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There has been such a big change in the workplace, you still don't know!


After many years, the old class cafe meets

Xiao A said that I am engaged in the real estate industry and I am a salesman at Vanke.

Xiao B said, I am in the Internet industry, and I am the president of sales in China.

Who is better, I believe you can see at a glance, because it contains three important information: Industry* Enterprise* Position

These three, determine your worth

Imagine that there are many communities in a city, there are many buildings in the community, and there are three floors in the building.

The community represents the industry, the building represents the enterprise, and the floor represents the middle and high level of the enterprise.

In the past, our understanding was to choose a community, then find a good building, preferably a mansion, and then desperately arched

But the world has changed.

1. The life expectancy of enterprises is seriously shortened. The average life expectancy of SMEs is 2.97 years, the world top 500 is 40 years, and the world top 1000 is 30 years. If you are a 25-year-old entrepreneur, a startup is the world's top 500. When you retire at 65, your business just falls out.

2. Cross-border warfare, the mobile opponent is not telecommunications, but WeChat; the taxi's opponent is not a taxi, but a drop; the bank's opponent is not a bank, but an Alipay. Your competitors are not in your community but in other communities.

3. People pay more attention to their influence and ability. The iron rice bowl is not left in a company for life, but there is food everywhere. Sometimes, in the team, everyone is more willing to listen, not the boss's words, but the words of an employee. Although his position is an employee, he has the influence beyond the boss.

Everyone has become a glowing jellyfish, self-centered, with its own radius of radiance.

The professional world has changed from land to ocean

Career Coordinates become: Circle* Ability* Features

In the past, our state was to go out to the circle of colleagues and go home to the relatives circle; the future is to go out and walk around, the mobile phone to pick up, the fan circle.

In the Internet age, mobile phones take up and record a video; when the computer is opened and written, you can create a personal brand. As long as you have the materials and characteristics, you can mix well.

This will be an era of personal rise.

Although the new career coordinate system is a trend, it will coexist with the traditional coordinate system for a long time.

So, on the one hand, you have to work hard to get on the arch; on the other hand, you have to go out and communicate with your peers. You must stay awake, and don't take the influence of the platform as your strength.

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