Dr. Xu Zhongxing's speech: Fuchsia OS Introduction Complete Record and Slide Download


This article was originally linked Dr. Xu Zhongxing speech: Fuchsia OS profile and download the slide , reprinted with permission to know almost by column, For reprint please get the original author consent.

Dr. Xu Zhongxing delivered a wonderful speech on Fuchsia at the OpenGDC 2018, and with the consent of the person, the Fuchsia OS Chinese community will organize the original slides and publish them on the community website, hoping to help Many friends who are studying the Fuchsia system, thanks to Dr. ZTE for their support and support. This is the GitHub address . Welcome to follow us.

The origins of Fuchsia

Modern and universal, open OS needs to face

Fuchsia solves the pain points of modern OS

Regarding the process sandbox, Fuchsia rethinks the basic abstraction mechanisms of the three Unixes.

Global file system


Process creation

As if it were designed specifically for exploits


The world needs a new operating system

Fuchsia's possible advantages on various platforms

Fuchsia layering

Fuchsia startup process

Creation of the first user state process

System call vDSO

Kernel state function

Zircon user mode


Channel implementation

Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization

Fuchsia's current operating environment


Intel NUC

Khadas Vim2 development board

Start of Vim2

Acquisition of system software development capabilities

to sum up

Some notes

Dr. Xu Zhongxing's speech was very exciting. Basically, he gave a comprehensive introduction to the current situation of Fuchsia. Welcome to pay attention to Dr. ZTE's GitHub. At the same time, Fuchsia OS Chinese community will also launch Fuchsia kernel notes according to ZTE notes. Look forward to, and welcome to join the exchange: