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How to play a bad card in the Hearthstone Arena?


Author: dorick

No one in the arena can always choose a good hand, and each of us will experience a time when we choose a mediocre deck or even a bad card. And because when we choose a good set, we can't fully display its value (12 wins), so it is more meaningful to not be dragged by bad cards than to play a good set. So how do we get a bad card?

First, you must have responsibility and confidence in your chosen card.

This first point seems to be the easiest, but it is also the hardest thing to do. When people find that cards are not good at the time of card selection, they tend to lose confidence and simply end it. But if we do this every time, we will always crash when we encounter a bad card in the future. I believe that there is such a saying, everyone must have heard of "the guns of their own, tears have to be finished." Not the same in the arena. The deck we choose, no matter how bad, can be said to be the crystallization of our own efforts. Regardless of the quality of the cards, we must believe that the cards we choose will be the best combination of the 90 cards. Even if we can't convert the bad card into a good result every time, as long as we can get the experience of the bad card is also very precious.

Second, we must do a good job of "Bole"

The so-called "garbage" is just placed in an inappropriate place. This sentence is the same in the arena. The more valuable value of the so-called high-scoring cards is that they can perform well at all times. Those cards with low scores show weaknesses with greater limitations. When you can't get a high-scoring card, you can only try to find out where the bad cards are, and use them as a good card. Like the so-called junk brand knife in this deck, the knife flaps, the blushing macarons, the old wizard and the fate of the bones. Let's take a look at the situation of these cards at the time of the selection and the value in actual combat.

The first garbage dump is like this. In the arena, for an offensive occupation, the pure milk face card is almost the worst choice, not to mention the blood volume that the blood sucking ointment can return is very uncertain. It can be said that the thief is the worst card, it is almost impossible to choose it in the arena, and then there will be no more talk about this card. Although the 315 card is stable, the 1 attack makes his exchange ability too weak. You can consider this card after you have a lot of attack means in the deck. And the knife flaps volley, alone, is a 4 fee to play 2, just like a mental retardation. However, this card also has two points. First, thieves often cannot use hero skills because they have weapons on their hands. Therefore, thieves are more likely to have two fees than other occupations. At this time, we open a knife and then It is much more convenient to use again. The second is that this card is convenient for us to play combos or make up for damage (especially through the wall).

Next, let's take a look at the thief's second catching bad position. First, exclude 1 here. If you think of it as a whiteboard, 433 is not as good as 425. If it disappears, in fact, the scene that the thieves are most afraid of in the arena is the shaman gangster + the change and the warrior 7 fee 3 55. In these scenes, thieves can use the disappearance to deal with, so now thieves can consider catching and disappearing. Here I chose the old Master because I have chosen the knife volley before, and if the two knives have strong cooperation, the effect will be greatly improved.

In this catch, in fact, 536 whiteboard is already an acceptable figure, but also because of the knife volley, here I chose the higher limit of the mana dragon. The cooperation of these cards can be seen from the picture below.

The knife volley has a good effect when it comes to the old wizard and the mana dragon.

Let's take a look at the next one. It won't take 3 here. It makes sense to take 1 and 2 here. The 755 is extremely poor, but if the scene is stable and can stand a round, the Dragonhawk can also play at least one blast. The big knife is also a card that everyone is very reluctant to choose when playing thieves. If a thief holds a knife, it is equal to the abolition of hero skills. This is one of them. The thief's blood pressure is often very large, and it is not possible to always sell his face to solve the problem. This is the second. Therefore, thieves basically do not take high-endurance weapons in the arena. But at some point, if we use a big knife to steal blood, although it takes effect slowly, the total damage is even higher than the explosion. Like in the following game, I started to raise my face in this round (pictured). Although there were a lot of games on the opposite side, except for touching a tiger and kicking a foot, I relied on weapons to kill the opposite side. 15 blood until it is killed.

When there are 19 blood on the opposite side, I will start to raise the knife and face.

There is no ridicule on the opposite side, but can only surrender

Let's put together the last two catches. Although some cards have a high ceiling, they are still quite a lot of players. So for these bad cards, I don't recommend everyone to grab the second one. And this fate, we can be seen as a fee for a card. This is of course inefficient. Even the equally weak engineer apprentices have more than one 11 followers. However, instead of taking a bad card, it is better to choose a card that can find a chance to change.

Third, we must calculate the changes in the battlefield to the extreme

The worse the deck, the more accurate calculations are needed. Because in the case that the card is not as good as the opponent, as long as you take the wrong step, you may never have the room to recover. In the current arena, there is no small difference before the revision. In the previous arena, we mainly guarded against some cards with higher scores in the arena, because these cards will be chosen by more people. But now, because of the arena's splitting mechanism, whether a card is easily selected by the player is not just a matter of whether the card is good or not, but also depends on his position in the gear. Some cards are quite weak, but because they are in the fourth gear, they often appear with garbage. This makes these cards, which would hardly appear in the arena, suddenly become very "common" after this revision. If you pay attention to it a little, you will find many such cards. For example, the priest's jealousy, the shaman's avalanche, and so on.

In fact, after the implementation of the card selection system in the arena, the card has become more concentrated, which makes our prejudging easier. Only now most of the players have not fully figured out which of these cards are suddenly out. If we carefully observe and revisit in actual combat, we will be able to find the cards that often appear after these revisions, and make the correct response in advance.

Let's take a look at the following scene. The opposite is an upgrade (1/3 of the weapon). Which one will you choose?

The thieves fight the soldiers, the easiest to lose is that the early period can not give enough pressure, the warrior 7 fee 3 55 persuasion. So, if this is a whiteboard 232 follower, I highly recommend everyone to 232 instead of 223. We have 3 charges on the hand, we are not afraid of the 32 knives hacking our 32. In the early stage, every time a dozen soldiers were beaten, it was of great benefit to our later operations. But here is an inflammatory surgeon, but it is different. First of all, if we go to the inflammatory doctors, we will have one less choice of turning poisons in the next round, and more importantly, if we leave the sorcerer, there will be more important uses in the future. In the previous section, I said that some of the poorer cards had a big increase in the number of cards, and the defending king of the warriors was one of them. I left the inflammator in this game, and I really got the effect very quickly.

The value of this sorcerer’s play is much greater than the time it takes to play two or three more blood.

In order to say that we have already gained an advantage in the early stage and have grabbed a certain amount of blood, what would we be most afraid of at this time? At this time, the soldiers can no longer use weapons to sell their faces to grab the scene, and the spell stone is difficult to stop our tidal attack because it is not ridiculous. At this time, what we are most worried about is the ridiculous creatures of the soldiers in the six or seven time, especially the tar beast king. Of course, in general, thieves should have enough hard solutions to deal with, but if it is a bad thief, it may not be, for example, this time. So in this game I have kept the chemical geeks in my hands, originally to target the tar beast king opposite. But the opposite did not insist on the 7 fee, it was 659 killed by the exchange of blood.

When we are able to do the above three things, naturally we can be taken care of by the goddess of fortune, and naturally we are getting closer and closer to victory.

Liu Yunhuaming another village

Ok, today's Raiders are here. I hope that everyone will be able to cherish each set of cards they have chosen in the future. They can also use the bad cards in the arena to win high wins. This experience is better than choosing a set of 10,000. Winning the deck is much better.


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