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When the goddess meets the cheongsam, pure VS charming, who do you like more?

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[Cheongsam COS Featured] The style is cheongsam! When the second-rate Miss sister puts on cheongsam, how many people will be? ? Although it is a modified cheongsam, it is still full of charm, strength and eye-catching!

More (Fu) map (Li) pre- (full) police (full), traffic party cautiously!


1. Yan Mei’s long legs, Miss Tian Yi’s strength is stunned~

Cn : ElyE child

Complete works stamp >> VOCALOID Luo Tianyi cosplay | half dimension

2. The Royal Highness of the Princess is picturesque

Cn : ElyE child

Complete works stamp >> VOCALOID Hatsune Miku cosplay | Half dimension

3.Luka sauce, are you still missing leg pendants? ~

Cn : Aira丶 Ira

Complete works stamp >> VOCALOID patrol stream song cosplay | half dimension

4. Black silk legs are full of temptation ~ take this blue cat!

Cn: the ceremony of the red leaves

Complete works stamp >> Black deacon blue cat cosplay | half dimension

5. Black silk absolute field with cheongsam, this mad three beautiful suffocation!

Cn: metamorphosis

Complete works stamp>> Metamorphic child's personal homepage | Half-dimensional

6. I don't know what kind of 欧 欧 欧 喜欢?

蓝穹cn:女超/ 红穹cn:欢囍/黑穹cn: chestnut / white 穹: He Zhi

Complete works stamp >> 缘之空春日野穹 cosplay | half dimension

7. Do you like the wrong legs? ヾ(≧O≦)〃嗷~

Cn : carrot-radish

Complete works stamp>> Fleet Collection when rain cosplay | half dimension

8. The bird sauce is really beautiful!

Cn : 鳗鱼霏儿

Complete works stamp >> Love Live! South bird cosplay

9.NICONICONI~ Smile full score!

Cn: ceremony sand

Complete work stamp >> Love Live! Yazawa Nicole cosplay

10. Milk reduction! Miss sister seeking buried chest prprpr~

Cn : toffee

Complete work stamp >> Love Live! Tojo Hig cosplay

11. A smile of the charm of all beings, 妲 果 真 真 真 真 真 真!

Cn: peach

Complete works stamp >> king glory 妲 cosplay | semi-dimensional

12. Pure and sweet, cute to the explosion!

Cn : Chu Chuzi

Complete works stamp>> King glory Xiaoqiao cosplay | Half dimension

13. Miss cheongsam, do you like it~

Cn : gas qwq

Complete works stamp>> 王者荣耀孙尚香 cosplay | half dimension


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