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Zero Basic Painting Tutorial - Watercolor "Starry Sky in Watercolor Paint"


If there is one thing I encourage you all to do, it is never to follow the tide. Beyond the low-level and decadent effects around us. - Shihei Yixiong

I used to find materials in Weibo or Jane. I originally wrote a tutorial in a short book. I paid attention to a number of tutorials with the same paintings. I chose some simple favorite Linyi and then shared them according to my own experience.

It’s not easy to pick the material. It’s too difficult to draw or spend too much time. It’s not good for zero-based. It’s usually simple, and slowly try to draw some hard ones. From the original copy tutorial to Linyi The picture, to slowly start semi-original, until completely original, is really a real introduction.

My current stage is to start experimenting with semi-original, most of the material comes from pinterest. The so-called semi-original is a little different from the original picture, such as changing the shape, color, etc., will slowly change more later, until all is their own thoughts.

Alice.s said that there is no real originality in this world, and there are almost all references. Therefore, it is not shameful to copy it. As long as it is not used for commercial purposes, it will not involve copyright. However, Linyi’s works still need to note: Linyi and other words.

Today, I will share the watercolor "Starry Sky in Watercolor Paint". Tools: 34-color beauty water, Da Vinci v35, 230g fine-grain postcard.

1. Line draft, this is really a super random line draft, free to do whatever you want. I used a 230g watercolor postcard to prevent wrinkles, so I used a cosmetic tape to fix it, but I was embarrassed and still wrinkled.

The No. 2.4 watercolor pen brushes the upper end to form a water film, and the watercolor does not expand outward, but only flows in the water film.

3. Use the No. 2 brush to directly apply the pigment to the water film and sweep the pigment from the bottom.

4. You can clearly see the flow of watercolor paint in the water film.

5. The water is not dry, add a little purple, and apply the paint from the bottom up.

6. Where there is more water, where the pigment flows, where there is less water, the pigment does not move and stops.

7. With only one layer of water brushed, the paper wrinkles unstainably, clearly seeing water and pigments accumulating in the folds.

8. Wait for the water to dry and then apply a second layer of color, then apply a layer of purple and blue to form a blue-violet mixed sky.

9. Apply a layer of gray to the watercolor paint bottle and apply a layer of purple. In fact, a layer of purple is enough.

10. Wipe the No. 2 watercolor pen, then white ink, point it on the blue-violet pigment with the tip of the pen, and then spray the excess white ink on it with your hand.

11. The overall effect: the starry sky in the paint.

12. The main practice of this painting is the simplest watercolor coloring and color mixing.

13. Mixed color is divided into two cases: one is to mix colors when the water is not dry, the two pigments will form another color, such as blue and yellow to turn green; the other is to apply a layer of color after the water has dried. At this time, blue is blue, purple is purple, and the mixture of the two is blue and purple.

14. Red, yellow and blue are the most basic colors in nature, also called the three primary colors, which cannot be blended with other colors.

15. Orange, purple, and green are inter-colors, and they are secondary colors. They can be blended in two colors. For example, blue and yellow can be blended to match green.

16. Other colors are complex colors, also ternary colors, usually made up of three basic colors or one basic color and the second type of color. According to this rule, you can use to blend out any color you want.

Generally, when the initial introduction of zero-based is not used, the color of the original color is usually used. Generally, 12 colors are enough. Many colors are not used. I prefer blue and purple. These two colors are used early. Finished, others may not be used yet.

Today's sharing ends here, like me, forward it to the circle of friends, share it once more, thank you for your support, your support is the biggest motivation for the tutorial update.