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2018 through train explosions to create a process toll price method to reduce PPC reasonably


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Today I want to share with you the ideas of the baby from the selection, measurement and the main push. Go directly to our topic today.

This is one of the store cases that will be introduced below. Before the new forces week, the conversion purchase customer savings were obvious, the conversion was very low, the new forces were released on the first day of conversion, and the sales volume increased from 12,900 to 38,900.

First, the selection:

It has been emphasized many times before, and the product determines success or failure. However, in some stores, the product line is single. Especially for small categories, high-priced unit price products. Factory direct sales, the product line is single, only 1 to 2 main push. There is no money for selection and measurement. In fact, this category is still good to push, do a good job, and directly promote the product to the top 5 of the industry, you can guarantee profit. The small category is relatively small in competition, and the first five problems are not good.

For large categories, the selection depends on the average price of our industry category. What is the difference between the price of the baby you want to choose and the average price of the industry category? Is it a positive or negative difference?

Industry conversion rate. The industry conversion rate is generally more than 2% in order to have the potential for profit.

After the above selection, a good product was selected. The next step is to verify that our selection has the potential to detonate.

Second, the measurement

What are the indicators that need to be paid attention to when measuring money?

I believe everyone knows, click-through rate, collection plus purchase ratio. I also mentioned it in the previous post. The click rate reaches 1 to 2 times of the industry click rate, and the women's industry click rate of 2% to 4% belongs to the potential baby, and more than 5% belongs to the explosion type baby. There are differences in different industries, and this indicator is only used as a reference value.

Adding more than 10% of collections, reaching more than 10% can be called potential baby. If the purchase ratio is 13%, then the potential for explosion is huge.

The above picture is a few plans for my measurement. The 7-day evaluation click rate is 4.41%, and the collection plus purchase ratio is 13.3%. The test results are still qualified. However, this store orientation is doing very poorly, mainly because the search weights are not brought up, and will continue to be optimized later.

What should I do if the click rate is low during the money measurement process?

This is the new store test plan that was just launched last night, women's clothing, summer dress test. Start the test from 7 pm and go to 0 for 5 hours. The click rate is only 0.95%. Analysis of the reasons for this situation: the through train weight is too low, the baby weight is too low. Even if you have a high price, you can't get the top quality pits. The system recommends that some keywords enter the top 20 and actually require more than 10 bids. Do you dare to come out?


1. Increase the bid price by keywords with low click-through rate; (the improvement here is appropriately increased within your tolerance)

2, show a lot, but no keyword clicks, first change the exact match. If there is still no click volume, then delete it directly, and it is useless to keep it.

3, in the process of measuring money, we will find some keywords show hundreds or thousands, but some keywords show only a few or not. So what should we do with this situation?

Homogenization: For keywords that are too high, let him show down by adjusting the price. Those keywords that are low in presentations raise the bid, so that the display of keywords is kept as uniform as possible. There are very few keywords in the process of measuring money, so we have to let each keyword burn out. The general time for measuring money is 3-5 days. It is not absolute to measure the number of days. It is mainly to ensure that the click volume of each keyword reaches 100 or so. If you can achieve this effect in 3 days, then you can see the effect of the measurement. If you haven't achieved this effect for 5 days, then measure for two more days. To achieve a click volume of about 100 for each keyword, there must be a sufficient budget for the daily limit. If you can't judge at the beginning, you can adjust the limit according to the first day's measurement data.

For example: What time period is the money burned? How long has the main delivery time been burned?

In the measurement and construction plan, you need to pay attention to the geographical setting, time-sharing price setting, keyword selection and bidding.

In general, it is recommended to invest in the whole area, but if the summer is measured, the cold provinces may not vote.

Time is not allowed from 0 to 9 o'clock, and high-quality click time is 100% at night. 50% of the remaining time.

Keyword selection: According to the system recommendation words, choose 10 to 20 words with an index of 2 to 200,000. This data is for women's wear. The small category shows a low index, thousands or even hundreds of them. For these 20 words, the core word correlation and click rate are mainly considered. If you choose through the core words, there is definitely no problem in the keyword correlation. Considering the relevance of creativity, creative relevance can be achieved by modifying the creative title to bring all word relevance to full.

I have selected 26 keywords for this program and will adjust it according to the situation tomorrow. When adding ideas, there are 4 keywords that are 10 points (mobile). At 11 o'clock in the evening, when I view, there are only 2 keywords, which means that the creative points I adjusted before have dropped in the test for several hours. Now It is 10 in the morning and the keywords are 3. If the click rate is optimized tomorrow, there will be 10 points. If there is no optimization, the drop will be inevitable.

Bid strategy: I recommend low bids and high premiums. why?

Low bids and high premiums can increase crowd accuracy.

Third, the main push

The data with better data in the survey is proposed to be the main push. The plan is set to refer to the survey plan. At the time of the push, the core words are analyzed according to the traffic analysis, and the areas with high click-through rates are placed to shield the next 3-5 provinces or regions. Why not vote all?

Because the plan should increase the click rate in the early stage, and quickly increase the plan weight. In the later period, the area was fully invested.

Time-sharing price, crowd, bidding skills, reference to the measurement effect. It won’t start here!

How much does the main push keyword need? Where can I find a word?

We answer one by one: First, how many keywords do you need?

In the early stage, there are not many keywords, but the weight of the plan is still about 30. Slowly increase later. If there are not enough 200 words in a plan, two plans will be built.

Where can I find keywords?

There are many channels for word selection. Generally speaking, through the Taobao platform, we can meet our keyword needs. You don't need those word-selecting software. The main choices include the homepage drop-down box, business staff-keyword query, system recommendation words, and so on.

Then there is the presentation index, average price, click rate, and competition of the words we choose. In the later period, you will choose a lot of words. If you have experience, you only need to know about the data. You don't need to look at it one by one. Even if you look at it, you may not remember it.

This is another store, the summer T-shirt, entering the main push stage. It is also a strategy of using low bids and high premiums. There are 197 keywords added, and a plan promotion will be built later.

The last post wrote the principle of improving the quality of the points, and those that we are going to do now improve the quality of the keywords in the main push plan. Interested friends can go to see the post before Chun Ge.

Today I want to talk about how to improve the quality score from another angle. That is, don't care too much about the quality score, whether it is 7 points or 10 points.

Do a good job of keyword clicks and clickthrough rates.

Continuously put on every day, you only put a few hours a day, the quality score will definitely not rise, or even decline. So keep the continuity of daily delivery. The click volume is calculated according to the 7-day data, and at least 50 clicks or more in 7 days. On average, it takes 8-10 clicks or more per day. The clickthrough rate should be above the industry average clickthrough rate, but not too high. Can't exceed 3 times at most. The best condition is to keep the industry click rate about 2 times.

You keep the keywords daily data according to the method described above, 5-7 days, the fastest 3 days can basically see a significant improvement in the quality score.

Control the crowd in the main push process, improve the conversion rate of keywords, keep the conversion rate above the industry conversion rate, and improve the keyword quality score.

This plan group is doing a good job, the average click rate of the population is 5.09%. It's already very high, but the targeted people haven't done it yet, and it's still optimized (no screenshots here).

Then, after the quality scores, is our weight higher? I have said in the last post, and when the weight reaches a suitable time point, I use the time-sharing price to judge this time point. Then we can use the drag price method to gradually reduce the keyword bid, the keyword bid is less than 1.5 yuan, the daily reduction is between 0.02-0.06, and the higher bid category is adjusted according to the actual situation.

For novices or drivers with lower levels. It is not recommended to cut the price too much, and sacrifice the quality to reduce the PPC . Will seriously affect clickthrough rate and conversion rate. Because the late account weights drive the process of natural search weights, the main reference indicators are click-through rate and conversion rate. If these two indicators fall, there will be a chain reaction - both directed traffic and natural search traffic will fall.

After lowering the bid, we look at the situation where there is no change in the presentation and click volume. It is necessary to exclude the influence of festivals or activities, and exclude the influence of different time periods in the same day. If the display and click volume did not drop, it means that we are correct at this time. According to this method, the product PPC is gradually reduced to the vicinity of the industry evaluation PPC. At this time, the PPC is kept fluctuating slightly around this price point, and your keyword has the possibility of the top three on the home page. Some people pursue the limit and infinitely reduce the PPC to 0.1 yuan or a few points. In this case, you will not be able to get the opportunity to go to the home page. I said in the post that you should not reduce PPC indefinitely, so that you will lose the precise crowd between the competitors. You must know that the conversion rate of this precise group is very high.

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