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Taobao refund collapsed! It turned out that this is really "people and money"!


After a day of " blood fight "

I am sure that the bean sprouts are tired.

Double eleven each year

We are all facing challenges

Challenge your own flag that has been set

Challenge the bottom line of your own spending

of course

I have to give the last year’s record a challenge.

That's right

We have witnessed history again.

Tmall double 11 turnover reached on the 11th

213.5 billion yuan! ! !


Over 168.2 billion yuan

And this value is already

2017 Tmall double 11 full day turnover

Of course, even Dad said it.

Without us, there will be no achievements today.

So you can write personal achievements on your resume:

Alibaba 100 billion project partners

You are also a part

As if overnight

Northerners can't find their hands


Treat double eleven

The idea of ​​boys and girls is different.

Girls are thinking about how to buy more

Boys are thinking about how to take off their own

after all......

Many people are not aware of it.

Double eleven, buy and buy

Dismissal is also imminent

Because when you buy something

No disbursement

You will become like this

Can also recycle bankrupt girls

A treasure makes you heartbreak, I will give you back

On the double eleven day

Even if I don't have money, I can't stop me from shopping.

The first is to focus on participation.

It’s right to buy with the discount.

Second, there is an accurate shopping plan.

Absolutely no loss of purchase

The last thing is to figure out one thing.

I have not drawn:

Tens of Wang Sicong

Empty shopping cart

And still spend...


Tmall and Alipay did not win even if they won

Of the 113 people in Wang Sicong, you are not even in the middle.

And the double eleven is the most pitted

No more than the delivery address

Merchants do not change

Seeing things being robbed of light

It is also possible to send the wrong place

Sent to someone who should not send it

Dignity can be lost, but the package can not be lost

If you can't get it, you can't give it away.

Hurry up on the 12th refund

How many girls have finished after double eleven

Not only forgot the responsibility of taking off the order

I also said this to myself.

You are desperate after you have finished your hands.

But think about it for another idea.

You spent Ma Yun’s money to buy Ma Yun’s things.

This is not clear?

I spent the money of Ma Yun and took the things of Ma Yun.

Finally, you only need to pay back the money.

Just make a good blood!

Although you can figure it out

But when I look back at myself, I find out

All this is a huge chess game between God and Ma Yun.

So this double eleven

You not only have no money, no one

Maybe next year is still like this.

But don't be too sad

We still have double twelve!

Just finished, "people and money"

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