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Medical insurance! Medical insurance! Transfer from the point of view.


If it weren’t for the identity card of the People’s Republic of China in his pocket, he would really doubt himself deeply. In fact, he did not deserve to be a Chinese, and he dragged his back to the motherland every day.

Every ten Chinese people are accompanied by a public servant who serves the Lord with all their heart. This kind of happiness has made the research and development of the singer, and every three Chinese people have a family doctor. This kind of happiness can't think about it.

I didn’t know what it was called the Great Leap Forward. Why did it make a big leap forward? Now, let’s go and see the “family doctor” to put the satellite. I probably know it all.

The upper level is very good, and the lower level is welcoming. Some leaders have taken their heads to the requirements, but the reality is that there are not enough people and insufficient funds. So what is the correct way? The government gives money and then recruits more people.

The government can't give it, so it can only be faked and reported. Followed by the media reports, the leadership has achieved results, the government has a face, the burden of medical staff has not increased, and the media has also materialized.

In fact, there are no ones. The grassroots people who are the direct targets of the policy should have a better understanding of the situation and have more say, but there is no channel for voice. This is true today when information is so developed. I think it was the year.

Do you think that the Great Leap Forward period with high indicators, commanding, and exaggerated winds is really over? No, but just change the pattern.
Now everyone knows why they always introduce some policies that you can't figure out? Because the data they face in their think tanks are all fake, can the policies introduced in line with national conditions?

The Emperor Chongzhen looked at the yellow book and wondered why my empire had a population of 10 million. Why did you search for less than 10 million silver? The Chongzhen emperor just did not expect that, in fact, the population he can receive tax may be only 10 million.

Two years out of poverty, 500 million signing, and want to run the horse, but also want the horse not to graze, but also want the horse not to sleep, maybe? It is a pity that the waste papers used as "welcome materials" are exchanged for the hard-earned money of ordinary people.

Second, the “Mundell Impossible Triangle” of medical insurance

has a very classic theory, called “Mundell Impossible Triangle”: among the three objectives of free capital flow, monetary policy independence, and currency (exchange rate) stability. An economy can only achieve two at the same time. In fact, the status quo of China's medical insurance is also very simple to say. It is also a triangle of medical impossibility: the government's low investment, wide coverage of medical insurance, and high quality of public medical care can only achieve two.

Before 2007, the second item was sacrificed, and medical insurance coverage was widely covered. Only 200 million of China’s 1.3 billion people have health insurance. In this case, countless cases of serious illnesses have been ruined.

In 2007, China completed a medical insurance promotion that was very great in my opinion, especially the new rural cooperative medical care, which increased the coverage of medical insurance coverage to over 95%, basically letting the vast majority of the population say goodbye to poverty.

But soon, medical insurance funds can't be spared. With medical insurance, the top three hospitals are overcrowded. First- and second-level hospitals can only rely on a large number of medical insurance for a living, and the people also try their best to obtain benefits.

At this point, according to the impossible triangle, we can only continue to adjust the policy. According to the national conditions, it is also the "difficult masses" who are the first to contribute to the motherland. So, they began to find ways to reduce the quality of medical care.

The first plan for the country is called grading. Simply put, the higher the proportion of reimbursement for township hospitals, the lower the proportion of reimbursement for large hospitals, in the hope that the people will stay in county-level hospitals.

However, there is still no use of eggs. Since the price gap between hospitals is far less than the gap in medical care, it will naturally flock to large hospitals.
So immediately proposed a second program, called control costs. The earliest target is medicines. In the past year, these contents have included: cancellation of drug price increase, drug two-vote system, and forced reduction of drug proportion.

However, it is still impossible to recover the trend of medical insurance falling through. So now I have been eyeing medical supplies.

Some people may ask, on the last side of the triangle, will the government's investment increase? I can only say that students should not look so short, we have to build an aircraft carrier, we must build a fighter plane, we must also go to the moon, and we must also follow the road. Our journey is the sea of ​​stars. Compared with this, medical treatment? How many troubles can the people who have no money to see a doctor die?

Therefore, from the perspective of reducing government budgets and expenditures, China's medical reform is undoubtedly a great success. Judging from the social effects brought about, the Chinese medical reform is actually a very failure!

Every year, the relevant departments have said that the medical reform has achieved great success, how much benefits the people have received, how much the price of medicines has dropped, and so on. But the people do not recognize it, because they say that the effect of smallpox is more than a few geometric orders of magnitude compared to the increasing feelings and effects of the hospital's money from the pockets of ordinary people.

In fact, the amount of money spent by the people on sickness has increased more than the annual increase in income; even if they participate in urban medical insurance, they can only say that they have spent less on the money they should not spend. Instead, it has increased year by year. This is because the people in the hospital have done a lot of high-end inspections or repeated inspections that should not be done. They have taken back some high-priced medicines and spent more on non-medical insurance reimbursement inspections, services and medicines.

Now, whether it is a public hospital or a private hospital, they are trying to find ways to drill up the medical insurance policy and try to cover the money from medical insurance. In fact, the money for medical insurance is still from the pockets of ordinary people. Medical insurance is impossible to lose money. As long as the medical insurance is tight, the government will increase the proportion of medical insurance insurance or other administrative means (such as narrowing the scope of reimbursement, increasing the proportion of self-pay, etc.), and ultimately the people should pay more.

Unexplained people with strong dissatisfaction, I don’t know that the fundamental reason for the repeated failures of medical reform is that the government’s functions are misplaced or invested less. They can only vent their grievances on the heads of hospitals and medical staff because they spend money every time. It happened in the hospital, and all the checklists and drug prescriptions that doctors opened were accumulated.

The misunderstanding of the relevant departments, the release of officials, and the deliberate rendering of the media are all guiding the people to seek venting from the doctors in the hospital, so that the "new things" in the history of Chinese and foreign countries have become more and more fierce in China.

Doctors with high professionalism and respect in ancient and modern China and abroad are now almost alleged by thousands of people. Whether it is intentional or helpless, choosing the doctor as a victim of medical reform is the most inhumane place for medical reform.

If we do not take "social justice" as the basis, we will review and improve the lack of the system. People may be harder to see a doctor, and the doctor-patient relationship may be worse. The "medical trouble" will always exist and cannot disappear!
Third, the relevant comments The

following content excerpts from the anonymous comments:

Which hospital medical insurance funds overrun, pay for themselves!

In July 2016, local medical insurance recruited all public hospitals to meet, telling everyone that this year's medical insurance funds spent 90%, and in the second half of the year, in addition to emergency, do not accept hospitalization. Which hospital's medical insurance funds are over, and I want to pay for it.

After the meeting is over, we will start to go out to the hospital. From January to July, we received more than 200 inpatients. From August to December, we received only 11 in total. The situation in other units is similar. But even so, several large local hospitals were fined at the end of the year, and each family deducted millions of medical insurance funds. In fact, everyone knows that it is not that the big hospitals have done something wrong, but the medical insurance really has no money. Even in the second half of the year, even if all the hospitals no longer receive inpatients, the annual reimbursement quota has already been spent. Find a reason to say that it is a fine.

Disabling consumables, the ultimate goal is to stop part of the surgery!

I didn't quite understand it before. I don't think it would be enough if the medical insurance can't afford the cost of consumables. Now it seems that this may mean that the gap in medical insurance funds is too big. What they think is not just to save the part of the consumables, but to stop some of the surgery that can be done or not by disabling consumables. After all, after all, the money for consumables is only a small part. The cost of surgery and hospitalization is still big, and it must be reimbursed.

The social security deficit really came!

Now is a prosperous world as you wish, they can't directly remove these medicines and consumables from the medical insurance catalog, which will make the people lack happiness. So they used a method like this: list a list of medical insurance that looks very full, and then introduce various regulations so that the hospital can not be reimbursed smoothly. The scenery on the faces of large families is just like this.

Our officials have never saved money for the country. After all, the more money you spend, the more likely you are to pluck. Now they really actively play the subjective initiative to save medical insurance funds, it can only prove one thing, the medical insurance funds really have to bottom out, the social security shortfall really comes.

A few words are very unpleasant, but in reality, for the peers or the common people

, the collapse of medical insurance has already occurred, but the bureaucratic system will not let this happen in the eyes of ordinary people. Therefore, in the future, medical workers will be the scapegoat for all of this.

Second, universal health insurance will eventually become a tasteless taste of food. If you want to enjoy quality medical resources, you can only hope for commercial medical insurance in the future.

Third, the collapse of universal health insurance will inevitably lead to the collapse of the entire public hospital system. A few years later, China’s public hospitals will become super-agricultural hospitals full of universal health insurance, and a group of Chinese “MAYO” or Chinese “ANDERSON” with state-of-the-art hardware and quality resources invested by commercial insurance and predators will Becoming a place for quality medical resources.

Fourth, from a macro perspective of China's current demographic dividend and age structure, in fact, the country does not want you to live a long life. The longer you live, the more uncomfortable the country's medical reform. In other words, today’s retirement will die tomorrow, and this is the most patriotic in the eyes of the country.

Fifth, the future of quality medical care can only hope that efforts to make money can buy a generous medical insurance. The low- and middle-income people can only hope that they will not get sick or have serious illnesses. So, do you understand that you have worked hard for the elderly? I can't afford it!

Sixth, we are really in line with the international. Then, and perhaps there will be an old man with children and grandchildren tell from the story of the year, "hey, I remember ah, my grandfather on my top three hospitals to see a professor of only twenty dollars, now, hey ......"

Fourth, a story end

The film "Da Ming robbery" tells the story: Chongzhen fifteen years, North China suffered a serious plague, Sun Chuan Ting, the military secretary of the Ministry of Military Affairs, was ordered to suppress Li Zicheng's army, but the plague soldiers in the army suffered a large number of rumors. The god doctor Wu can also create a cure for the disease in the Sun Chuanting army. He has tried his best to treat the plague and healed a large number of officers and men. However, Wu Youke's wonderful hand could not save the robbery of the Daming Dynasty. Sun Chuanting took the soldiers out of the war to defeat the king, and eventually lost his life. Wu Youke's experience in healing was summed up into the "war epidemic", which passed through the dynasty.

The film has a lot of connotations. First of all, the film unveiled the fact that the plague in North China in the late Ming Dynasty led to a sharp decline in the combat effectiveness of the official army and became the last straw to overwhelm the Da Ming Dynasty. Secondly, through the portrayal of Sun Chuanting and Wu Youke, a truth was explained: long-term problems There is no way to solve it through short-term means. Whether it is a wonderful doctor or a cold-blooded star, it can't save the dynasty that has been ruined for a long time, even if it is a salvation.

What is a long-term problem? Population structure is a long-term problem, and medical insurance financing is a long-term problem. Talent cultivation is a long-term problem. Respecting medical care is a long-term problem. These problems require a proactive and long-term layout, in order to get a generation of old doctors in their later years. If it is dragged into the disease, short-term means may be a potent drug, but it can only be used to save lives, but it can not be used to save people, and it is usually costly.

At the end of the movie "Da Ming robbery", Emperor Chongzhen urged Sun Chuanting to go out of Shaoguan and solve Kaifeng City. At this time, there were still a large number of unrepaired soldiers in the army. Sun Chuanting had no food to support these soldiers (lack of money), and there was not enough Wu to treat them (lack of people), so he used a simple solution. : Concentrate the sick soldiers and burn all the fire.

The history of robbery, I hope never to stage again.