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I often ask my mother: Is it necessary for normal children to do sensory training?


I often see parents asking: Is sensory training for problem children?

In fact, it is not just problem children; sensory training is for all children from 0-12 years old, including special children, normal children, and children with dysfunctional disorders. In fact, everyone (including adults) has certain The sense of dissonance is only a minor difference. Some senses are very serious, so they are caused by parents' attention. Some of them are less sensitive and can be ignored by parents.

Although more and more parents are paying attention to sensory training, the popularity is not enough. It can be said that most parents know very little. Some parents listen to the words "sense training" and immediately ask sensitive questions. Isn't that a child who is not faulty? But this is not the case. As a parent, you should understand.

What is sensory training?

People have five major sensory systems, namely, visual, listening, smelling, smelling, and touching. When people are stimulated by the external environment, the brain collects surrounding information through various sensory systems of the body, and then integrates them to form perceptions so that the brain can make Timely and effective response, we call it sensory integration, which is feeling-perception-cognition. If the brain nerves are unable to integrate the sensory information together, it will lead to the inconsistency of body movements, sensory movements, immature cognitive language, social imperfections, mental retardation, medical and psychological terms. For the "sensory integration disorder" or "learning ability disorder", as the name suggests, the training for sensory integration disorders is sensory training.

Is it necessary for my child to participate in sensory training?

Knowing this, I guess that more than 80% of the parents who first heard the sensory training will have some rejection psychology. It is natural to think that the children who receive the training are all faulty and defective children, so quite a part. Parents will think that my child is very good, no problem, no need to accept this training! Is this really true?

It is often heard by some parents that their children are very smart. When you play games, you will learn that the computer is even more slippery than your own, but it is difficult to learn! Inattention, inconsistency, less movement, writing honing, writing a pen, reading difficulties, reading serial, calculating sloppy... Some children are shy, timid, sensitive, crying, or tempered. Love beats, unsocial, interpersonal skills and psychological quality are also relatively poor, unable to withstand criticism and frustration, regardless of the teacher's talk, the parents blame is not effective, some acute parents will also simply and violently snoring and threatening the children, resulting in The physical and mental harm of the child increases the problem of the child.

Although the children's problems are often caused by different reasons, most of them are caused by insufficient ability of the senses. This requires the relevant professional training according to the child's problems, rather than a simple conversation.

How do children exercise sensory training?

For example, in the infancy, the baby can be tactilely stimulated by pressure ball and limb gymnastics, which can stabilize the child's emotions and enhance the child's self-confidence; enhance the child's vestibular balance function through crawling training, and exercise the coordination of the child's limbs movement; Chasing small balls and training your baby's visual tracking ability; by pinching beans, beading, screwing toys, eating yourself can train your baby's hand-eye coordination and finger movements... and for older children, for children Different senses of different senses and different degrees of performance can be achieved by walking balance beam, jumping trampoline, rotating gyro, rushing skateboard, battling, pushing the ball, picking up the ball, meshing the stick... various specialized instruments The purpose of training to improve the child's current level of ability.

Why do you need to train?

For children with a sense of dysfunction, sensory training is very important and necessary;

Sensory integration training can improve the brain's ability to sense information and organization, help children understand the external environment more quickly and accurately, and improve their brain function.

What is the good effect of normal children receiving sensory training?

The key to sensory integration training is to give children all kinds of stimulation information at the same time, involving the relationship between psychology, brain and body. Children acquire proficient feelings during training, enhance self-confidence and self-control ability, and improve anxiety. Will feel happy and happy, but also cultivate willpower and courage;

Therefore, normal children can also participate in sensory training and choose targeted projects, which is also beneficial to children!