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We went to see the city at four in the morning, in addition to the icy buildings, and...


Last month, we launched this national action for the second time. It is called "looking for the night watchman at four in the morning . "

Nearly 3,000 teams were registered in the country. Due to limited material preparation, more than 260 teams finally realized this. It includes more than 220 college operations and 40 multiple city operations. The number of participants reached more than 3,000.

Incomplete statistics, this action created a total of more than 3,000 opportunities for people close to the night watch.

In other words, all the participants witnessed the people and stories of 3,000 city nights.

A list of participating campus and city teams:

I remember that when we searched for the concept of the night watchman at 4 am, we were all very excited. Stella joked that I would like to thank Kobe.

Looking back now, trying to figure out why I was excited about this idea, I found out because:

Those who are hidden in the dark, such as good, strong, tough and other good qualities, deserve to be discovered and noticed by the “mainstream” of the city that lives in the daytime.

There are also a group of people in the night who have not given up because of the hardships of life. They are quietly giving themselves a little power for this city.

Usually we are only connected by the cold buildings, but this time we can finally have a live encounter in life.

Below I have selected a few stories that I met in this action and want to share it with you. There is also a video from the Hefei city team at the end of the article, I hope you can spend a little time watching it.


"I haven’t chatted like this for a long time."

Just out of Damo Square, I saw a grandmother bending over to pick up a mineral water bottle and put it in the sack around me.

It turned out that my grandmother was over 80 years old, her husband was lying in bed, her eldest son was deaf and her younger son was working in Shenzhen. In order to save money for my wife, I have to come out and pick up the trash every night.

"I have no way," is the one that Grandma said the most.

Grandma got a bit surprised when we got the food we prepared in advance. After I understood it, I continued to thank you.

She seems to have a lot to say, leaving us to talk for a while.

"The child is too far away, can't take care of it, can't take it." Grandma said, "I haven't been chatting with people for a long time."

This kind of "not taking care of" is not only material but also spiritual. Perhaps Grandma is not rich, but she needs to be accompanied by her and listen to her.


" In order to live, everyone is very hard."

In the process of going to the destination, I took a car and talked with the driver's master on the road. I asked him if there was anything that would impress him.

He said: "When you encounter some difficult roads or curved roads, the passengers will go to a better place to go."

He felt that it was such a small thing that he could warm up on this cold night.

He said that in order to live, everyone is very hard.


"I hope that my daughter at home can live like what she wants."

Every morning at 3 am, the couple will get up to prepare ingredients, from 4 am, until 10 am.

The couple said that the guests who came around at 5 o'clock had more security guards in the nearby neighborhoods, schools and companies. They were not old enough. After a night of classes, they were able to take a hot cake and have a hot drink. Soymilk, and then comfortably returned to the staff quarters to sleep, they are very satisfied.

From the early hours of the morning, I sent the security guards who had finished the work in the early morning, ushered in office workers, and worked until 10 am. The couple took home and returned to their place to have a good night's sleep, every day.

When we finally came up with the banner "We will all live what we want," the husband said that he liked it very much. He said that he hopes to send this sentence to the daughter of the primary school at home, hoping that she will study hard and have a good future.

At the end of the group photo, the husband and wife were very cautious at the beginning, and they were very open. We let the couple get closer, the wife was very embarrassed, and the husband grabbed his wife and held it tightly.

The wife smiled very happily, and the husband behind the mask smiled very happy. Love is in their eyes.

@ 广西中医药大学

a night watchman who is in a hurry and has no talk

This is a passing night watchman. She didn't stop talking for a long time because she was busy working.


"With your hands and feet, you won't starve, I rely on my own strength to help others."

Occasionally, I met an uncle who picked up scrap iron. He said, "You are a good person," but he did not accept our breakfast.

He showed us the scrap iron and some wires in his cart and bag, like jewels, saying that he would sell it tomorrow, and then the rest of the money will be used in addition to buying something for himself. To help others.

He has helped a lot of people in this way, because he was rescued by others.

When he talked about his life experience, he cried. He said that there are still many people like him. He is going to help them.

He said that every time they saw them, they would give a piece of two pieces to help solve the problem of food and clothing, because "I don't have much money, this is all I can give."

He said, "If you have hands and feet in China, you will not starve to death. I rely on my own strength to survive and help them. Everyone can do this. All of us in China can stand up!"

(Unfortunately, because our Guanggong team was too invested, it didn't leave a precious photo with this uncle. Here, share a cute smile on this team.)

Hefei team video at 4 am (from Hefei team "a teacher Wang")

This is a video from the Hefei team's action, which may take you a little time to patiently and slowly read it.

I believe that many teams started with the hope that they can bring some warmth to these people. But after the end, it was warm and moving, but it was ourselves.

People in the middle of the night are not just living in our impressions, they play every small but important role in the city.

The streets don't get clean themselves. They won't be delicious themselves soon. The garbage won't be recycled by themselves. The destination won't arrive by itself...

The city does have a lot of hidden temperatures and goodwill. In places that are invisible, someone is secretly caring and loving you.