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Shoes don't know how to match? This style conversion Dafa is enough to read.


"As long as the clothes look good, shoes can be worn casually!" There are not a few students with this deep-rooted misconception. In fact, shoes can often influence the style of your entire set of shoes. Each type of shoes has a strong style. It can make your whole set change in minutes.

First of all, feel the next pair of shoes roughly, how important it is in the overall match.

The above three sets are all wearing professional suits, but they have changed their shoes, but they have completely different visual feelings.

A wearing very traditional high heels, typical traditional professional women;

B wearing a flat low-cut small leather shoes, is the British flavor;

C is a sports white shoes, the style seems to run completely opposite the upper body, but it shows a more youthful, casual and fashionable feeling.

"Content Outline of this article"
1. Understand the differences in the attributes of several major footwear. The difference in attributes is the essential reason for the unique style of each type of shoes.
2. See how the style of the shoe affects the overall dress style.

Casual shoes

The reason why the casual suffix is ​​added behind the movement is because the sneakers are not just simple dogs in the past, not only when they are exercising, but they already have strong fashion attributes.

Sports and leisure are relatively age-reducing and energetic. It can convey a sense of spiritual rejuvenation and positive feelings during exercise.

▲When the overall mix is ​​very age-conscious, think about whether the shoes are out of order. I just changed the booties into training shoes. It is obvious that the whole has become more youthful and lighter.

Sports shoes also have a more intimate, grounded style.

If you always feel that you are wearing too formal, professional atmosphere is very heavy, often wear a serious and rigid feel, you can try to replace the traditional high heels into close-knit sports shoes.

On the contrary, if you want to switch from a casual lifestyle to a serious state of work, changing shoes is the most convenient and effective.

When everything is too hard, you can solve it by changing the pair of sneakers.

Sneakers can make the overall match become the magic of wearing casual, beautiful and effortless.

Leisure is one of the indicators of quality of life pursued by modern people. It has often become a fashion symbol in contemporary life.

Therefore, these years of sports style has been more popular, and it is also a splicing method used by fashion people. It can often collide with other styles to have a more tangible feeling.

Oxford shoes

Classic attribute tag

Lace, shallow, rough skin, carved pattern

The modern Oxford shoes really became popular in the 17th century. At that time, Oxford University’s popular men’s uniform shoes naturally had the effect of academic style, British sense and age reduction.

The elegant classic Chanel high heels on the left exudes a gentle feminine elegance, with the Oxford sneakers on the right and the British feel.

When it is paired with a formal dress and a mature ol dress, it is neutral and handsome.


Classic attribute tag

No laces, low cut, flat bottom, leather

The property is very similar to the oxford shoes. The difference is that the wearing method is more comfortable to wear, and it is easy to put on and off. Therefore, it is also called lazy shoes, which is of course more casual.

Although the following three types of shoes can be classified as casual shoes, leisurely still exists.

The nuances.

From left to right, the sense of leisure gradually weakened, and the degree of firmness increased in turn.

Lok Fu shoes and oxford shoes were originally classic styles for men's casual shoes, and then applied to the design of women's shoes, so it is natural to have a neutral feeling.

The attributes of Oxford shoes and Lok Fu shoes are very similar. They are more tight than sports shoes, but they are not free and easy. Compared with the general high heels, it is a little feminine, but it is very old.

Paired with casual wear, the overall style is literary and casual.

All performances are relatively conservative and moderate, so they are also very versatile and universal.

Ballet flats

Classic attribute tag

Flat bottom, round head, bow

Very simple and durable style, compared to the same flat Lok Fu shoes, a female elegance. Hepburn made this elegant interpretation so easy.

The reason is that, compared with the two, the ballet flat shoes have a more rounded line and more curves that represent feminine femininity. The lines of the Lok Fu shoes are composed of sharp edges and corners, which are mostly blunt turns.

The second reason is that it has a greater degree of skin.

The greater the degree of skin, the stronger the feminine atmosphere. Use traditional high heels as an example.

Continue to say ballet shoes, such flat-legged flat-bottomed shoes, short-cut carefully, must wear, pay attention to the waist line, shape the upper and lower body.

Or choose other pointed styles as much as possible, without letting go of any chance to extend the leg lines.


All kinds of short boots are naturally the most photographed shoes in autumn and winter.

Chelsea boots: flat ankle boots, side straps elastic, no straps and a pedal.

The integrated design of the upper and the simple and generous design of the booties.

Martin boots: thin belt, shoe mass sense.

A symbolic symbol of street subculture, a must-have item for punk.

The same is the BF wind loose denim jacket + skinny jeans + black booties, it is obvious that the right picture is very strong because of the Martin boots, the handsome sense of the cowboy style is magnified. The left side is relatively quiet and subtle, more feminine.

Oxford boots: Similar to Martin boots, they all originated from the style of men's shoes, mostly leather, all with strong and handsome attributes. The difference is that the Oxford boots are closed, that is, the wings and the upper are the same piece.

The difference is that Martin boots can be very street style, cowboy style, more tension. Oxford boots have the potential to match the college style.

As the most frequent player in the fall and winter, the booties want to say a few more words about the small Tips for buying boots.

For girls with thick calves and short legs, try to choose ankle boots with lower boots. Exposing the most slim ankle in the body. Do not put the height of the boot just in the thickest part of the calf.

Don't choose boots that are too large and bulky, which will increase the amount of the entire lower body.

Note: The various types of shoes exemplified in this article are based on the common classic models. Due to the diversification of modern design, the designers' imaginations give more content to the costumes. They cannot be illustrated one by one, but the principle is roughly the same. of. Still the four words, the analogy bypass.

Today's article is here, I want to say a few more words, everyone's cognition of shoes should not only stay on the "accessories", it is the same as the clothing items, is the "protagonist" you want to create, in the overall costume In the style, the interpretation focuses on the first show.

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