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100 offline events planning creative themes, take away! (under)


During this time, I have racked my brains and thought about a variety of 50 ways to open the next period (it is actually the last period of b-over too much to cause the content), and finally decided to combine the 2018 advertising public relations calendar to interpret the next 50 event themes. I hope that you can continue to like it.


New Year's Day, Laba, "Heroes of the True Colors 2018", ice and snow

51, Snow Festival & Ice Sculpture Exhibition

At this time of the year, it is a good time for the major car companies to compete for each other. In addition to various press conferences, the ice and snow test drive is also a hot topic, especially the snow and ice of BMW.

However, such theme activities are also a good hand to burn money.

It coincides with the recent snowfall in many places across the country. Can major regional event companies also integrate ice and snow into the event? Engage in an ice sculpture exhibition ? Classic projects that never fall behind can be combined with outdoor game sports to enhance the event experience.

If you don't have any budget and want to create the effect of winter wonderland, then focus on the face work, and spend more time on the color scheme, scene set and lighting to create the atmosphere.

52, ice theme bonfire party

Just in the annual meeting season, ACC packaged a full cruise ship to go to Japan to hold the annual meeting. Every company wants to have some ideas at the annual meeting. Is it better to have an annual meeting in the form of a snow and ice party?

In the winter, in the north, combined with skiing, you can promote sports for sports brands, drinks, cold products, etc. The bonfire party after the fun game is also a key element to make the guests active.

If you want a more eye-catching effect, come on a bikini, swimsuit, and painted skiing competition is also an option.

53. "Heroes of the True Colors 2018"

On January 16th, 2018, the film "Heroes of the True Colors 2018" was released. As a tribute to Zhou Runfa and Leslie Cheung's classic work "The True Color of Heroes" more than 30 years ago, it must be the same feeling of many people .

So can you come to the theme of nostalgic and modern?

I think this is a marketing point where real estate activities and shopping mall activities can take advantage of it. It can even be used as the theme of the annual meeting. The event venue is decorated with the taste of old Hong Kong. All people dress in a retro style. They pay tribute to the classics with wax elements and imitations .


Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Winter Olympics, NBA All-Star Game

54, winter garden theme

18 Valentine's Day on the eve of New Year's Eve, a very delicate moment in front of us # # festive New Year is not a single dog ,

On a cold winter day, the day before the Year of the Dog, create a secret garden and bring flowers from all over the world to the scene.

Or learn how to play Chanel Lafayette: Origami Garden . Combining the winter snow scene, the festive colors of the New Year, the parade floats, etc., creating a unique Valentine's Day theme event, both fun and very interesting.

There are also some special glass houses that can be built to make the scene more dreamy.

2015 Chanel Spring and Summer Gaoding - Origami Garden

55, NBA All-Star Game & Winter Olympics

On February 9, 2018, the Winter Olympics opened. This globally eye-catching event will give many brands an opportunity to do something in marketing.

February 18, 2018, the NBA All-Star Game.

Whether it is basketball, football, badminton, etc., combining sports stars and interactive events with brand promotion is a theme that many companies are keen on, because NBA stars, football stars, etc. bring a huge fan base, and the promotion of the brand can Unexpected results.

Combined with the theme of the Olympic Games, you can also create different effects.

On July 22, 2017, Stephen Curry and NBA helped Under Armour at the Taimiao Conference

On November 11, 2017, the famous star Luis Figo at the Tmall Double Eleven Party


Lantern Festival, Girls' Day, Women's Day, Arbor Day, Flash

56, riddle new gameplay

Different from the traditional Lantern Festival meditation riddle activity, flexible changes, each guest can pick a sign, you can write the camp, then you can play team games.

You can also write what you are asked to do, role play, live missions, and more. Each guest present is assigned a dedicated task, and the brand's publicity is also embedded.

Do not underestimate such small game planning, the real user experience will be deeply rooted in the brand concept, which is the pursuit of experience marketing.

57, Girls' Day & Goddess Festival

March 7th and March 8th each year are exclusive festivals for female compatriots, but big brands often do not focus on these two nodes.

In contrast, many real estate and shopping mall activities will be exerted in these two days. Usually, underwear shows, macho, and promotion are routine routines. However, these types of topics are easy to do low, and there is no topical change in the topic.

In fact, this time to field transvestite flash show is an interesting play, so the girls dressed in robes playing a combination of female compatriots favorite square dance or a little younger hip-hop , etc., might be a good way compelling.

58, superheroes

The charm of this kind of theme doesn't have to be said much, because Marvel's film has adapted many popular comics and stories, which allows you to choose from different shades of color schemes and characters from dark tones to green hulks.

Especially for the exhibition of heroes such as Transformers and Iron Man, there are many such new resources in the near future, the Transformers who can talk, the Iron Man armor that can be worn, and so on.

On March 23, 2018, the film "Flash" was released, which can be combined with the theme elements of superheroes.

59. Protecting the Earth

On March 12, 2018, Arbor Day, consider organizing a “green” theme, as much as possible sustainable and eco-friendly, for example, using marijuana or bamboo fabrics and linen, and recycling.

It is also a good choice to do some public welfare activities with green as the main color .


April Fool's Day, Andersen's Birthday

60, fairy tales / literary stories

This is a very popular theme, combining the birth of Andersen , especially for parent-child activities.

You can also use traditional stories to describe the dark theme of adult events, not adaptations, such as Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid or The Ugly Duckling.

If you use multiple storytelling, you must have an appropriate structure, the main frame should be clear, otherwise it will be easy for the audience to be confused.

In addition to this, some signings can be held , and the traffic brought by famous writers is huge.

61. Who is the killer?

April Fool's Day is not necessarily a traditional slap in the face, you can also plan a mysterious murder or Cluedo theme game. If you do well, this will be a very special participatory event, creating a unique atmosphere that allows all guests to participate. Have you ever played a werewolf to kill ?

Why not consider playing with hundreds of people? A bunch of people try to figure out each other's designs, and they can judge the final champion according to the number of killers;

If everyone is killed, there is an opportunity to fight back. If you succeed in shooting the killer, you will be resurrected. If you think about it, you will be very brain-burning. Don’t be too good for the budget, don’t need too much money, pay attention to the matching of color and light. Just create an atmosphere.


Mother's Day, Cannes Film Festival

62, the future of life

Mother's Day does not necessarily send flowers to hugs, giving mothers a more comfortable living environment is also a starting point. This theme has traditional play.

Everyone usually uses a robot , a lot of metal and silver color schemes, and uses fluorescent or neon lights to create interesting lighting effects to highlight the sense of technology and the sense of crossing.

Of course, there are also more suitable for the current life and the times, such as some home improvement, fast-moving consumer goods brands, some conceptualized lifestyles, lifestyles that may become popular in the next few years, and in the form of exhibitions, let everyone know, will be more A more convenient, technological lifestyle is integrated into the home life, giving the hard-working mother a better home.

63, Arabian Nights

There is a Cannes Film Festival in May, and there are good routines.

Walk through the red carpet and walk into the event site, and the conference will be held in the dome theater . This is a great theme, with a lot of decorative styles to choose from, and one of the iconic highlights of the theme is the air overhanging or closed atmosphere.

Use warm lighting to create an atmosphere, low floor seating and stools. And not limited to day or night, 360 ° all-round immersive experience, you can create the look and feel of Hollywood films, and then design an awards.


Children's Day, College Entrance Examination, Dragon Boat Festival

64. Experience the childhood of your parents

Children's festivals, playgrounds and video games are a lot of memories of childhood after 80s and 90s. Of course, they are also memories of many parents.

Use the sentimental marketing to arrange the event site as a playground, or the venue is selected in the playground, and then build a mini video game city, let the parents bring the children to experience their childhood memories, display, performance, game interaction all have The experience is excellent.

65, fleeing the moment

Did you think of last year's flight steward and the new world to do "escape from the north to the wide" activities, flashing friends circle in minutes, but also let countless brands recognize the importance & feasibility of event marketing.

Although the biggest beneficiary of this activity is the new world, in fact, if the flight butler seizes this opportunity and combines several offline activities, further fermentation propaganda will be a perfect marketing for the brand itself.

With emotions to awaken everyone's passion for travel, and then brand culture, to achieve the propaganda effect, and promote post-sales.

Taking advantage of the end of the college entrance examination, the travel brand has planned such an event, which can not only promote a group of newly graduated children to travel, but also to find some incumbents who are dissatisfied with the status quo to pay for their products.

66. Local cultural characteristics

The nodes of the Dragon Boat Festival cannot be lost. In fact, in addition to the dragon boat show, various regions can also make wonderful marketing in combination with local special culture ;

Don't forget the equestrian in the northwest, don't forget the tea in Huangshan, go to the Song Dynasty for the Song Dynasty, and have the Lobster Festival. Grasping the local special resources can often bring unexpected surprises.

"July" "August"

Party Building, 21st Anniversary of Hong Kong's Reunification, Army Day

67. Large military theme exhibition

In the period of the founding of the Party and the Jianjun Festival, in order to respond to the national policy (a wave of momentum), it is also an excellent choice to set up a military exhibition. More high-quality photo interaction areas will be set up to give the guests a good opportunity to take pictures. The event itself is promoted online.


Confucius' birthday, Mid-Autumn Festival

68, Hanfu culture

September 28th is the birth of Confucius, and Hanfu culture has become more and more popular with the public in recent years with the rise of Chinese studies. Many regions hold Hanfu Culture Festival every year, and many wedding costumes begin to adopt Hanfu dresses.

Therefore, can future tourism festivals, festivals, etc. be combined with Hanfu culture?

69, Mid-Autumn Festival

Every year, Mid-Autumn Festival shopping malls across the country have begun to attract attention with a variety of exhibitions, whether it is artificial moon or luminous rabbit chair, etc., can be a tool for taking pictures together.


Halloween Eve

70, the end of the world

Another way to play Halloween: No matter whether it is a broken wall or a ruin, use unique thinking to create a feeling of doomsday, combined with some Mayan cultural relics to set the scene, can be transformed into a fun theme such as doomsday escape.

Then implant the brand propaganda without missing any traces. Suitable for brands such as cars, adventure supplies, games, etc.

71, vigilance & jailbreak theme

Another way to play Halloween: banks and robbers, police and prisoners.

Can you collide with a different spark and make the show a prison? Use iron gates, balls and chain props and posters on the wall to render the atmosphere.

I am afraid that you can't think about it, don't be afraid that your idea is too bold.

72, horror / thriller

Restoring and recreating the theme of horror movies, "Scrapping", "The Forest Cabin" and other well-known stories, whether it is April Fool's Day or Halloween, can be very good.

In fact, in simple terms, it is an enlarged version of the haunted house, which allows the staff to play a major role, can use 3D projection technology, and can also set up a separate VR experience area to enhance the activity experience.


Double 11

73. Outdoor BBQ & Luxury Camping

Singles go to the party at the party, it sounds like a very grounded idea. However, you can also make a different idea, you can create a garden-themed background, warm lighting and make-up shorts and casual wear, a corporate event, real estate thank you feast, barbecue beer festival and so on.

Of course, you can also combine parent-child theme activities. Everyone can participate, everyone is a communicator.

The charm of camping is to return to nature and increase the outdoor adventure experience. If the game is still low budget, it will create an atmosphere, invite participants, a bonfire party, a live CS game, barbecue, fishing and so on.

If the budget is high, go to the luxury version, upgrade the tent, and connect a lot of tents. Each tent has different scenery and is divided into different experience areas (games, performances, food, etc.). It is quite interesting to think about it.


Christmas Eve, Christmas

74, Candyland

Christmas Eve is a very happy and relaxing holiday, so that your activities are immersed in the candy theme to meet all those who like sweets! The bold color scheme, interesting props decoration, is simply a paradise for children.

Of course, it will also attract a lot of young girls' enthusiasm partners, engage in a fun candy station , and earn points by participating in the event to redeem candy.

Of course, in the opening of various squares and real estates , it is also a good way to attract some people to display some candy-like exhibition props.

75, the most wonderful shape

We have said masquerade, talked about cosplay, and then there is actually a special kind of related gameplay: ugly .

Everyone has come to the most amazing shape, which will become a topic in this circle, and a topic in this circle. A talk will naturally become a hot spot for the screen.

"Other activity topics"

76, Star Wars

Many of the methods in this series are known, especially at the time of the release of each new film. Create a custom bar , mixed with the theme of Star Wars decoration, wine drinks, souvenirs , so that everyone seems to be in the universe to have a drink.

Engage in a theme exhibition, especially for the theme activities of various shopping malls, can attract a lot of offline keen powder. Engage in a real estate feature opening, the site will be arranged in space, holding a light sword to host the ceremony.

On October 20th, 2015, APAX teamed up with Disney to create the “Great Wall Awakening” campaign.

77, Cosplay

Think about ChinaJoy, as well as various autumn festivals and winter festivals. In recent years, the original hobby of Cosplay has gradually turned into a trend of popularity and become a culture.

You can choose a movie, an animated series, a video game, or even a novel story to dress up the participants and performers into characters in the movie animation.

This applies to many game shows, shopping malls, etc., because of the massive second-party fan community, to ensure the flow of publicity.

78, magic / magician

From traditional magicians to variety magicians, from the street to the stage to the screen. The magic show is extremely popular with the public, suitable for both young and old.

It's easy to create hot topics, add some mysterious elements, and use lighting and sound effects to create a live atmosphere. The most popular color schemes are blue and gold (traditional magician's cloak color), red and black.

I don't know the scene, you can also come up with some iconic magic elements, hats, poker, pigeons, mirrors, etc., and you can also join some interactive sessions of learning magic.

79, classic car

Classic cars, with retro and noble temperament, are often used for real estate business activities, of course, there are other good ways to play, just like Kingway in the September Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan China listing ceremony, with a classic car combined with a new generation Mercedes-Benz listed It tells the history and inheritance and evokes the feelings of the times.

Therefore, many times, resources are still old resources, and new ideas are the key.

80, ancient Egyptian culture

Ancient Egypt is full of cat eye makeup, headwear and desert. The sand and yellow palette work well, and the yellow lighting is easy to convert into an ordinary wall, suitable for this theme.

You can also use the background to highlight desert themes, or include pyramids and other famous Egyptian landmarks. The props of the Sphinx will be very attractive.

Of course, it is also possible to combine traditional dance performances. There is no budget for customers. Impromptu performances are a good choice to adjust the atmosphere.

81, the day does not fall off the beach party

Think of the warm sand, the sunset and the lovely umbrella drinks, music, people dancing children, with the sun never sets theme to combine the spirit of enterprise culture , to create a party or, festivals worth mentioning, the effect goes without saying.

Sunset, beach, waterside, or a great photo resort, is very beneficial to the spread of the event. Of course, if the avant-garde point is bold, you can also refer to the foreign sunset naked running , and engage in wave-to-beer products such as beer.

82, casino

Traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat , decoration and color schemes are very flexible.

Let the waiters and waitresses dress up as a weird unified idea dealer and use lights to set the tone and atmosphere.

This kind of gameplay was used by Chancellor for the Chanel show a few years ago. You may wish to print the face of each guest in the virtual currency, which is their respective chips.

83. The conference in the closet

Put a fashion show into the show in the closet, you can refer to the study of Chanel's previous works.

The entrance of the event was turned into the door of the closet. The hall was set up in a cubicle in the closet, and the model came out of the cupboard. All the guests also enjoyed the show in a world surrounded by clothing.

84, carousel

The carousel is a constant classic, suitable for love themes , but it does not rule out the same as the Lafayette, which combines it with Chanel's fashion show. So, thinking still has to be divergent.

85, inside and outside upside down

This subversive theme is very interesting to me. Moving furniture activities outdoors, putting beds, dressing tables, etc. on the street, will there be some unexpected contrast effects? Also moving outdoor activities indoors ?

On October 11th, 2017, APAX and Baozi held a street flash show.

86, water curtain movie

Come to a water curtain movie, engage in a movie-watching event, or use the attraction of a water-screen movie to do some exhibitions (by the way, you can also attract sponsorship). Guests who come to participate can watch and watch movies. Entertainment, sales and sales are not delayed.

87. Go Chess Lecture Training

Please a master of Go, do a theme activity of Go, and do some work on the layout of the venue with the domestic animation "Go Go". This kind of cultural event with a strong cultural atmosphere is very popular among the masses.

88. Photography Exhibition

Like the art exhibition, there are many types of photography exhibitions, depending on the style theme, abstract, oil painting, human body, and scenery;

Of course, there are also more meticulous painting styles in recent years. The Chinese style is very full, representing the photographer Sun Jun.

The photography exhibition is suitable for real estate, shopping malls and other types of activities, and can still be combined with sponsored brands to promote brand tonality.

89, "In the Clouds"

In the last issue we mentioned the gameplay on the plane. In fact, it can also be achieved indoors: boarding passes, pilots, flight attendants, flight attendants for employees, luggage props and sky color themes.

Hang a variety of models on the ceiling, or decorate in the air, or surround yourself with hot air balloons, birds and balloons.

Have you seen the ceiling of the Venetian Macao Hotel? It’s not beautiful to make the sky work like this.

90, supermarket theme

Moving a supermarket to the event site is still an example Chanel has done.

Fashion show can be played like this ~ that fast consumer goods, home brands?

This idea can not be described as not classic, you can refer to IKEA's structural model, the style is diverse, the gameplay is novel, and there are many brands that can be implanted.

91, the mirror world

Clever use of specular reflection can sometimes bring unexpected effects to your activities. Imagine creating a space made up of countless mirrors, set off by music and lighting, as if you were in a multi-dimensional overlapping space.

92, the Royal theme

Needless to say, the red, white and blue gold colors are very suitable for real estate activities. You can use the Royal Guard, carriage, red carpet and other elements to create noble and luxurious temperament, architecture, interior layout and other European norms;

The outer model can't be less, and the cocktail party can also be there. Meet the tonality of many real estate activities.

93, prehistoric dinosa

The charm of the dinosaur exhibition is the killing of young and old, because the mystery and freshness of the dinosaur exhibition itself make many people rush.

With the theme of the jungle, lots of leaves, walking animals, and even dinosaurs that will roar.

You can also incorporate dinosaur bones and shapes into the settings of the decor and the dining table, combined with 3D art to restore the Jurassic look.

94, intensive phobia

Intensive patterns can cause a lot of people to fear. However, sometimes using it can bring good results, because you won't dislike the stars in the sky, so the key is to see how you create beauty.

95, Bollywood

Unlike Hollywood's noble and solemn, Bollywood's temperament is much more joyful.

You can play colorful games here because Bollywood's theme manages to combine strange colors such as blue, pink, purple and gold .

In addition, cool-toned lighting is important to create the right mood, impromptu songs and dances, printed carpets and more.

96, boxing champion

Sponsoring a boxing competition, please some well-known boxers: However, Zou Shiming was injured, the boxer chose to become a problem, combined with sports goods, functional drinks and other brands to plan such a game, the atmosphere will definitely burst.

97, lighting festival

Every year, the Guangzhou Lighting Festival attracts countless people.

As a result, there are more and more resources for various types of lighting exhibitions. Therefore, regional-style events and lighting festivals are also a good way to attract people, especially music tunnels, 3D projections and other resources are extremely hot.

98, 90 years of television programs

With the development of a generation, the theme of the 1990s has become more and more popular, the most popular of which is the TV show of the 1990s.

Can be decorated with 90s colourfun background, such as paint splash effect, colorful origami, nostalgic music, a large number of mobile phones and computer models to represent the rise of the Internet, CD and electronic pets.

You can also take a photo of each guest with a Polaroid camera and then go home with a souvenir.

99, underground bar

Alcohol-themed events are easily recognized by sponsors.

The “underground bar” can also be integrated into the 20th century theme and charm as they were launched during the Prohibition period and are special clubs that illegally sell alcohol.

With this in mind, you can create a more intimate, more intimate atmosphere with low lighting and ceilings, candles, and of course alcohol.

100, believe in the power of people

The 100th theme I want to vacate for everyone to play. After reading the above 99, what are the different ideas in your mind?

How do you understand the words "experience marketing" ?

To be agency, creativity and brain hole are very important, please keep your creativity all the time, the power of people is the greatest !


These 50 themes are still just a matter of throwing bricks and jade, giving everyone a thought. If there are any mistakes, please give us more advice. Of course, I hope to bring you some help.