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The glory of the king: the combat power system is called the most brain-destroyed design! Even professional players are also actors for this!

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Since the launch of the King's Glory Warfare System, it has been an important indicator for assessing the proficiency of players.

Players who use a certain hero in the ranking to get enough appearances and winning percentages can increase the hero's combat power scores and obtain the corresponding district/city/province/national service rankings.

However, unfortunately, today's combat power system has completely become a breeding ground for actors.

The national service list has been completely reduced to the "actor list"

Not long ago, the anchor A Yao broke the news of the current high-level segmentation of the national costume, which also mentioned the dirty routine that rushed to the national service list.

The first is to deliberately drop points. When it falls to a lower position, it uses a certain hero and friend to make multiple points. With the crushing of strength, the hero’s winning rate is mentioned to a level of anti-sky. Rush on the national service list.

Since the "actor event" after the official increase in the intensity of the attack, the current actors appear in double-row form, and the acting is more advanced.

Usually after a certain record in the game, you will deliberately lose the game, so that you have no chance to complain. For passers-by players who are ranked to actors, there is only one word in the ending: lose!

Even professional players join the ranks of actors.

According to the users broke the news, a KPL professional player will not hesitate to act as an actor in order to make his own rush to the national service list.

In order to make his own rush to the top of the national service, the professional player deliberately used other heroes to lose the game, and then used the cricket to win the game, thus obtaining higher combat points.

It can be seen from the record that as long as he uses the shackles, he can achieve the super-god's record, and the other heroes lose the game, and the record is quite touching.

It is not difficult to conclude that the professional player is a member of the National Championships and deliberately acts as an actor in the game.

Tao Mi summary

Although I have to admit that there are many great gods who have rushed to the national service list with their own strengths, such as the shackles of the 9th, Luna of Hu Ying.

However, more players who are quick and quick to make a choice to act as an actor to pass the hurdles in order to quickly enter the list are also very arrogant, and it is possible that the passers-by will be ruined.

Therefore, I really hope that Tianmei can optimize today's combat system as soon as possible, thus creating a more fair and just game environment.

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