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This kind of fan, I advise you to look less

There is a kind of fan I suggest that you look less, Miao


1, refreshing is not strong, this is the first major ills

of Lily Fan, you can see that the loss of 10 Lily Fans can be comfortable for the body. To the role of nutrition, to be honest, may not be comparable to others to see the reality of a harem or dragon proud Tianfan.

Even if you look at these famous works like "The Witch of God without Moon", "Girl Revolution", "Stunning Strawberry", "The Madonna", etc. What about it?

Nothing is to add a common topic when chatting with Lily; or when you look at it, your inner feelings can get some comfort and warmth, and that's it.

When it comes to addiction, these animation works are at a low level in all anime categories and have little value. (Really)

See those who created the lily anime, it is a combination of Dacheng:
"The god of the moonless witch" author combination misunderstanding, Qihu Huizheng and Ota Ren, looks like, no news...
"Girl Revolution" director several original Kunihiko evaluation well, nothing news ...
"shocking strawberry" director Masayuki Sakoi, very good evaluation, nothing news ...
"Our Lady on" the authors Oyuki Konno, very good evaluation, also lacks the news ...
(are ye No news... I am looking forward to 啥...)

Really... In fact, most Lily authors, as long as they are not the best of Yamamoto Kuan, will be caught in a scandal...

(Excerpt from Worskisund)

Lily anime should have been a purely noble house with a heart to do something. The author is so, the viewer is also like this.

Before a family's self-development mentality and personality have not been sublimated, I do not recommend him to see too many lily animations or comics.

It’s a waste of time;

secondly, in such a big environment that everyone likes to watch it, it’s easy to give myself the illusion that I have seen a lot of lily and I am a lily house.

In fact, it’s useless to see Lily, and it’s not very helpful for the development of the house’s life. (

I’m really impressed) So I don’t understand why so many people like to give themselves a copy when they make a plan. The specific number of the long strips to fill the list, filled with a variety of lily.

Even if you can read all the lilies, you know the "God of the Moon", "The Madonna is on", then what?

For most ordinary houses, isn't it just a house that has no ability to like people? Your life is still in place.

As a house that loves animation culture, I think it is necessary to see more.

However, Lily Fan can only be counted as a kind of leisurely entertainment. (Immediately) What I

’m looking at should be more cool and enjoyable.

Therefore, in 8102, I haven’t arrived in the past two months. I think that those new ones on your annual recovery list may be considered for a change.

2, seeing Lily Fan, people are prone to get sick,

the premise of Jie Jie's conclusion is that I must first admit that I am sick and clean.

Because from the high school to the present, the house has almost watched nearly two or thirty Lily Fans and comics.

"Magic Circle", "Sakura t", "The Witch of God without Moon", "Swallowing Lily", "Light Voice", "The Madonna is on"....

also has "fabricated trap", "citrus", "tight" The stars, "Flower Kisses on"...

helpless, or a poor acid house, and suffering from a clean, often ridiculed by friends, "xx, people are a lily control."

The implication is that I am a sinister house and mentally ill.

If you don't believe that this problem is a habit of lily works. Then I tell you, wrong, this problem is the habit of lily work.

Probably after I saw a lot of sorrowful writers like Xu Yuan Xuan and Hai Fa Ji Guang, I slowly discovered a fact.

Before talking about this fact, let us look at a list of deaths:
(can there be any list ah Hey ...)
I know that this string list What does it mean it?

Remember my words, remember firmly, so that next year you will be stupid to write a lot of lily to see when you list the New Year.

Lily, in essence, is a carrier of the purest and most beautiful emotions in the world.

Whether it's Happyend or Badend, in the world, those who have experienced inner hell and heaven, they use animation and comics to write down the most beautiful and pure things in their hearts. Then, animation has great value. Only after people have followed.

This is the core of Lily Fan.

So this leads to two problems.

The first question, as I said before, is that Lily Fan is not very practical, it is more of a spiritual pastime. (Immediately) may be higher than watching Lifan, but in essence, it is no different from watching Lifan.

The second problem is that because the spiritual energy carried by a good lily work is too pure and beautiful, it requires the house itself to have a noble mind to digest it.

A new house, in the case of a full-fledged wife, went to watch a lot of lily works, two results:

First, the two people of Lily were the

second wife , got sick, cleaned, and then sawed the former with a chainsaw,

although the former The probability is higher than the latter, but the latter is more extreme.

Extremely extreme, I think you have heard of Washski Soder.

3. In

summary, this is why I suggest you look down on Lily Fan.

I suggest that you go to see the dramas that determine the cool content.

What is sure?

Speaking more popularly, it is like "Inferior Students in Magical Colleges". One-to-one writing is all sure.

Of course, this may be a bit good (tidal and sensational), but you can look for it again,

such as "Dating Battle", "Sword Art Online", "OVERLORD" and so on.

This kind of fan, is really worthy of your writing in the pursuit of the facts to spend time and effort to see.

It’s not as difficult as going to see a few Lily Fans like the one in the next section.

is a picture, do not want to write ...

ah, early to the spray will not be less, but it does not matter. (Where there is a sprayer to feed)

Anyway, I am accepting the rational discussion. As soon as I come up, I will pull you black.

I want to say that I think Lily Fan may be much more than you; and the taste of this, you may not know much more than me.

Once others have put forward some ideas that seem to violate the common sense in your mind, they will start to spray.

Is this my narrowness, or are you not educated?

And I wrote nearly 2,000 words in my article to state my point of view, and you, a sentence, or even a modal particle, gave me a total negation.

Honestly, I don't know the confidence of the two flying dogs.

(The original author is really stupid, I am embarrassed to look at this passage now.)


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