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The founder of Moby cashed in behind 1.5 billion, your peers are abandoning you.


Author | Mr. Wang Ears

Source | Mr. Wang Ear (lD:huangezishiba)

The US group bought the news of the Mobike bicycle and brushed it across the circle of friends.

Many netizens are ridiculing, and in the future, they can take a bicycle and take it out. But what I am more concerned about is another beauty after the 80s.

She is the founder of Mobike, Hu Wei.

But in just three years, she made the company a popular startup. With this acquisition, she may cash out 1.5 billion.

What are the most things doing after the 80s?

Either in the office building in Beishangguang, I just became a director, and I grew up on the lower abdomen. I didn’t dare to resign every month because of the mortgage. Either in the third- and fourth-tier cities, you will be able to see the future in the future.

Whether you are willing or not, middle age is like a contract.

However, three years ago, she was an ordinary journalist, and she walked quietly, and it was difficult for others to reach.

Looking at the weak look of the picture, you can hardly imagine that this is a business elite.

However, this is the case, your peers are abandoning you silently.

I know that there is a problem:

What do you think when you find that your peers are much better than yourself?

There is a great answer below:

I feel that some people have lived for 30 years, and they have lived for a year. Some people are 1 year old, and they live like 30 years.

Say good youth all the way, you bought a car.

You think it's all office workers, but he bought a house in Beijing; you thought it was Internet labor, and he suddenly started a business.

The last time I was shocked by this was two years ago.

The 25-year-old Li called the beast, whose public number and company, was suddenly purchased by Baidu for a total of 100 million yuan.

They are all 25 years old, and you still brush the public number before going to bed every night. Another young man, relying on the marketing number "Li called the beast", in less than two years, from a master's graduate, became the company's vice president in BAT.

What kind of emotion do you have?

Some people go too slowly and some people go too fast.

There will be no more peers who will move forward at a constant speed. You will either ride the dust or be left far away.

Not only those who look great, but ordinary people are no exception.

For example, five years after graduating from college, you will find that "peer age" is a term that cannot withstand scrutiny.

Because by this time, in addition to being old, you and your classmates will almost never have any similarities. Income, status, three views, and even the means of transportation to work will have a difference.

When I was in the New Year this year, I went to a small class reunion.

Some of the classmates who are civil servants have already done the right thing. Business classmates, startups have achieved tens of millions of revenues. Those who go to work day after day, some have become the middle of the world's top 500 companies.

If the mix is ​​poor, some people will get a monthly salary of three or four thousand in a small company that is not well known.

How many years have you graduated?

In the same year, I was still chasing a play in a dormitory. In the cafeteria, I was in a poor position with the masters. I skipped classes and brag together.

Some people have already earned millions of dollars a year, but some people are still grabbing two dollars of red packets.

Some people have been to many countries, and many people have been seen, but some people are still anxious to get to work on time.

Yes, in this world, it is difficult to have a life of eternal superiority, and it is difficult to have a constant class.

Everything changes too fast. If you don't respond in time and don't follow up quickly, you may be knocked down by your peers.

I have seen many messages from WeChat backstage.

But I always remember, a message called Han Han gave me.

She said that she is a two-child mother. Although she is only 26 years old, she always has some inexplicable worries.

She is worried that during the time when she is staying at home, the industry has changed and more peers have come in. If you go out to work again, you may not be able to compete with them. And when it comes to transformation, it will be very, very difficult.

Therefore, even if she is breastfeeding at home, she also takes the time to learn English and read professional books. On the weekend, she also went to the training class and was ready to take another test.

I can fully understand her feelings.

This is the most real life.

If you relax a little, you will be left behind. Even if you stay in place, you grow slowly, and it is a step backwards.

Some time ago, Zhang Quanling had a hot speech, the name is "When the age abandoned you, even a goodbye will not say."

In fact, when your peers abandon you, they won’t even say goodbye.

You think that you are working in the same city. You think that you are doing ordinary work. On one day, he cleaned all the traces of mediocrity, ran all the way, and then never looked back, leaving you far away.

So, don't choose comfort when you should struggle.

Don't love money when you are young, don't love hard work and hard work, and get through the clouds every day.

It is not terrible to be behind the same age for the time being. The real transcendence is to become a better person in the vertical comparison.

Your peers are abandoning you and never say hello.

Like Mobie's founder Hu Wei, those young people who can truly outperform their peers have the professionalism, determination and pattern.

May you slowly.

May you see this era, know where you want to go, and live for the rest of your life.

Author: Mr. Wang ear, Master of journalism, young writers, well-known former media chief reporter, focused on the workplace and personal growth, many articles of read the whole network more than ten million. WeChat public number: Mr. Wang Ear (lD: huangezishiba)