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If you can support your family after 30 years, you may only have a house!


Author: Ke talk

Today, let me first tell you the true story of the 60-year-old who happened to me :

Story 1: A colleague who has just retired at the end of November, senior engineer, widowed, the only housing and living with his son. My son is 29 years old and ready to get married. In June, my uncle had no choice but to cut all the money from the stock market for many years, plus savings of 3.5 million in cash, and a son loan of 1.5 million. I bought a 60-unit room near Shanghai Zhongshan North Road. The hall is a wedding room. After buying the house, my uncle has retired, and there is no savings in the family . In the future, the pension will depend on the monthly pension of 5,000 yuan. Before the retirement of my uncle, I have been sighing: the stock market value of the previous year reached 8 million, and no cash is bought. The biggest mistake in this life.

Story 2: A middle-level enterprise retired next year, because of work reasons, has been dealing with developers. In the early 2000s, when the property market was discounted, three sets of houses in Wuning South Road were purchased at low prices. Five years ago, the old house of his father was relocated. He was assigned to a house in Jiading, plus his own house. The family of three had five houses in Shanghai. The son got married last year, a set as a wedding room, the other three sets of rental, monthly rent of nearly 30,000 yuan . Retirement in the enterprise next year, the pension is more than 4,000 yuan. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market are free to play.

Two vivid examples can not help but sigh, what makes their life so different? A pension of 5,000 yuan, a rent of 30,000 yuan; one does not dare to be sick and does not dare to travel, one to travel around the world to enjoy life; one has no assets other than self-occupation, one in addition to self-occupation, there are 30 million Personally. - Maybe this is the choice of our most brutal examples presented to it!

The country’s rich and powerful people have a long way to go, and housing prices have risen a long way.

Since the reform and opening up, China’s achievements have attracted worldwide attention. As the world's second largest economy, we still have a long way to go before the great victory of socialism and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Undoubtedly, with the long-term steady development of China's economy in the coming decades, social productivity and people's living standards reach or exceed the United States just around the corner.

With the development of urbanization, aging, and individualization, in the next few decades, the prices of first- and second-tier cities in China are not a problem at all in New York, London, and Singapore.

Property is a solidified container of your life's wealth

The protagonists of the first two stories are ordinary working-class people who are diligent and hard-working. Their differences in their own destiny and even the fate of the three generations are deeply influenced by the choices of the original. Although it cannot be said that the class has solidified, it is hard. The road has just begun.

First, the real estate is the best carrier to lock in the proceeds

This round of housing prices has risen from the first-tier cities, and first-tier cities have risen from luxury homes. The central government launched the “de-stocking” policy in September 30, 2015 and the 3.30 New Deal in 2015. The high-end people with “smell-smelling” have rushed out of the stock bull market and purchased luxury homes to lock in profits. Subsequently, the bull market peaked at 5178 points and fell all the way. The local tycoons harvested all the small living expenses and locked the victory with the mansion, and the mansions doubled in this round of soaring. The stupid little scatterers also made their own clever use of the savings of the original house to make up the position at the end of the bargaining, and finally lost in the stock market.

Financial management is risky and requires caution when entering the market. Historical experience tells us that in addition to real estate, all investment and financial management are gambling . The tragedies of e-rental, Zhongjin and P2P have been staged repeatedly. GEM, LeTV and PetroChina are all Huatou. Your assets are only locked down if they are converted into real estate. The numbers in the computer are always a dream.

Second, the property is an investment product, and the others are speculative products.

Buffett's so-called "value investment" does not exist in China at all. The value investment theory can only be tested in a pure market economy. China is a one-sided market economy under the guidance of the planned economy. The economic law and theory of capitalism are fundamental in China. It doesn't work, an invisible hand is always a cut that you can't take. This has led to the judgment of many "brick homes" and "scholars" often being laughed at.

However, real estate has been deeply tied to the Chinese economy and is a tool for economic development adjustment. Urbanization in the next few decades has determined that real estate is a long-term investment product , while stocks, futures, and wealth management can only be short-term speculative products . The characteristic of speculative products is to infinitely enlarge human nature, and ultimately let you lose in the face of your insatiable nature.

3. Real estate is an investment in the country and an investment in the city.

At present, in the initial stage of socialism in our country, no investment can match the real estate. The development prospects of the city determine the appreciation space of real estate. The promotion of urbanization in the next few decades will inevitably aggravate the huge differentiation between the cities, "stronger and weaker ." Choosing a city is more important than choosing a suite. I have confidence in China that I have confidence in housing prices and confidence in the city is confidence in housing prices.

Uncle in the first story, the market value of 8 million stocks in 2015, if you sell a house, it is now 16 million, but the reality is only 3.5 million. The cruel reality teaches us that if you don't control capital and you can take advantage of it, you can invest in real estate . With the continuous development of China's economy and the rise of global cities, the return of property will bring you a return that cannot be estimated.

Property investment advice

1. Don't buy stocks, just buy a house. Your greed knows you. The stock does not belong to you, the house belongs to you.

2. Buying a house has nothing to do with the amount of money. Buy more big houses, buy less small houses, and there is no difference in the size of the house. It is different between buying and not buying.

3, if you invest, the first choice for new homes and old and small, do not buy luxury homes. Because the rise of luxury homes is far from the new homes and old and small. For example, Tomson's first product opened for 12 years, only doubled the increase. Wang Decong and Chen He lived in the Kaide Maoming Mansion, which was only 60% of the opening in the past six years, while the average housing in the same city center has increased by at least three times.

4. Value is a false proposition. Many experts suggest that you look for the sector that has not yet started to rise, and the name is the investment value. On the day when the land was filled flat, it was already high. The suburbs will always be suburbs, and the development will not be urban. The fundamental principle of investing in real estate is one thing: just buy the city center. Have money to buy big, no money to buy small.

5, the property is not a stock, do not throw high and low. Some people's thoughts and practices are very strange. They think that house prices are falling, they are afraid of collapse, they want to sell, and then wait for the bottom. Please don't use the theory of stocks to invest in real estate. If you don't believe it, the reality will teach you.

6. Only first- and second-tier cities have investment value. I have reminded you many times that real estate investment must choose one or two lines or one line of peripheral cities. The third line and below have only residential functions.

7. Now is not the best time to invest. I am in a stupid person to take the shot now, the signal of the bottom floor market has not yet appeared! I said in the article that now I don’t want to blindly copy the property market and wait patiently for the policy to fall.

Finally, let's tell you a little story to end: At the beginning of last year, the intermediary manager who cooperated many times told me that he was helping the client to rent out a set of old houses in the city center, with a garden with a monthly rent of 350,000. A house has gone through a hundred years of vicissitudes, and his value has never been forgotten. I hope that everyone will retire after 30 years, the income of real estate investment can let you face a colorful life in your old age!

The above is some of my views on the current real estate market. I dare not say authority, and definitely have a strong guiding significance. I hope to help everyone, and I hope that you can forward your circle of friends and provide more information to your friends. Welcome everyone to leave a message in the background, I will continue to answer the service, thank you!

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