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How to use the garbage mountain to make the effect of ink painting?


Look at the map first:

Use garbage mountain plus PS.

First look for a picture of the garbage mountain on the Internet, the pixels must be large, and then you must hold the PS crying.

Command+U turns the saturation down and turns it into a black and white picture

Then command+M adjusts the curve to increase the contrast.

Then adjust the saturation, then build a mask and use the pen to wipe out the shape of the mountain.

Then use the mask to wipe out the second hill and adjust the transparency.

For the same reason, continue to use the mask to wipe out the third peak and adjust the transparency. I can probably get this stuff.

Assuming the light source is in the upper left corner, use the deepening brush to draw the border between the light and dark of the mountain and the dark part, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the mountain, and the heart is sour. This step is very troublesome.

Download a cigarette brush, I use this, the model mountain fog, I want a brush private letter I.

Choose gray and white to paint the mountain smoke. It is recommended that the smoke be used in two layers, one in white and one in gray, so that they are covered like oil paintings and are easier to modify.

In the picture, cover some corners of the mountain, and draw a sense of distance, [near reality and far], whether it is smoke or mountains or trees, we must follow this principle.

Almost the brush is right, it can be messy, hahahaha, point to despair.

Then look for the dry tree on the network and drag it directly into the picture.

The layer blending mode selects the film stack, and the command+T transform is placed on the hill, and the transparency of the tree toward the back is lower.

Draw a few birds with a brush and you're done.

Source self- answer: Captain 555: Ask these two plane posters how to make it?

Unfortunately, I was embarrassed at the beginning, thinking it was made of tin foil. . I tried it with tin foil for a long time, and fixed my eyes, Mom, it’s garbage mountain! ! ! . . .