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CAD white attacking CAD god, you have to know the CAD skills summary


CAD software is widely used in many industries such as machinery, construction, design, etc., and has a large user base. Nowadays, more and more people are learning CAD, so I have compiled a comprehensive CAD guide based on years of CAD experience, and I hope to help you.

First, CAD common commands

1, Ctrl series shortcuts

The Ctrl key is an important function button. It is very common to use it in MS Offices or in CAD. Let's take a look at it and other key combinations. What does it do?

2, commonly used function keys

Next are some common function buttons:

3, window zoom shortcuts

Let's take a look at the shortcuts related to windows:

4, modify the order

Let's take a look at the shortcuts for quick modification commands.

5, drawing commands

When CAD is drawn, multiple graphics also have their corresponding shortcuts:

Second, CAD skills

1, CAD conversion PDF skills

(1) Using AutoCAD printing function

First we open the AutoCAD software and add the CAD drawings that need to be converted to it.

Then click on "File" - "Print" in the upper left corner and select related options such as drawing, printer, paper format and orientation in the print window.

Finally select the file save directory and make sure the file type is PDF, click the "Save" button.

This converts CAD drawings into PDFs via AutoCAD. However, when you need to convert multiple CAD drawings at the same time, such a single print conversion is somewhat inefficient. So, here's a more efficient CAD conversion method for you.

(2) Using an online converter

This method requires an online tool called "Swift CAD Converter" to find its website directly by Baidu search.

"Quick CAD Converter" supports CAD to PDF, CAD to JPG, CAD version conversion and other functions. According to current needs, we choose the "CAD to PDF" function.

"Click to select file" to add CAD to the web page, you can hold down the Ctrl key to add multiple CAD files.

After the addition is complete, you can also "continue to add" or directly click "Start Conversion".

Wait a while, CAD will be converted to PDF.

2, CAD editing skills

(1) How to set the CAD layer line width

After opening the cad drawing, click on "Layer" in the "Editor" tab and then you can set the line width value in the pop-up window.

After closing the pop-up window, you can see the effect of adjusting the layer width of the layer!

(2) How to modify the font style

After opening the cad drawing, click the "Text Style" icon button in the "Editor" tab.

Then you can modify the font style you like in the following window. After selecting it, please click "Set Current - Application".

Finally, don't forget to press the "Save" button, this is the real completion of all editing operations.

(3) How to draw an arc

After creating or opening a cad drawing, click the icon button for drawing the "Arc" in the "Editor" tab.

Then you can enter the axes of the start and end points in the drawing area.

Next, enter the string height and you can draw an arc.

Of course, in the end you can also select the arc and modify the line color, line type and line width in the Properties window on the left.

(4) How to accurately move the CAD graphic position

Select the graphic first, then click the "Move" icon button in the "Editor" tab.

Next, open the Capture tool and click to select the base point for the move.

Finally, enter the coordinate values ​​of the X and Y axes to which the base point is to be moved, and press the Enter key.

(5) How to combine multiple graphics into one block

First click on the "Editor" tab and select "Draw".

Once you have selected the desired graphic, click the "Create Block" icon button in the toolbar.

Next, enter "block name" in the pop-up dialog box, and check "As block modification" in "Object". After confirming the error, press the "OK" button.

3, CAD common problems

(1) The low version CAD software opens the high version CAD drawing error

For a chestnut, you use the CAD drawing made by CAD2014, and then open it with CAD2007. This kind of error message often appears:

Problem: Low-level CAD software cannot open high-level CAD drawings.

Solution: Convert the CAD drawing to version. The aforementioned CAD conversion format tool can be utilized.

(2) There are incorrect data in the drawings.

Problem: After opening the CAD drawing file, a prompt box pops up: the graphic file needs to be repaired.

Solution: Click the "Repair" button in the prompt box, CAD will automatically repair the error data. If it can't be repaired, try to open the drawing with the RECOVER command. You can't try to convert the CAD drawing file to JPG or PDF.

(3) The drawing file is invalid

Problem: The dialog box "Invalid graphic file" appears after opening the drawing.

Solution: This is because the CAD file is damaged and it is difficult to repair. You can only check if there is any file saved automatically before, or modify the file extension of CAD.

Third, CAD resources

1, CAD auxiliary plug-in

(1) Deaf Toolbox

This plugin has more than two hundred gadgets, including formats, symbols, tables, drawings and many other aspects, very practical. And you don't need to install it, you can use a green software.

(2) Yan Xiu Toolbox

Yanxiu Toolbox is a free AutoCAD plastic mold reinforcement plug-in program, which can effectively shorten the time spent in drawing a group and can effectively improve the efficiency of drawing drawings.

(3) Ivy

CAD auxiliary plug-in, covering functions such as entity format operation, graphic symbol drawing, table intelligent processing, entity batch modification, entity information query and drawing batch printing.

(4) Report transfer king

This plug-in can convert between MS Offices and CAD. It can automatically draw the report made in Excel or the text in Word into AutoCAD graphics. The tables and texts converted into ACAD are all vectorized and become the entities of ACAD, completely separated from Excel and Woed.

2, CAD template website

(1) Huanyi Bar

Free to provide a variety of CAD resources, tutorial videos, scene models, ring art, CAD drawings, tile material, texture maps, etc., all free to download, a very conscience site.

(2) Mu Wind Network mainly provides CAD software learning tutorials, and also gathers a large number of excellent CAD designers. If you encounter problems, you can ask questions in the forum. also provides CAD drawing downloads, original and free drawings, and is updated regularly.

(3) Swift CAD editor daily map

Excellent CAD drawings are updated every week. The classification is complete and the quality is extremely high. It is not a messy garbage drawing. It can be downloaded free of charge without registration. It is highly recommended.

(4) Qiantu Net

The old-fashioned photo resource sharing website covers various types of pictures such as PSD, Ai, CAD, etc. The gallery is quite complete, that is, free users can only download one per day, and VIP users have no limit.

(5) Design book

A very versatile website where you can download 3D models, texture maps, CAD tiles, etc. You can also find designers and ask questions.