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Alarm! I was infringed by Baidu!

I came to work overtime on weekends and wanted to see the official website.

After Baidu’s full name, Baidu found that the ranking was actually the third.

I thought in my heart, this little girl, is not to put the company’s official website on the front page?

Then, I found the authentication information on the right side of the figure below!

This is this!

The company is the domain What the hell? This kind of domain name is worthless at first glance!

Well, I also registered a 168qp! Five miscellaneous domain names are not expensive now!

As a grassroots stationmaster, I have a kind of cleansing domain name~

So I opened this

The website is as follows:

Hey, I go to the chess game website.

Why is my company being Baidu real name certified by a chess game website?

What the hell!

Then query the whois information of the domain name:

All in English, the simple meaning is This domain is called "jianghuayan" at Registered.

Things are such a thing, my problem is:

1. Why can my company's certification be registered by others without my knowledge? The scanned copy of the company two months ago, the originals are in my hands and not sent to others.

2. What is the certification process of Baidu Company? Is it possible for any person to get the information of the competitor to pass the audit?

3. How to solve this problem? As a third party, Baidu has passed the certification review of false information, has it caused infringement, is there any relevant legal support?

4. When did Baidu close down?