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Housing enterprises in January list: Wan Biheng fell sharply, China Resources Sunshine City Golden Land Central and South momentum strong


1. Wan Biheng's performance fell 28%, and the market as a whole was in a downturn

Yesterday, the "January 2019 Housing Enterprise sales list" predictable, holiday home they could no longer see the list, but Taoge but was taken aback list.

After maintaining high growth for many years, the performance of real estate in January was actually lower than that in January 2018. The total performance of the top ten housing enterprises fell sharply by 18%.

Tao Ge made a picture, let's feel it:

1. Vanke, Country Garden and Evergrande, the performance of the three giants fell 28% from January 2018. Directly back to the level of January 2017, this decline is so amazing, indicating that the current market is indeed very depressed.

2. The total performance of 1-10 strong real estate enterprises in January fell by 18% compared with the same period of 2018. The total performance of 11-30 strong real estate enterprises in January was only the same as that in 2018. Although we have seen the growth of individual companies, it is actually a qualifying game in which some people have risen and some have dropped. The overall size of the top 30 has not increased.

3, Vanke's performance in January exceeded Country Garden, but the big probability is that Country Garden deliberately gave way. Tao Ge heard that the actual sales of Country Garden last year exceeded 800 billion, but they are afraid of winning the wind. They want to retreat to the second place. Therefore, they have hidden their performance last year and will try to slow down and keep a low profile this year.

2. The performance growth rate is clearly differentiated, and the overtaking opportunity in the corner appears.

The difficulty of financing in 2018 made many financial strengths weak, and the housing enterprises with higher financing costs suffered a lot, and other housing companies had the opportunity to overtake.

1. China Resources Sunshine City Golden Land Central South, the performance in January increased by 30% compared with the same period last year. In the current downturn of the overall market, it should be said that it is a very good result. These houses have a common feature, that is , there is no significant layoffs in 2018, but to maintain their own pace and continue to promote business development.

2. Poly Zhonghai Shimao's performance in January increased by 20% compared with the same period of last year. All of these three companies are comprehensive in comprehensive ability and have maintained steady growth for a long time. The background of Baoli and Zhonghai central enterprises need not be said. Special attention is paid to the downgrading of brand, product and management of Shimao in 2018. It is worth looking forward to in 2019. .

3. Jinmao Huaxia was happy, and its performance in January fell sharply. Jin Mao should be said that the performance in January 2018 was too fierce. At that time, it reached the eighth in the industry. In January this year, it was located in the industry 18, which is a normal quintile. Huaxia happiness is affected by the severe downturn in the northern market and the turmoil in internal management. In 2019, it still faces greater pressure.

3. The sales area ceiling appears, and the market may shrink this year.

In the past few days, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the sales area of ​​commercial housing in 2018, which was only 1.3% higher than that in 2017. The growth rate dropped by 6.4 percentage points from 2017.

In other words, from the sales area, there is almost no growth in 2018 compared with 2017. 170,000 square meters may be the ceiling of the sales area. From the judgment of Tao Ge and other big V , it is likely that the sales area will shrink in 2019. Happening.

Although the total amount of commercial housing sales may continue to rise due to the increase in average house prices, the impact of the ceiling of the area has sounded the alarm for the major housing companies. Where will the next step go? How to transform? This is the direction everyone needs to think about in 2019.

Finally, in January 2019, the sales amount of the housing enterprises in the TOP200 rankings, share it with everyone, look at the ranking of your company, welcome to leave a message and forward.

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