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7 books that must be read by UX Designer

Comment: Recently, a friend asked me if I want to learn some UX Design. What books should I read? The head of the garden has to look up the relevant foreign book list. If you need it, please take it.

The development of the UX industry has become more and more fierce in recent years, and more and more young people want to enter this industry. However, they don't know much about user experience design. And how to become a good user experience designer?

Gorky once said that books are the ladder of human progress. If you want to be a qualified designer, why not use these books to improve your design? Of course, there are thousands of user experience books, which one should I choose? Based on different design issues, I carefully selected 7 UX books for 2017.

1. Mobile Interface Design

At the time of publication, the iPhone has not yet been released. Although the mobile interface design theory is somewhat old, it is worth reading. A lot of case studies and problem studies have made it a very good book for beginners and students. It provides a range of effective solutions to complete an effective mobile application, allowing UX Designer to take a lot of detours.

2. Design Process

This book provides a more detailed description of the entire design process from initial user research to end-user experience. Explain the design concept from the perspective of UX Designer. The book also includes project management, customer management, design, development, testing, etc. If you want a good user experience book, it is worth a try.

3. Design Methods

According to the process, the design method of this book is divided into five parts. Identify projects, understand the situation, understand the user, analyze and propose the framework, and the final product. There is one case for each design method in this book. If you want to master a set of design methods, this book can help you.

4. Design Principle

This book is a guide to digital products and systems that provides a comprehensive introduction to the UX process, principles, and methods. Helps understand the interaction between users and products and design more competitive products.

5. Design Philosophy

This book introduces many of the everyday cases that you can see in your life and helps us find the key to solving problems. In some cases, product design ignores the real needs of users and even violates certain scientific principles. This book emphasizes the user-centered design philosophy, reminding designers that in addition to beauty, there are other elements to pay attention to.

6. User Experience Elements

Since its inception, this book has been an important reference for UX designers and interaction designers. This book defines the core principles of user-centricity. If you want to learn more about UX, this book is a good choice.

7. Measuring the User Experience

If you are not a statistician, various indexes will get you into trouble. But data is important for understanding the usability of websites and products. This book describes the best ways to collect, analyze, and present data to help you improve the user experience. There are many detailed points in the book that are easy to digest.

There is an old saying in China: the book is read a hundred times.

Find the best book, start reading, and if you haven't figured it out, try reading it again.

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