wars 5" was first created by the illustrator Harada Hiroshi, who participated in the works of "Water Bottle Wars" and "Moon Moon". The style is very expressive. With the cooperation of funny lines, whether it is the hot and brainless muscle man "Magnus", or the arrogant and arrogant Ji De Wang "Snow La Fina" will be impressive.

Later, I also invited the old seiyuu of Zi Anwu and Ming Hao Congmei to dub the character, plus the high-quality soundtrack and excellent combat animation. In addition, the game itself has the Shura community for the role growth. The system of creating extreme gears, the system of the Devil's Council and the Alchemy House almost took care of all aspects of "cultivation" and "brushing". At least, the sale of "Devil Wars 5" is good. For players who are new to this series, they will be amazed at the completeness of the game.

However, although there is no design genius such as Miyazaki Hideo and Hideo Kojima, Shinkawa Satoshi and his group of ordinary social animals use their own methods to refine the game. On the surface they use a large number of superimposed methods to polish the work, which is mainly reflected in the accumulation of homogenization systems, and the continuous expansion of numerical values.

For example, the props industry used to brush equipment has only 100 layers in the first generation, and 200 layers in the 2nd generation, and 300 layers in the 4th generation. The upper limit of the "Devil Wars 5" props industry is 10,000 layers. In addition, the initial damage is only a few hundred characters, and even in the later stage, it can even hit hundreds of millions of damages.

Seeing this, if the player regards "Devil Wars 5" as a "data brush Japanese RPG" in the traditional sense, it is a big mistake.

The numerical system "Devil Wars 5" is also available, but if you carefully analyze the level design in the "Devil Wars 5" series, it is not difficult to see the difference between it and other SRPG games. Players accustomed to brushing the pile of data, after entering the game, will instinctively follow their own strategic experience in other RPG games, carry out a large number of leveling and then pass the level, go up, can hit the world invincible The sense of accomplishment will follow.

However, the way players get happiness in "Devil Wars 5" will be completely different. I want to brush in "Devil Wars 5". If you don't mind, don't think about customs clearance strategy, and don't use the special mechanism of the game to "brush", you will "brush" at all - most of the levels Rewards are not easy to get. And if you start to
"move your brain" (such as the world of props does not fight by throwing down the stairs), and begin to think about the game mechanics fundamentally, then the true face of this game will be revealed to you.

This is also the way of "Japan One":

Knowing that players will get the game and brush the data, practice the character level, so the player must learn "other mechanisms" when brushing the data, and then understand that these "other mechanisms" are the fun and the essence of the game, the so-called damage of over 100 million The data is just a fake bait used to catch the player's hook. And when you get to the back, players who can play can basically understand that "data is meaningless, just a number."

Whether it's ingenious mechanics and level design, or the dialogue between neta and burst tables is very worthwhile. Even from a technical point of view, throwing systems, attribute lattice linkage changes, 砸 crystal system, etc., these battles, level design, is also worth learning and learning from any war game.

Hard journey of social animals

However, the game industry is always cruel. Even if the sales of the "Devil Wars" series on all platforms are added, they will only sell 3 million copies in 14 years. This is a rather bleak number. Visceral Games, which was previously dismissed by EA due to poor performance, also made 4 million copies of "Death Space 2". Even for indie games developed by small teams, millions of sales can be counted.

Once the release of "Devil Wars 5" was once again in a state of instability, the net profit of "Japan One" was only 79 million yen (about 4.65 million yuan), which was only a fraction of the cost of 3A game development.

The words "games are just merchandise" are printed on the official website of "Japan One". This is the voice of companies that are on the verge of survival. They really want to change the game industry, but their ability is not enough to change the game. industry.

In order to sell more of a game and put on a low profile, such a "Japan One" can not help but think of the magical object in the "Devil Wars" - Pliny.

Pliny is an individual who looks like a toy penguin and carries the soul of a sinner. Because of the large number, coupled with the past of sin, they have naturally become the lowest role in the devil world. You can also see how cheap Pliny is from the appearance of stitching.

Under the control of the devils, they work 20 hours a day like social animals, just to get a sardine that can satisfy their hunger. Not only must we undertake daily housework, but sometimes we have to rush to the front line to fight for the main players. If you are more worried, you can use them as weapons and throwing consumables. Even in "Devil Wars 5", Pliny still could not get rid of his tragic fate. The heroine, Sheriffina, came up with a team of Pliny and the regular army of the villain's lost army. Imagine how weak the penguin is in front of the giant wings.

Pliny was regarded as the company's mascot in reality. It can be said that this is a self-adjustment of "Japan One".

In reality, in order to survive better, "Japan One" continues to push the "Devil Wars" to more platforms.

In the original "Devil Wars", Pliny created the "Plini world" (similar to the devil's territory), and in order to fight the powerful protagonist Rahal, "Pliny RX large robot" was also produced.

It is a pity that most of Pliny's positive actions ended in failure. The "Japan One" is still the same. The reputation in the SRPG game circle is good, but it has not set off an uproar.

However, it must be acknowledged that high completion and acceptable quality have enabled it to fulfill its commercial mission. A niche game that has not changed for more than a decade can now sell hundreds of thousands of copies, which also shows that it Have the core fun to attract loyal fans. The joy and sorrow, blood and low tide in the game can definitely touch many RPG players who like it.

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