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War Wolf 2: Admit it, you don’t know what the audience wants.


Recently, the popularity of War Wolf 2 has stimulated a large number of film and television practitioners. Many people are everywhere? Why? Why? Why? Why? The expression of one's own incredible, one of the two is a "this is not in line with common sense." Of course, there are no big stars, no big directors, no foreign recruits, no propaganda, no gimmicks, no scandals, no special effects, no success precedents, and even ran to touch political cards, completely unable to find The reason for success!

As a result, people are exploding.

This is not right, this does not meet the data? The data shows that viewers like comedy and suspense, and like small meat like big stars. The action movie has long been out of date, OK? Well, it must have instigated nationalism, just like the love card, it is entirely patriotic.

Ha ha.

To be honest, I have been very tired of some film and television practitioners in the past two years. The opening is "star", "IP", "big data, "network sense", "tonation", "second yuan", a pair of myself I don’t know much about it. As a result, you talk to him about the second element. He thinks that cos is a second element. You tell him about the sense of the net. He thinks that the vernacular is the sense of the net.

The characteristic of these people is that they know that they do not understand, but they think they understand.

For example, when I interviewed a screenwriter before, there was a boss who looked professional and spoke professionally. The certificate on the wall was also very professional. He asked me a professional question and asked me to use the perspective of the writer. A movie, I effortlessly analyzed it with the Sheffield three-player method, with no expression on the face, emphasizing once:

"I want you to analyze it from the perspective of a scriptwriter, not to listen to your analytical structure."

I looked awkward, contemplative and awkward, and analyzed it again with Blacks Ned's beat table. This time I was obviously impatient, and I missed a very disgusted expression, and then said a sentence that made me whole people fry. :

"I asked you to analyze the transition of the show. What are you pulling?"

- Brother, your scriptwriting theory is a crash course, right?

It’s like this screenwriter’s crash class can return to the office and interview me. There are still a lot of unbelievable wonders in the world sitting in the high position, insisting on his magical theory, but thinking that I am very arrogant.

They feel that they have grasped the pulse of this era, regard the audience as a fool who can be fooled, hold data reports, analyze other people's success precedents, and want to break the head to find a point that the audience likes.

"Liang Jian" fired up against the Japanese drama, "The Years" fired up the youth film, "The Biography" fired the chasing drama, "The Sin" fired the suspense drama, and later found that as long as there is fresh meat, it can be fire and crazy Chasing small fresh meat, I found that playing cards can make blood and earning a fancy feeling. In the end, it is just a group of followers who follow the fire. There is neither the power to do big things nor the insight into the future.

This group of people also loves to talk to you about "big data". Every day, after brushing a few websites, I think I have mastered big data and can see through the audience's preferences. In the past few years, I feel that the Chinese are not watching. The comedy is not comfortable, isn't it just a few comedy fires that give them the illusion?

In fact, big data is not a new thing at all. Wall Street has been building mathematical models hundreds of years ago. Wall Street has brought this work method to Hollywood decades ago. The producer is the one. Introduced at the time, the producer forced the film company to do the standard according to the data, and also created the quality standards of "title", "production value", "story value", "film appeal", "selling power", etc., you see Are you really not familiar with these? Now, people who are screaming about the IP era and the era of big data are really wondering what the market research department of the Hollywood film company was doing.

It's a pity that Shiyi is easy. From the very beginning, Wenchuang is an industry that is difficult to count. The most relativistic company in Hollywood believes that big data is bankrupt. It is a filmmaker who should understand that the movie is big data.

If you believe in big data, the letter of the popular letter trend letter to the audience tells you "I want to see", Lucas should not shoot "Star Wars", but should shoot "big blue shark", if the letter data, stupid pressure A few hundred million to Nolan to shoot the Dark Knight. Before the release of "Avatar", all the data showed that 3D movies should be saved, but unfortunately, no one can make a record at the box office. Before the Marvel, anyone who said that the film could be made into a TV series would be laughed at.

So where do you say the G point of the audience? The audience is climax today, is it still high by tomorrow?

Good times and good times, always new, elusive.

Looking at the "Three Life III Shili Peach Blossoms" phenomenon-level explosion and the speed of light to grab IP's light media and Ali film industry, the PPT in the internal meeting must also demonstrate that this is a steady profit.

The arrogant idiots thought that they had mastered the data and thought that they could understand the future trend when they looked at the report. How could they not see the popularity of "The Sin" when they were crazy about the comedy anti-Japanese drama costume drama? When a group of people are entertaining to death, how can they not think that the audience likes to watch the old fried dough sticks in the officialdom?

Oh, "The Name of the People" is also going to cater to the tastes of young people with something that is bad.

Now they are afraid to be doing the analysis report of the wolf, adding "Wolf Wolf 2" to their database, and preparing to do some personal heroism action films that incite nationalism. After all, this new data shows that the audience likes this paradigm very much. .

So what data has G-points is an excuse, just because they simply can't admit that they have turned the audience into a cold sex. They dare not face the fact that they can't find what they like. The audience has long been ready, and the audience has been waiting for a place to release their enthusiasm and wait for a good film that will satisfy them.

They used the audience as a foolish mentally retarded child. They made the market full of mental retardation and then blamed others for their mental retardation. They cried and blamed the audience for not being able to fool the crowd.

So admit it, stupid people, you don't even know what the audience wants.