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"Street Fighter" is the ultimate BOSS ghost, how many forms have appeared in the past generations?


The hidden BOSS ghosts of the "Street Fighter" series have always been a myth that the players can't surpass. His existence is a bug. In the early stage, it was almost invincible, and in the back, in order to plump other characters, the hero was used as a stepping stone, which lowered the sense of grade.

Of course, the ghosts also appeared in various forms in the later period, and each change was a promotion in the city. How many forms have you experienced from the initial normal ghosts to the gods and ghosts behind you?

Normal ghost

"Super Street Fighter 2X" debut

That is to say, I have just realized the form of the volatility of killing. The ghosts at this time are not particularly strong. But it was enough to kill Vega and became the first person on the stage.

Therefore, his appearance fee needs to be paid by Vega every time, which can raise the price.

Therefore, as long as the ghosts appear in the late stage, Vega will consciously eat a momentary prisoner and then go on.

Vega in "Juvenile Street Fighter 2" once again became one of the most sad reminders of BOSS in the history of arcade. No matter how strong it is, how many bad things are done, and ultimately it is not lost to a set of prisoners.

Real ghost

For the first time in "Juvenile Street Fighter 2", this form is awakened to a state of complete killing fluctuations, and two waves can be played in the air.

This version of the ghost can be directly selected, lost mystery. But CAPCOM has created a further form, even if it is in front of the real heroes, it is vulnerable.

The real ghost has also appeared in "Street Fighter 3.3", but it is not an optional character. Randomly appear according to the player's performance and challenge.

If the player forcibly uses the modifier, it will find that the character has not finished a lot of actions, although it is very powerful, but it is a semi-finished product.

Mad ghost

This form is currently only seen in the super-street fighters, and the mad ghosts are like the world of Shura. No one can retire in his state.

The hair directly turns into a illuminant, and it is cultivated in the volcano all the year round. The body has broken through the body and surpassed the limits of the human body.

However, because it is an optional character, the moves seem to be domineering, but there is nothing extraordinary. In actual combat, the average player does not use it.

(In addition, many players think that he is just a real ghost, just a different hairstyle)

God ghost

The gods and ghosts first appeared in the "SNK VS CAPCOM 2" defeated Lukar, absorbed the power of the snake in his body, the appearance of the appearance.

However, this ghost is not in the true biography, the strength is more than the real ghosts and mad ghosts. Is one of the two top BOSS in the game

Originally, players think that the gods and ghosts are just characters in the rumor game, not worth mentioning. In the "Street Fighter Five", there is a god ghost again, no, a god man

However, the ghosts that appeared in the Street Fighter Five, although playing the sign of the gods and ghosts, but there is no gas field and strength that the gods and ghosts should have. No mystery, no hidden BOSS, this setting is just to make him an optional character!

In the past, many people said that after the "instant prison", what happened? Every time it’s a flash, the opponent falls.

Everyone is guessing whether it is a thousand swings in a second....

However, in "Street Fighter 5" we can clearly see that the moves of the ghosts are continuous hits, but the action is very fast.

Mechanical ghost

In Super Comic Hero vs Kapukong, we have seen the most horrible ghosts: mechanical ghosts

Apocalypse seized the ghost and made a transformation, but what he did not expect was to create an uncontrollable monster. The ghosts that lost the last humanity combined the volatility of the killing with the machine and easily killed the apocalypse. Other characters are like grass in his eyes, and he is an insurmountable character in the game.

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