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US Open Pickup: What is the experience of driving the Ford F-250?


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When talking about cars, American cars are a topic that can't be avoided; when it comes to American cars, pickups will be a topic that can't be avoided; when it comes to American pickups, Ford's F-series is another topic that can't be avoided. Undoubtedly, the F department has occupied the top position of the US automobile sales list all the year round. With the development of the domestic automobile industry, a large number of American pickup trucks have entered the domestic market through various channels. Chevrolet even announced that it will be official. Introduced two pickups, Sorod and Kurod.

To tell the truth, the domestic American Picardy is dominated by the Ford F-150 series, and other American pickup trucks of the F series are extremely rare. Do you think the F150 is invincible? No, I have the chance to experience the F-250, which is more blasting than the F-150, and feel the power monster together.

In addition to the burly body, there are also abnormal engines:

The car was experienced by a friend in Los Angeles. For the first time, I went to a friend's house to go back and forth for a long time. In addition to the "big" in my mind, I couldn't think of any words to describe the car. The length of 6.68 meters is not a little longer than that of the F-150. The visual effect feels a lot longer than the F-150.

Not counting the side pedals, the floor clearance of the chassis is almost half a meter. Compared to the wading depth of half a meter of SUV, the F-250 is just barely just over the chassis. The height of 2.03 meters makes the F-250 look particularly powerful. It is just the height of the front of the normal person's shoulder. Therefore, if the car wants to open the hood and look inside, it is really impossible to step on a ladder.

As for why I want to call the F-250 a power monster, the reason is very simple, because the F-250 is equipped with one engine that is one of the most perverted in the civilian car, the 6.7L V8 Twin Turbo diesel engine, the maximum horsepower 400Ps, the maximum torque of 1084Nm. Maybe the horsepower data is not as perverted as expected, but the torque of more than 1000Nm is almost hard to find in the civilian car, and the dragging capacity has reached a terrible 17600 pounds (7.98 tons). To know the common F-150, Toyota, and the like in the country, the torque is only 500Nm.

My friend who opened the F250 was an old gun for cross-country camping. After immigrating to the United States, he started playing the uncommon pickup truck in China. However, he did not choose the F-150, the smooth road, etc., but directly took the F-250. As for the reasons, the thick girders, time-sharing four-wheel drive with rear differential lock, the original half-meter ground clearance, etc., these original factory configuration makes the F250 shine a lot.

In addition, the car is equipped with an uncommon configuration called freewheel hub. This is in the middle of the front wheel. There is a twisting switch that connects the axle and the hub by twisting the switch. We know that on the current time-sharing four-wheel drive models, even in the case of two-wheel drive, the axles of the non-drive wheels are in operation. However, the free wheel hub can unlock the hub and the axle, so that the axle does not drive the front wheel when the axle rotates, and the drive wheel is driven when the vehicle is running, so as to achieve fuel economy and reduce wear.

In-car space as lavish as the shape:

The ride space of this car does not need to be spent on the space. Because of such a big pickup, there is no need to worry about the driving space. The front and rear seats are very spacious, and the car is very wide and comfortable to sit on. The armrest box in the middle of the front seat is open, and it is like a small locker. And because this car is designed to protect the design, there are four large cup holders in front of the armrest box, just put it, it is appropriate.

Another point, there is a special place in the place where the four water cups are removed. If you take the two pairs of water cups away, open the cover below, and have a hidden storage space. It is a way to let the driver put a thermos when driving long distances.

In fact, this storage space is very difficult for people to find out, so if you go out with some important documents or a lot of cash or something, it is very safe to hide there, because even if someone smashes the glass, it is hard to think that there will be a dark one. grid.

What is different from SUV:

As a beauty pickup, the configuration of this car can be said to have many different places from ordinary cars and SUVs. In terms of active safety and comfort, this car may not be as good as those of a car SUV, but there are also many configurations that are unique to this car. For example, Americans like to use a pickup truck to drag a RV, and the oversized body of the RV will affect the sight of the rearview mirror, so the car is equipped with a retractable length of the rearview mirror, so that the driver is dragging the RV. In this case, the rearview mirror still has enough visibility to ensure safety.

In addition, the car has a configuration that controls the trailer brake controller, adjustable pedals, dual batteries, etc. for field activities. In addition, because of the need for outdoor off-road, there are four switches on the central control panel of the car, so if there are additional parts such as winch, off-road lights, etc., it is no longer necessary to re-in the car. Drill holes for mounting on the fascia and connect directly to the reserved switch position.

The multi-purpose tail box that can be dried up inside:

The F-250 chose a 205cm rear compartment with a width of around 254cm. In order to facilitate the arrangement and storage of the items during the camping trip, a set of pull-type storage compartments is installed in the tail compartment, and some dirty things can be put into the storage compartment. The rest of the items are tied with the rope and directly thrown into the tail compartment. Although it looks simple and rude, the practicality is not comparable to that of a general off-road vehicle.

In order to sleep easily during camping, friends also equipped a special canvas tent for the F-250 tailgate. They went to the camp to support the tent, put on a sponge mat, and slept in the tail compartment at night, not worried about the cold and damp. Don't worry about being attacked by any wild animals. You don't know how many times you want to sleep on the ground compared to camping.

How do you feel when you open it?

Many friends may have thought so much, such a big car, such a powerful engine, then how does this behemoth feel like it? In fact, before I opened, I also had a lot of concerns like everyone else. For example, the front of the car will not affect the field of vision, and it is more difficult to control than the ordinary car. However, when I actually opened it, I found that in addition to the super long and super high head needs to adapt, the rest are all I think too much.

The lightness of the steering wheel was beyond my expectation, and it was completely unpredictable and even felt lighter than my own Grand Cherokee. The throttle brake pedal is moderately strong, and it won't be because it is a big pickup. It will be very difficult to step on the pedal. The 6.7-liter V8 twin-turbo diesel engine can easily push the body of more than 3 tons of self-weight. Although it does not have the acceleration of the muscles like the muscle car, the acceleration process is smoother and more powerful, even if the speed is up to 110km/ At the time of h, the deep throttle can still feel the continuous power output.

The large rearview mirror provides a large enough view without worrying about the large body, making it difficult to judge the side and rear dangers. In short, it is very quick to get started. It takes a few laps in the community to quickly adapt to the burly of this car. It is not difficult to open the hand.

In addition, the car's test drive feels a little bit surprised me, that is, the sound insulation inside the car is very good. I thought that as a beauty pickup, this car will maintain the rough character of the American car, and the noise control inside the car will not be very good when driving. However, in actual driving, the engine noise, tire noise, and wind noise are well controlled, and it is not very complicated because it is a pickup truck.

Finally, for this kind of rare car in the country, you know, I have to talk about feelings. First of all, this car is not suitable for domestic use, because it does not match the Chinese car demand. However, in the United States, as a family car, this car can really be called a versatile, whether it is moving goods, family travel or outdoor off-road, the original car configuration can be well satisfied with all aspects Demand, the price of more than 70,000 US dollars is indeed not cheap in the United States, but it does not matter. If you really live in the United States, and also like off-road outdoor activities, this car is the type I want.