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Wear braces together


One week before October 2, 2017, the roommate had inadvertently talked about the problem of teeth. Her teeth were crowded and she often did not dare to show her teeth. I am different from her. When I was very young, everyone said that I was a god, and it was natural to affect the beauty. My parents also understood very early. I always said that I would take me to correct it from junior high school, but I dragged it again. Over the years, the voices around me have been divergent, and some say that this is a blessing, but it is not obvious why it costs a lot of money to suffer. There are also two sisters who have the same situation as me. Every time I think about this, I will hesitate. I believe that most of my friends will have this confusion. I have come over for so many years. It’s not okay. Social love will not isolate you because of irregular teeth or reciprocity. It is still said that night, because the two people have had the urge to correct, but they are afraid of the inner fear. In this case, we decided to wear braces together and encourage each other! I did two days of homework and checked several dental hospitals in Wuhan! ! ! The key point is that the
advantages of Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital
: in Asia, the top priority in Wuhan, the well-deserved first word of mouth, there are experts to sit, strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations, a relief and peace of mind
Disadvantages: expensive! In the general hospital correction period, the cost is about 13,000 (Omeco metal self-locking), but in Wukou, the optical braces will be about 14,000, if you need to pull the teeth, fight the nails, the later retainers and even one to two years or even The cost of returning to the clinic and the cost of cleaning the teeth for a longer period of time (varies from person to person).
Tooth extraction: 400 or so an ordinary, wisdom teeth are generally more than 500, not easy to pull even a thousand in which hospital is almost
filming: 600 or so
washing teeth: 300 or so
registration: 15 or so
nails: 1 1000 Left and right (see some cases do not need)
retainer: 800 or so in
general, if you have sufficient funds, do not worry about other hospitals preferred here
second grade: provincial hospitals and other public hospitals
advantages: cost compared to Wukou It’s a little lower, and it’s public, and naturally it’s safe.
Disadvantages: It seems that there is nothing wrong, the price is fair, but there may not be such a powerful expert like Wukou, but even in Wukou, it is very difficult for the expert number of the cow to hang.
[3]️ Plastic Stomatological Hospital: Mei Lai, Yi Xing, Zhong Han, etc.
These hospitals have the same
advantages: good service, price and public hospitals (except Wukou), no registration
defects: not assured, after all, plastic surgery hospital, everyone will compare Rejection of
ordinary oral clinics, such as the
advantages of the public oral cavity : easy to get away from home
shortcomings: generally looking for a qualified old doctor, the environment does not seem to have other places on the
2nd day we decided to go to three hospitals. I went to Meilai first, then to Volkswagen and Hirst in the afternoon, and I got a doctor from Wukou on the morning of the 5th. I just wanted to go and see if I still want to go to Wukou, but...
We arrived at Meilai at about 10 o'clock. They are doing a celebration in the past few days, so it is quite lively, but the dentistry is relatively quiet on the second floor. After we went, we took the film first, just a few minutes, then went to see the doctor, first to the roommate, her teeth are crowded, the midline is more severe, only need to take a year, no need to pull the teeth without fighting Nail, the teeth will be neat after one year, but the roommate is a little lost, because the face will not change basically. but me. . . Because of the reversal, the face will generally change after correction. The simple description is that the eyes are big, the head is big, the chin is short, and there is baby fat. . . Hey, so I heard that the face will change, I am tempted immediately, I can't wait to wear braces quickly, and the doctor said that I only have anterior teeth, which is relatively simple. I also said that this is not hereditary. It must be that my childhood habits were not raised. (唆 finger, breath with your mouth, etc.), then the doctor gave us a plan and budget
roommate ➡️Omeco
(it is said to be the best brand in the world) metal self-locking: 12800
nothing else, because at the time of the celebration, 12000 also sent a pair of retainers for
my ➡️
Omeco: Metal self-locking 12800, because the force required for the anti-coupling is relatively large, the most traditional metal braces are the best for me, the price is cheaper than the ceramic
anti-nail: 1600 (two)
wisdom teeth: two lower teeth, 580 one The
last 14760
can't be written. After two days, I will pull out the teeth and pull out the teeth again
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
October 31st
Wow, hahaha, I have already pulled my teeth. On October 11th, I pulled out the wisdom tooth on the lower right side. On the 18th, I pulled out the wisdom tooth on the lower left side. How to say it, because I have not pulled the teeth before, and I added the roommate in May. Wisdom teeth felt very painful, and I also had a few days of hanging needles, so I was full of fear of tooth extraction. On the 7th, I brushed my teeth with an electric toothbrush at night (ah, haha, for the first time). I consulted a doctor before and said that it had no effect. The funny thing happened. I always felt that my bracket lock was open after brushing my teeth. I asked my roommate, and my roommate thought it was open. It may be the reason of my heart. I felt that the lock was uncomfortable. I felt a pain in my mouth, so I ran to the hospital in the next day. On the way, the doctor was ready to pull my teeth by the way, and it was two. The result came to the hospital. The doctor said that I had no problem with the bracket, and by the way, I also added strength. . . I made it myself, maybe it was the first time I used an electric toothbrush, and it was too clean. Haha. Before leaving, I asked the doctor about the time of tooth extraction. Yes, I had to pull out my teeth that day, but I didn’t eat, and I went late, so I didn’t pull it out. On the 11th, I went to the tooth extraction. So nervous, the doctor who gave me the tooth was the male doctor who gave me the braces before. It was quite young, the voice was very good, and it was super gentle. I was very nervous. I took a sponge ball and pinched it. In the hand. So I started to pull the teeth, first disinfected, the smell was not good, then I started playing anesthesia, a total of two needles, I felt a few times but haha, really hurt, that kind of pain is not a pain, because it has to be stuck inside, so pain! (I am very afraid of pain, may be okay) but I can bear it. After that, I didn’t feel it. I just thought that the doctor was working hard. After five minutes, I pulled out a tooth and bitten two sponges. The half of the face was numb. Then I took the ice bag and the sponge ball said it was biting four. Ten minutes is fine, because I went back to school far away, I bite for a little more than an hour, gave me a picture of anti-inflammatory drugs, I found a nearby pharmacy to buy, and bought a painkiller by the way. After returning to the dormitory, after a while, the anesthetic was gone (about two hours) with an anti-inflammatory drug in the mouth (including tablets), in fact, the anesthetic was gone. I didn't feel so painful. I still slept at three o'clock in the afternoon. I didn't take any painkillers. I went to class at night. The ice bag was always applied. When I got used to buying ice water, it is best to go to the drinks. The store let him give you more ice, you can maintain it for a long time, but it is not necessary, but I am more emotional. Haha. I slept very well at night. I still had a little pain in the morning. I still had a little swelling on my face. I have to take anti-inflammatory drugs on time. It’s so fast. I can’t brush my teeth for 24 hours. I can eat after two hours of tooth extraction. Drink porridge, and it is cold, can't drink hot. The next day, I ate porridge, at noon. I also ate bread haha. On the third day, there was basically nothing wrong with it. The second tooth extraction was much better. The anesthetic did not feel so painful. It was quickly pulled out. It was the afternoon on the 18th. The tooth was pulled out at two o'clock and returned to the dormitory at 3:30. It felt like the last time. At night, it was still a little painful, but I still fell asleep, and I didn’t take any painkillers (white bought). I didn’t get any abnormality the next morning. It was still swollen, a little painful, at noon... I ate the pot rice. , sweet and sour pork tenderloin, wolf potato, green vegetable noodle soup ... afternoon doctor gave me a WeChat, ask me how, listen to me, she was shocked! Haha, the nature of the food is exposed.
Talk about roommates. She hasn’t felt it since she put on her braces. It’s sour for the first two days, and then it’s okay. Because we wore braces, we felt that we had not eaten well for two days, and we were very wronged. So, from the 21st, we both gluttoned, twisted, biscuits, and chestnuts every day, and our appetite was bigger than before. In the day before, roommates ate snacks and knocked out the brackets. The next day I went to the sticky bracket, and the male doctor who gave me the teeth was sticky. I asked her what her name was. She said her name. As a result, the snacks that people said were so delicious. Haha. On the 30th, it was just that I didn’t go to the gym for a month. September 30 was the last time I went to the gym. After a month, on this day, my roommate and I returned to the gym. After all, this month. Eat too many snacks. Like the time they were next visit in early December, when the time come to Kazakhstan 💪️
2017- 12-14
has just passed the zero point. I was going to sleep. I thought about updating. My teeth went to the first visit on December 6th. I thought I just changed the wire. After the result, the doctor said that the tooth recovery has been achieved. The effect she expected, understated that today can fight against nails, scare me cold sweat, no way, still sit up, do not hurt when changing the wire, just use the force is relatively large, not very comfortable, but still Ok, I didn't pay attention to it at first. After I changed it, I found that there are three teeth in the middle of the lower part, which are twisted into a twist shape. I just feel that the teeth are slightly hurt. Others are not special. I just changed one or two days. I may not be able to adapt to it. After two days, I can eat it. In addition to the hard and happy, I and my roommates have eaten haha ​​for the past two days.
Mainly talk about fighting against nails. The doctor gave me the iron wire and used it to fight the anesthetic. Because I didn’t pay attention, the needles were all stuck in, and I realized that I even hit two needles, one needle left and right, basically no pain. I thought it would be like a tooth extraction, but it hurts a bit, but I found that there is no pain at all. There is a strange liquid that is sour. I don’t know if it is awkward. I accidentally swallowed it, but it’s fine. After that, I screwed the screw and it didn't hurt at all. Because I was short of calcium, it didn't work hard, but it was easy to loose, so I bought calcium tablets two days ago. I will be finished in a while, and I will not bleed (maybe I will not let you know. Haha (ಡωಡ)hiahiahia). Before the nurse, my sister gave me a pack of rabbit rubber bands. I will change it every day and wear it 24 hours a day. The hand-disabled party started to wear a little hard work. After that, it’s good. Practice is so good. Now I am very skilled. There is also a nail, it is easy to get a mouth ulcer, because the place where it starts to protrude will break the mouth, so I still have to buy the medicine for mouth ulcers, because it is not so good, so I sprayed it on the cotton swab and applied it to my mouth. It will be almost two days, and it will not affect the meal. The pain of basically correcting the teeth has come over (in fact, there is nothing wrong with it). It’s not terrible to imagine before. It’s all scaring yourself. Fortunately, I made this decision. The rest is a long wait, cheering, next visit. The time is in mid-January, because I have to go home during the winter vacation, so I have to go once, and my roommate starts directly, because her situation is not as complicated as mine.
Still hope that children who want to correct their teeth, if there are conditions, as early as possible, do not worry about pain, what, basically I have experienced, I feel not so terrible, tooth extraction may be a little bit painful, in fact, I think the most difficult to clean teeth o (╥ _╥)o But as long as you stick to it, everything is worth it. Will continue to update哒


I haven't updated it for a long time. It's almost eight months since I wore my braces. The effect is very obvious.

On April 22nd, another roommate wore a braces. Our dormitory now has three braces, and her condition is very simple. The teeth are relatively large, so the time will not be long, so it seems that we are three now. The situation is different, and you can comment on private messages if you want to know.

On January 10th, I went to review it again. I changed the wire. The doctor said that the change is very big, because the original floor has been corrected now. The lower teeth have been wrapped in the upper teeth. It is really amazing. Looking in the mirror every day, although I can't see any change, but before wearing the braces, it is absolutely visible to the naked eye, although the chin is still severe.

After a year in the middle, I went back to review on March 4th. Before the start of the school, I don’t know if the students wearing braces have similar feelings. I am looking forward to each visit. At least I am because of many changes. It is imperceptible, but there are records in the doctors. It can be objectively analyzed whether there is any improvement during this time. Many people think that it will hurt for two days after changing the wire teeth, but I seem to enjoy it because I think of the teeth. It will be very fun to change again. This referral is only a change of the wire of the lower teeth. There is also a point to add, this is the common feeling between me and my roommate. Wearing braces is really not ugly. We are now more confident than before. The teachers and classmates have all said that they are so cute, and there are quite a few people around. I really want to do corrections. I am very happy to share my experience with them.

May 5th

Recently, the water is reversed and I feel unwell. At the end of last month, several students in the dormitory had eczema. I was more serious because I had experienced urticaria for three years. I was afraid of recurrence, so I was nervous. It was just eczema. It is good now. (We can also exchange haha ​​with students who are plagued by urticaria.) Then we have to say that it is about noon on April 29th. The left upper tooth starts to hurt. It was very worried because the doctor checked the teeth before wearing the braces last year. My tooth is broken, I may need to do root canal treatment, so I didn't wear the bracket for the tooth because I didn't feel pain at all, so I didn't care about it. After two days of pain, I went to the school hospital to register. Every day, I was full of stomatology. I stayed in the dormitory and scared myself. I always thought that I had to do root canal treatment. I was afraid that I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning. The doctor, after checking the doctor, asked if there is any wisdom tooth on the left, I remember there is, for safety, I suggest going back to the hospital to take a look at the film, and also ask the corrective doctor's advice, so I went to the clinic on the 5th, because it is the old driver. Therefore, the follow-up is very fast, the doctor said that the effect is very good, the chin has a certain improvement, and you don't have to wear rubber bands. So happy, haha, that is, you can pick up the Chinese New Year tomorrow. I told the doctor about the toothache and the same advice as the doctor at the school hospital. Because there is a wisdom tooth on the left, so if you pull out the 7 and let the wisdom tooth grow out, you don't need to do root canal treatment. I am glad that haha ​​is said to be rooted. Tube treatment is very painful, thanks to this wisdom tooth. On the morning of the 7th, I went to pull out the broken teeth. The process was a bit painful. After all, the school hospital was cheap. It took a total of 28, and, haha, the amount of medicine was not enough, and the pain was half-drawn. The doctor asked if you want to add anesthesia. After all, you have to face, so there is no Plus, go back and walk on the road. But thinking about it is worth it. At least it won't wake up in the middle of the night, so dental health is really important. It also reminds everyone that you are sick and go to see it as soon as possible. Don't drag it, don't scare yourself. I wish everyone has a Hard body, haha, hard

Also remind the boilers who are going to wear braces. When you stick the trough, please ask the doctor to help you stick a little. The roommates only wear them last month. The rice was actually dropped a few days ago. . . The classmates who wear braces around have fallen, and it’s amazing that mys didn’t fall. Haha, slipped away.

Pretend to have a dividing line

Half a year has passed and there has been no update. My teeth have basically no new changes. At present, I am in a stable stage. I am wearing a braces with my roommate. She has just picked up her braces this month. There will be a little regret, and there is a tooth. A little bit of sputum, because it is not a tooth, but there is no tooth extraction, so the position is not enough. At that time, it was recommended to slice but did not do it, but basically can not see it, so it is not very influential. According to her, just wearing the retainer will hurt! In the morning, pick the braces, make a model, and take the model (retainer) in the afternoon. This is generally the case. The delay is long and needs to be reserved for a whole day. It is definitely necessary to eat if you drink. If you drink water, the temperature is not high. If you don't drink too much, you don't have to take it off and drink it directly. You must wear it every day. Occasionally, you should not have too much problem. The whole tooth is like losing weight. It still has to be maintained, so the holder must be obtained, at least for the first two years. The doctor’s suggestion is that you don’t have to wear it every day, but you have to insist that it will cost you to change your beauty. It depends on your personal choice. My braces were picked up in January. I will take photos of the corrected photos. I will ask the doctor for photos before and after the correction. When I put them on, I will review them and go.

In addition, if you have any questions, you can privately trust me. WeChat is in this 17799441950. I don’t know how to read it. So many of my friends’ comments have not been answered in time. If you have any questions, please add me to WeChat. I will know if I have a clear note. Everyone is getting more and more beautiful, getting thinner and haha