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Beautiful Fujian, fresh Fujian

I have been studying in Fujian for a year and a half, and I have to say that this is a great place. Because it does a good job in a few things that I care most about.

The first is the air quality. It is one of the best air quality provinces in mainland China, and given the population density, one of these words can be removed. I am very concerned about the health and air quality of people, as the worst air quality area, have to say that Fujian's air quality is simply good enough. Pm2.5 is only 35 years old. It has remained at around 25 for many periods. This makes me really happy and happy to play every day.

Second, its educational resources are relatively abundant. There are 985 Xiamen University this TOP20 and 211 Fuzhou University this TOP100. Although the number is not very large, considering that the province with only 38 million people and the provinces with the most scarce educational resources in China, I am already content.

Third, it is the highest level of badminton in the country and the world, and there is not even one. This makes me really happy with this badminton really love powder. Fujian has produced the greatest badminton athletes such as Lin Dan. Such a talented athlete who has never been an ancient person, and who is likely to have no comers, has to make me like it very much. Other badminton world champions are countless and countless. Such as Xiaolong, Chen Hong, Ji Xinpeng and so on. Even the great Li Zongwei classmate, the ancestral home is also Fujian. I have to say that this is a holy place for badminton lovers. The badminton national training base is in Fujian. I have the opportunity to visit.

Beautiful Fujian, the beautiful image of fresh Fujian has been engraved in my heart.