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Moon falling (middle)


The following may cause discomfort:

■ Translation of the mouth cannon;

■ Occasional swearing and sexual cues;

■ Absurd scientific common sense.

■ Final patch: This fucking is a fantasy novel.

Moon falling (on)


North latitude 17.0 °, longitude 59.1 °, dangerous sea, moon.

The first human airship successfully landed on the moon. There was not much sensation or even sound. The propeller gently blows up the moon, like opening a dusty book.

The cabin was opened, and Dr. North and his team carefully walked off the spacecraft.

"I will be here," Cooper's voice passed through the communicator to everyone's ear, "Always on call."

"Okay, let's confirm," Dr. North repeated the task. "I will walk south with Dr. Baker and observe the situation. Dr. Lily, Dr. Schneider, you go north, pay attention to any possible situation; keep Contact and communicate at any time."



"How, Baker?" Dr. North shot Baker's shoulder. "How do you feel?"

"A little excited, a little nervous, and the rest are all uneasy," Dr. Baker looked around and shook his head. "I don't know why, since I set foot on this land, there is a bad feeling."

"You are a doctor," Dr. North said, turning and heading south. "You will only perceive scientific information, not "bad feelings."

Dr. Baker was silent for a while, bowed his head, said sorry in his mouth, and quickly followed.

"Hey, pay attention to your steps, Dr. Lily," Dr. Schneider insisted on walking in front, but turned from time to time and said to Dr. Lily, who was looking around with a detector. "Know, we are on the dangerous moon, you can always Step on something weird."

“Oh?” Dr. Lily frowned, observing the screen readings of the instruments in her hand, and responding coldly, “For example?”

"For example... Mendeleev, Bruno, Versailles, Madame Curie!"

“Uh huh,” Dr. Lily’s response did not have the slightest enthusiasm. “What?”

"These are the names of the moon..." Dr. Schneider slammed his voice and suddenly became nervous. "They used these names to name the crater of the moon!"

"I know," Dr. Lily continued to stare at the screen. "I googled this."

"...this is a joke, is it OK?" Dr. Schneider gave up the struggle. "I just want to eliminate your nervousness!"

"Oh," Dr. Lily finally stopped. She looked at Dr. Schneider and smiled blankly. "Ha, ha, ha - thank you, I am not nervous at all."

"Well, whatever you want..." Dr. Schneider muttered, "savage... oh... vigilant... grotesque..."

"do you know--"

"I'm very sorry!"

Dr. Lily spoke and was immediately interrupted by Dr. Schneider, who immediately realized what he was, and quickly added: "I mean, I listen, you please."

"..." Dr. Lily shook her head helplessly. "I said, there is nothing wrong with stepping on them."

"That is... what do you mean?" Dr. Schneider squinted at his eyes.

"Modern science is built on the body of the predecessors. You know, "the shoulders of giants." Dr. Lily continued to wave the detector and kept walking. "Everyone has a limited life span and a deep cognitive depth. There are limitations, but the essence of their thoughts will be handed down, combined with ourselves, and then generate new insights. Frankly speaking, this is what I agree with, but not something."


"...heh," Dr. Lily sneered sneerly, reaching out and pushing Schneider in front, "some shit hormones and referee guns, and swimming competitions in the womb."

Dr. Schneider stayed in place for a long time. At that moment, watching Dr. Lily's back wrapped in a spacesuit, he felt that the ridiculous moon suddenly filled with colorful flowers.


Dr. North smiled and shook his head and said, "It sounds good to them."

“Ah, yeah,” Baker nodded and responded. “If it’s not good if it’s not played – Dr., what are we looking for?”

“Nothing,” Dr. North said, even jumping up cheerfully, “just stroll.”

"You just don't want others to know what you are thinking, right?"

“Yes,” Dr. North is not ashamed. “This will result in two outcomes. The first is that no one knows my real plan.”

"The second is," Becker said with a smile. "Nobody knows you have no plans at all."

"You make me look at you," Dr. North said with exaggerated hands. "If I say that I have no plans, no expectations, no purpose, just to travel to the moon before the end of the world, what do you think?"

“Unsettled,” Dr. Baker replied without hesitation. “It’s like Dr. Jameson’s paper next door.”

Dr. North heard an exaggerated eyebrow: "Is it so bad?"

Baker replied in a serious manner: "Or do you want me to say that the Institute's lunch?"

Dr. North quickly raised his hand and surrendered: "Do you know? I chose Dr. Camson, God bless him."

"Sorry, have we just turned a serious problem into a gag, Dr. North?" Baker shook his head helplessly. "Can I ask you about your plan? I mean... my Two cute children?"

"Well, you won," Dr. North spread his hands and sighed. "Actually, I don't say it, I don't want to let you know."

"what do you mean……"

"Not everyone else, Dr. Lily, Dr. Schneider, Captain Cooper, Mr. are my team members, I totally trust you."

"You mean Houston, and the government officials there?"

"No," Dr. North smiled mysteriously. "At least so far, we haven't extended our hind legs to them."

"You completely confused me," Baker spread his hands. "Don't sell a doctor. Who do you want to know?"

"The moon," Dr. North's words are like a ridiculous spell. "I don't want to let the moon know."


"Well, is this a joke again?"

"If the moon is a creature that can receive, control, or even resolve electromagnetic waves, this is not a joke," Dr. North said, turning to the communicator and saying, "Dr. Lily, how is the reading?"

" line with expectations, I am working with Dr. Schneider on its biomagnetic parameters and trying to analyze its range of influence."

"Like MD0ST6?"

There was a disturbance in the communicator.

"Dr. Lily? Can you hear me?"

"...Yes, damn, communication seems to be a bit of a hindrance," Dr. Lily's voice has some distortion. "Yes, like MD0ST6, your guess is very close."

"It may have heard us," Dr. North looked around and continued. "Get enough material to get back to the spacecraft - Captain Cooper, call Houston, get ready, take off at any time."


"Roger that."

"MD0ST6..." Dr. Baker thought about it and suddenly widened his eyes. "Is it the legendary moonstone specimen that does not exist?"

"Yes, the sample of Moonstone brought back by Apollo on the 17th, one of them is numbered MD0ST6, and the research records about it have not been announced - we have to go back and say as we walk."

Dr. North said that some of them eagerly pushed Dr. Baker back.

“MD0ST6 is the only sample that has been detected with an abnormal magnetic field. Almost all scientists have determined that the detection equipment has been subjected to some kind of interference and caused an abnormality in the observation results. However, there are two things that cannot be denied: First, when it is detected, it is Sample MD0ST6 was placed in an unobstructed open environment for the first time; second, the detected abnormal magnetic field duration was 2.5 seconds."

"2.5 seconds... is a round-trip of electromagnetic waves from the moon to the earth!" Dr. Baker sharply grasped the key and muttered to himself. "You mean, that moonstone is part of the moon's life, between them. A mysterious biomagnetic link, when it loses its barrier, the moon sends a signal directly to turn it off - that's why you bring Dr. Lily and Dr. Schneider, oh my god!"

"There are only a few people who know this result. We have also made relevant conjectures," Dr. North’s voice sounded like a smile. "The idea is so tempting that when it is determined that there is no visible external cause for the moon to slow down, I am One thing that comes to mind is what is wrong with it."

"Why don't you tell me early - forget it, it's not that important - I mean," Baker was excited and incoherent. "If we can prove that the strange biological magnetic field can really link two independent individuals and generate power. Then, it is entirely possible that the moon pushes itself to slow down the ground!"

"Yes, I am just proving this." Dr. Lily's voice came.

"We, we are proving - hehe," Dr. Schneider seems to have suffered some physical intimidation, "When I didn't say it."

"Then we can stop this by disturbing the magnetic field or even deciphering the transmitted signal - God! Maybe we can really stop this disaster!" Baker excitedly took Dr. North's space suit, happily almost jumping. In the next moment, he seems to suddenly realize what he is, "But if we want to treat this as a biological disaster, we must consider subjective factors."

"You mean -"

"I mean, if the moon is a living body, it suddenly awakened after more than 4 billion years of stagnation, is it to hit the earth and destroy human society?" Baker threw a question, "I mean, what is the moon? Creator The sword of Damocles left to the earth?"

"Oh, great," Dr. Schneider muttered in a strange tone. "It has become a philosophical question."

"If the moon hits the moon, the creatures on Earth will not be spared, no doubt," Dr. Baker muttered. "And the moon itself will be torn into pieces, some of which will gather in Earth or or fly out. Most of the quality will be integrated into the earth... In short, it’s broken bones – why is it doing this?”

"Maybe it's because I just woke up and confused," Dr. Lily said irresponsibly. "Or it just wants to adjust the distance and the track. It's a big surprise for us."

“From a biological point of view?” Dr. North asked Schneider. “Why do creatures have to sacrifice themselves to achieve something.”

"Well, from a biological point of view," Dr. Schneider cleared his throat. "The first demand for biology is survival. The first demand for genes is inheritance. Only when there is a conflict between the two will the creatures abandon survival and ensure reproduction. Just like the public will feed yourself to the mother."

“It sounds very romantic,” Dr. Lily interjected. “So, what does the moon want to pass on? All you can see is the ridiculous stone,”

"It doesn't make sense," Dr. Baker frowned. "Are we thinking wrong?"

"No, you were right," Dr. North shook his head. "If the moon is a life, it must have its own purpose."

"...or, that purpose is not the moon itself."

Dr. Schneider said.

Everyone is silent.

"What do you mean?"

"There is a life that will be hosted in other life's bodies, by controlling the biological central nervous system to transmit the wrong signals to the host, guiding them to absorb energy, or being eaten by a higher level of prey, or simply drowning themselves. You can achieve their own reproductive purposes." Dr. Schneider said that the more he felt a little uneasy, "you know its name - parasite."

"What do you mean... the moon... is it parasitic?" Dr. Baker felt that some of his scalp was numb. "And whatever the life is, it wants the moon to hit the Earth, so it can --"

"Parasitic on the earth..." Dr. North muttered, "holy evil shit..."

"Wow, I found out! Feature code!" Dr. Lily's excited voice came out of the communicator. "All the moon materials we collect and analyze are interacting with the same set of low-frequency electric fields. In theory they can combine the moon. Everything on the matter to reach..."

Halfway through, Dr. Lily suddenly stopped.

"Dr. Lily?" Baker hurriedly asked, "What happened to you?"

"My queen..." Dr. Lily involuntarily muttered, "You have been living for so long and want to see it all..."

Everyone looked up and looked forward. The moon and moonstones, which were originally silent for billions of years, suddenly floated slowly. A grain of sandstone seemed to form an icy scorpion, and it seemed to climb out of the grave. The deceased, scorning these uninvited guests in a vacuum of nothingness.


"Cooper..." In a silence, Dr. North quietly said: "Call Houston."

"Try it," Cooper snorted nervously. "No response, the signal was interrupted."

"Well, guys," Dr. North was silent for a moment. "Do you believe me?"

"You don't have to ask this, Ph.D.," the voices of several people came out at the same time. "We don't believe you will not be here."

"Okay, Captain Cooper, I want you to take off immediately, return to the Revelation, find a way to get in touch with Houston and tell them everything about it," Dr. North took a deep breath, "others We stay in place - no other questions or choices, do it now!"


The next moment, the engine of the Maya No. 1 blew the surrounding moon, and it was about to rise. The Moon also started to move in sync: all the moon and moon rocks floating above the dangerous sea suddenly I got instructions, joined each other to form a circle of barriers, slammed into the Maya No. 1 and quickly tightened, as if to crush the Maya No. 1.

Cooper cursed in his mouth, agilely manipulating the controller to circle in a circle, using the driving force of the engine to disperse the sandstone that gathered, and cut a huge gap in the barrier.

However, the sandstone is very fast, and the barrier is getting thicker and thicker. After a few seconds, when you look at the ground, you can hardly see the shadow of the Maya No.1.

"What do we have to do," Dr. North yelled. "Dr. Lily, do you have a way to interfere with its biological magnetic field?"

“I brought a portable jammer, but I don’t think how long it will last.”

"Use it now!" Dr. North shouted, "Now!"

"Okay, let me adjust the frequency - damn, let go of my leg, Schneider! Is it like a man?" Dr. Lily complained, "OK, I opened it!"

With Dr. Lily as the center, the surrounding moon is slowly falling like a sudden loss of vitality.

At the end of the sea, the barrier surrounding the Maya 1 suddenly became thin, and at the same time, the entire dangerous sea was rocky.

"Oh, damn it!" Dr. Schneider yelled. "Is anyone calculated? Will it be dead under the gravity of the moon? Dr. Lily, you won't be hurt, I will protect you."

"Oh, this is sweet," Dr. Lily smiled helplessly. "So why don't you drill out of my pants now?"

"Cooper, how are you?" Dr. North looked anxiously at the sky, "Cooper, answer me!"

"...I am fine, Maya is also very good," Cooper’s excited voice came out. "Fuck, you don't know how exciting it is."

"Come on, oh now! The jammer can't support it for a long time!"

"I didn't stop, just need some - oh fuck!"

The Cooper voice just fell, and the right wing of the Maya No. 1 in the sky suddenly burst into a thick smoke!

"Maybe the rock hit the engine and I need to look at the damage."


Looking out to North, Maya No. 1 floated around in the air, like losing gravity.

“Can we help him with something?” Dr. Baker asked anxiously.

"No, I just hope that Mr. Parasite can have a headache for a while," Dr. North said, frowning. "Wait, do you feel it?"

Dr. Lily just took a step toward the gathering point, and the land under her feet suddenly began to vibrate slightly.

"Wait, what did I step on?" Dr. Lily screamed exaggeratedly, "Mendeleev?"

Dr. Schneider, next to him, suddenly began to laugh: "Ha ha ha ha... Mendeleev... Hahahaha, Dr. Lily... Are you telling a joke? Hahaha... This is so funny..."

"Okay...?" Dr. Lily shook her head helplessly. "Isn't that funny?"

"Yes, it's not funny at all - run fast!"

In the earphones, Dr. North's voice came. The next moment, the flat land in front of Lily and Schneider suddenly split. They looked around, the land was sinking at a visible speed, and then the top of the gathering point, a rock like a dragon. Rising up from the ground, quietly but violently rushed out of the moon, as if a giant arm, catching the Maya No. 1 that has not been adjusted in the air!

"Go to fuck! You cheat!" Dr. Lily screamed, picking up Dr. Schneider and running. "Where should we run? Dr. North? North? Did you hear that?"

"Damn! The moon has mobilized a lot of kinetic energy to catch Maya, and the communication magnetic field is messed up," Lily said as she smirked Dr. Schneider, who was still smirking. "You fucking now, still laughing! What do you do now? !"

"Okay, of course, do our work," Dr. Schneider struggled to stand up and breathe out a long breath. "Look at it on others and find ways to decipher it."

"But there are no keywords, it will be very difficult."

"Isn't this all the same?" Schneider snarled, "flying", "suspended", "big eyes", "catch the scorpion above" - ​​are you listening?

Suddenly, Dr. Lily yelled in front of her: "Be careful!"

Dr. Schneider looked forward and saw a crack in the moon, as the giant mouth usually hit the two.

He reached out and tried to catch Lily, screaming in his mouth: ""Cracking"! Can this be a keyword?

"It will become a keyword for your ass," Dr. Lily screamed. "If you don't move your ass now!"

The two began to run to the right, and the plains under their feet began to shake and shatter. The two looked at the increasingly high ground level and the surrounding cracked plots, and they panicked each other's arms.

Suddenly, a crack separates the passage ahead, but for a moment, the area where the two are based has fallen to the height of a person.

"We jumped over!" Dr. Lily shouted. "Don't think about dragging me, or I will take you down!"

After all, Dr. Lily jumped up and skipped the crack.

"Look! This is very simple, think about gravity - skip it!"

Dr. Schneider gasped deeply. He looked at the ever-increasing rock walls and deeper and deeper cracks in front of him. The endless darkness and hidden anger seemed to have swallowed him.

"No, I can't," Schneider almost cried out. "God! I can't jump over!"

"Jump! It's easy! If you don't jump again, you really have no chance!"


Dr. Schneider closed his eyes and took a sigh of relief.

"Don't be a mother, mother-in-law, use your booster, and immediately bring the old lady to this side, now!"

Dr. Schneider heard a shock, and for a moment he seemed to think that Dr. Lily's roar was more terrible than the endless abyss below, which gave him a bit of courage, striding and jumping.


Schneider shouted, he jumped over the limit height, it was a result that had never been seen on the earth; but the next moment, he began to fall, it felt like being tied up on the roof by the classmates in elementary school, he even recalled It took the feeling of warm urine flowing down the belly to the face.

"Mom! Use your booster!"

Upon hearing Dr. Lily's voice, Schneider immediately woke up, and he grabbed the palm's booster button, which reduced him to fall and even floated slowly.

"Hand out to me!"

Looking at Dr. Lily's hand reaching out from the heights, Schneider seemed to see the blooming flowers again, falling from her surroundings -

"Be careful!"

A rock hit Schneider's helmet, and Dr. Schneider lost consciousness under a huge impact.


"Dr. Lily! Dr. Schneider!"

Baker and North were at the gathering point. They looked at the land that was split in the direction of Dr. Lily, and anxiously called in the communicator, but they could not get any echo.

"Damn! It must be that the lunar activity is too warm and interferes with the signal."

"Dr. North, look at you!"

North followed Becker's voice and looked to the sky. The Maya had just stabilized and was ready to accelerate. The giant rock that had been explored by the surface wrapped the tail.

"God, can you believe this?" Dr. North muttered. "The moon has a two-mile-long stone column sticking out of its surface. How predictive it is, if it is willing to stand on this pillar, Retracting, this will really be the most expensive adult film I have ever seen!"

"It’s time for this, can't you stop your jokes?" Baker looked at North with disbelief. "What did your heart do? Clown nose?"

"If disappointment, fear, frustration can't change anything," Dr. North took a deep breath. "I would rather choose a clown nose."

Maya has been caught by the moon, like a giant spaceship model placed on the moon.

"I am sorry, Dr.," the moon's vibration stopped, the communication resumed, and Cooper's tired voice came from the headphones. "Maya can't move. I tried to contact Houston or the Revelation. I didn't respond. I failed. Doctor."

"No, you did a great job," Dr. North nodded silently. "Are you okay on it?"

"I am not sure."

"Okay, hold on for a while, wait for my signal."

"...Yes, Doctor."

"Dr. North! Dr. North! Oh, thank God, it stopped!"

In the earphones, Dr. Lily’s voice was heard. Baker asked nervously: “Dr. Lily, Dr. Schneider, are you okay?”

"Hey, how do you define it?" Dr. Lily gasped. "If you hang on the edge of the cliff, your feet still have a 120-pound giant baby fainting. It can be counted as okay... Yes, I am fine! Thank you, the Creator has lowered the gravity of the moon!"

"You insist, we will come right away," Baker said, striding and jumping, saying, "Go, Dr. North, we have to save them!"

Knoss did not move.

Baker stopped, turned and spread his hands and asked, "Why are you still standing there?"

"Dr. Baker," Dr. North spoke, his voice calm. "Do you believe me?"

"Oh is coming again!" Baker nodded helplessly. "I certainly believe in you!"

"Even if I can't even remember your name?"

"Hey, let's go back to me and check with you," Dr. Baker nodded seriously. "Yes, I believe you, you, have brought us here, so close to the truth."

"You all believe me, are you, Dr. Lily, Captain Cooper?"


"Dr., I said, you don't even need to ask me, my answer will always be the same."

"Okay, this is enough."

"What do you mean? What is this enough?" Dr. Baker looked at North with incomprehensibility. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Dr. Baker, from now on, you will lead the team."

“What?” Dr. Baker asked. “What about you?”

"Captain Cooper, if I succeed, you return to the apocalypse and report everything truthfully, but give us some time. Do you know how to deal with those shit officials?"

"Hey believe me," Cooper seems to remember his previous record. "I have a way to deal with them."

"Dr. Lily, I have one of the most important tasks to give to you," North continued. "Of course, there is Dr. Schneider."

“You said,” Dr. Lily said. “I will try my best.”

"I want you to decipher the bio-waves of the moon parasites, black in when necessary, and pull me back."

"I will work hard," Dr. Lily frowned. "Wait, what is it to pull you back?"

"Oh, you will know."

Dr. Baker suddenly opened his eyes. He knew what Dr. North was going to do. He reached out and shouted to North: "No!"

"We will succeed."

North said, took off the helmet.



“Reporting that we detected a large amount of land movement near the dangerous seas seems to be a large monthly earthquake, which is larger than all the observations so far.”

"..." The agent anxiously paced back and forth. "Did you contact Dr. North?"

"The communication has been interrupted for half an hour," the correspondent's voice was a bit low. "We are still trying to restore communication, but the unclear interference from the moon is really --"

"Don't explain anything, keep doing."


"You better not make any trouble, Dr. North."

"Mr. Agent, look at you!" The correspondent suddenly screamed. "MIT has just sent new observations. The speed of the moon is rapidly accelerating! At the current speed, 2 hours will have a serious impact on the earth!"

"Two hours... fucking-"

"And, our moon around the moon took this, it should be two minutes ago!"

The correspondent brings up an image on the screen.

"What the hell, what?" The agent took off the sunglasses and stared at the picture. "Is this thing two miles long? How did he stick out from the moon? Oh, wait, what's above?" ”

"Maya One, Mr. Agent," the correspondent hesitated, "I am afraid that Dr. North has had some trouble."


The agent slaps the table.

"Dr. North, what have you done?!"

Dangerous sea, the moon.

Baker stared at Dr. North's back.

He took off his helmet, the oxygen quickly disappeared into the vacuum, his body began to twitch, and the skin and hair burned at a visible rate.

"What happened to him? What did he do?"

In the earphones, Dr. Lily’s voice awakened Baker from the shock. He quickly jumped to Dr. North and said, “He took off his helmet! He took off his helmet! This fool!”

Baker rushed to Dr. North and picked up the helmet he had thrown away. He wanted to re-apply to North, but he was pushed away by the latter. Dr. North turned and Baker saw him clearly. Burnt and swollen skin -

"Why are you doing this?"

Dr. North’s eyes were getting cloudy. He looked at Baker and seemed to say something, but he didn’t say anything.

"Why are you doing this?" Baker muttered. "Why..."

"What? He took off his helmet?"

"Dr. North! Are you okay? Wow-"

Like answering Baker, Cooper and Lily's voice suddenly turned into exclamation.

Baker looked up at the sky, and the huge stone that locked the Maya No. 1 suddenly collapsed. The Maya No. 1 quickly regained its freedom and flew into space.

In the other direction, the rock hanging by Dr. Lily suddenly flipped, dragging her and Dr. Schneider, who fainted, and sent them safely back to the ground.

Baker turned his head again and looked at Dr. North, who slowly spread it, and suddenly understood his intentions.

" saved me? Dr. North? Oh my god," Lily’s sad voice came. "He chose to take off his helmet, just to link with the biological magnetic field? So he can still be aware Save me and save Captain Cooper..."

"This madman," Beck muttered. "How does he know that this works?"

Everyone is silent because they know that North has no other choice.

In the moment of sorrow, Baker remembered the words of North, and he fought hard and asked: "Captain Cooper, are you leaving the lunar orbit?"

"Yes... I am leaving..." Cooper's voice was intermittent. "My control seems to be damaged... but I promise... I will convey the message... you can rest assured... I will come back..."

"Captain Cooper?"

"His connection is broken," Dr. Lily sighed. "May God bless him."

"We need to continue working, remember what Dr. North said?"

"Ah! Yes! I understand why he said "Get him back"! Dr. Lily shouted excitedly. "From the point of view of the results, his consciousness has been successfully integrated into the parasite of the moon. If we can decipher the success, maybe we can -"

"You, no, success."

Baker was shocked by the voice of Dr. North!

"The moon will fall."

Dr. North slowly stood up and turned around, twisting his limbs like a child who just learned to walk.

He looked down, looked at his hands, snorted and slowly looked at Baker and said, "So, you are, Baker."

"You are..." Baker looked cautiously at the strange North, "Parasite?"

"From the definition of your human knowledge base," North rigidly cracked the face of the face, "You can call me that."

"So this is your plan? You want the moon to fall into the earth, then you can parasitize to the earth?"

"You call this, survive."

"But why? Why do you want to eliminate countless lives, countless good things, beautiful homes, to create destruction, just for your survival?" Baker said painfully, "Tell me, parasitic, is this the purpose of your existence?" ? Bring destruction and disaster?"

The parasite was silent for a long while, did not speak, and he moved to the body, as if he had adapted to the body.

"He once said..." The parasite pointed at his body. "He said the sun won't fall, right?"

"Yes," thought of Dr.'s mantra, Baker felt wet, "and he is right, the sun won't fall!"

"But he is wrong."

The parasite turned and the voice was like a cold spell.

Baker heard the words, like what he thought of, sucking a cold breath.

"...because I will definitely get there."

Baker looked up in the direction of the parasite, and the silhouette of the sun leaned against the flat line, like a river that would die in a bay.


"Help, help, someone heard me?"

The Maya One lost control, the engine that was parked and the heavily damaged balancer allowed him to spin at a rapid speed, fleeing the moon's orbit and flying to the distant and deep universe.

"Revelation? Houston? Has anyone heard of me?"

In a heavy rotation, Cooper resisted the desire to vomit and faint, slammed the console and cursed: "Damn!"

"Ha..." A voice suddenly appeared on the channel, like a half-awake slang. "This is the fucking apocalypse, who is fucking in the ghost?"

“Thank you, Mr. Pete?”

"Oh, you, little pilot! How are you! Is the mission completed? Have you brought me back the souvenirs? Is Dr. North? I want to talk to him-"

"Listen, I don't have time to answer these shit," Cooper yelled. "The Maya was hit hard. I couldn't control the engine. She was still spinning and she was about to rush out of the moon."

"Oh, this sounds very bad," Pete said, silent for a long while. "Can I help you with anything?"

"What the hell you need to do for me!" Cooper yelled. "First, let me contact Houston first. I have the latest situation to report, about the Moon and Dr. North."

"No problem, you wait."



Agents can't absorb all the information, and have to say it again: "Is everything you said true? Mr. Pete?"

"Yes, yes," Pete thought. "I repeat, the moon is parasitic, Dr. North takes off the helmet, they need more time to deal with it - and, our Captain Cooper is spinning in the Maya 1 and we have to find a way to pick him up."

"But they don't know, already, fucking, no, time!" the agent roared. "With an hour and a half, the moon will have a devastating effect on the earth!"

"Oh..." Pete scratched his head and finally gave the answer. "I don't know, maybe we can talk to the moon?"

The agent slammed the connection and turned to the correspondent: "Analyze the trajectory of the Maya 1 and immediately let the laboratory give a mechanical capture solution to capture the feasibility."


"And, can we still control the Maya II?"

"...Yes!" The correspondent heard the words and said, "Sir, you should not..."

"I don't want to fuck," the agent flashed a slap in the eye. "But the nuclear bomb is used to do this!"


"Hey, I have a good news and a bad news. Which one do you want to listen to first?"

"Oh, Mr. Pete," Cooper's voice sounded very insane. "I have been spinning for nearly ten minutes. It has exceeded my training limit. I may faint at any time. Now tell me when to rescue his mother." Able to?"

"Oh, that's bad news," Pete's voice seemed to be a bit low. "The bad news is that they may have to wait a while to figure out the solution."

"Oh God, let's talk about good news."

"The good news is that they will control everything remotely, without me!" Pete smiled smugly. "Do you feel more at ease?"

"...It doesn't matter, I will go dizzy for a while."

Twenty minutes later.

The Revelation Record successfully captured the lost control of the Maya One. Cooper blackened his face into the cockpit of the Revelation. Pete wanted to shake his hand and was rejected by him coldly.

"Now we have to think about some ideas to help Dr. North."

"Have he really taken off his helmet?" Pete asked carefully. "Is he going to... you know... die?"

"I don't know," Cooper sighed, his eyes firm and up. "But he said he would help him fight for time, and I will do it."

Cooper immediately opened the contact and asked: "Houston, request to use Maya II to fly back to the moon."

"...not allowed."


"That is too dangerous."

"I am not afraid of danger, Dr. North is still below."

"You said he took off his helmet."

"Yes, but he also said that he needs some time."

"Tell me, Captain Cooper, you have been trained to tell me how many people can survive for more than 20 seconds when exposed to the universe?"

"But he really took control of a part of the Moon Rock and let go of the Maya One."

"And about this, Mr. Cooper," the agent's voice seemed to be ridiculing, but with pessimistic despair. "If we are lucky enough to survive, we will let you write a report!"

"So what do you want your mother to do now? Put your fat butt in Houston and wait?"

"Pay attention to your language, Mr. Cooper," the agent said seriously. "According to the information provided by Dr. North, we have detected a large number of unidentified biological magnetic fields in the dangerous sea. We will control the Maya II nuclear bomb to completely disrupt the magnetic field. Or kill the damn alien parasite!"

"What?" Cooper's eyes widened. "You can't do this! Dr. North is still there! He said he can handle this, it only takes some damn time!"

"In my opinion, he only asked him to give him twenty seconds, and we have given him twenty minutes!"

"You can't do this! You are killing the hope of saving the planet!" Cooper said, starting to operate on the console. "I have to take control of the Maya II."

"too late."

Cooper looked up and saw Maya No. 2 out of the Apocalypse and slowly flew toward the dangerous sea.

"We send you to solve the problem, of course we will solve the problem ourselves," the agent's voice rang in his ear. "Small sacrifices can save the big picture, I believe they will understand."

"Go to your mother!" Cooper muttered.

"Yes! Go to your mother!" Pete followed.

The agent snorted and closed the communication.

“What do we do?” Pete asked. “We have to look at it—”

"No, never," Cooper said as he stood up. "I am going to refuel Maya No. 1 - Mr. Pete, I need you to operate the Revelation and take us to the Maya II."

"Oh, what are you talking about? I have to manipulate the spacecraft myself? I have never learned it?"

"You are very lucky," Cooper sneered. "You met the best teacher."


“Mr. Agent,” the correspondent reported. “The Revelation suddenly changed its course and accelerated to the Maya II.”

"...the two mixed balls! Can we close the apocalypse remotely?"

"Yes," the correspondent operated, and suddenly snorted in surprise. "Our remote device is not working."

Agents opened the newsletter and shouted: "What do you guys want to do? Do you know that you are murdering all mankind?"

"Sorry, Mr. Agent," Cooper's voice came in the communicator. "Dr. North said that only the stupid politicians who can murder all mankind, this is what I want to stop your plan."


"There is one more thing, you are right, Mr. Agent," Cooper sneered and added. "My mother is a time bomb."

Moon falling (below)