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Guardian No. 1: A serious illness insurance


In the second half of 2018, the most promising insurance company is not a hundred years of life. In just a few months, the consumer-oriented critical illness insurance has been launched: Kang Huibao's flagship version ; children's regular critical illness insurance: Hornet No. 2 ; and on November 26, on-line multiple compensation for critical illness insurance: Guardian 1 number . This product is a separate group of malignant tumors, the proportion of mild claims is super high, can be intelligent underwriting, and the rate is the lowest level of heavy illness. Before Kanghuibao Ultimate and Hornet No. 2 in the corresponding market segments, the advantages are obvious, this is already known to everyone. Today we will focus on analyzing the Guardian No. 1.

First, the status quo of heavy illness insurance for many times

Due to the continuous advancement of medicine, the 5-year survival rate and cure rate of major diseases continue to increase. Once you have a serious illness, you will not be able to insure major illness insurance again. The latter guarantee will be difficult to sustain, and the multiple illness insurance will solve this problem.

At present, with the old-fashioned liability and critical illness insurance market, except for a few old companies that still insist on a single payout for serious illnesses, most companies have developed their own multiple insurance for critical illness insurance products, and many claims have become the mainstream of the market.

Judging from the probability of multiple claims: multiple illnesses are not grouped repeatedly > multiple cases of severe illness (separate grouping of malignant tumors) > multiple groups of severe diseases (malignant tumors are not grouped separately) , while guardian 1 is a heavy group Critical illness insurance for multiple groupings (separate groups of malignant tumors), the main target market is still consumers who have paid for multiple illnesses in groups.

In just a few days since the Guardian 1 was launched, many people have written articles to introduce their characteristics. I believe everyone should know everything. The Guardian No. 1 is in a position to pay for the rational and objective evaluation of the current group-distributed critical illness insurance market, and this is the main point of this article.

Next, Chuang Baojun selected some representative group-distributed critical illness insurance products to compare and evaluate the guardian No.1 product. The contrasted products are as follows:

● Centennial Guardian No. 1
● ICBC Royal Life
● Tongfang Kangjian Life
● Hongkang 哆 A A Bao
● Complex Star Satisfaction

II, group multiple compensation comparison analysis

(a) basic parameters comparison

During the guarantee period: the guards can choose to be 70 years old and have one more choice.
Serious illness : Guardian No. 1 and Star Satisfaction, 5 groups of 5 times, the distribution of high-risk disease is more even. Star satisfaction and serious illness insurance increase, better.
Mildness : Guardian No. 1, mild 50 kinds are not grouped, no interval, according to the critical illness insurance amount of 35% / 40% / 45% compensation, the advantages are obvious.
Full disability : The guardian has full responsibility.
Insured exemption : Parents insured their children: Guardian No. 1, can be attached with mild/medium/heavy illness/disability/death exemption; husband and wife mutual insurance: 哆啦A, 御享生活, health support all support.
Online smart underwriting : Guardian No. 1, 哆啦A.
Insured area : Guardian No. 1, Yu enjoys life. Centennial Life and ICBC Ansheng have branches in 20+ provinces and cities nationwide, and consumers who care about local service agencies can give priority.

(2) Responsibility for

serious illnesses It is well known that in 2007, the 25 major diseases that were uniformly regulated by the Insurance Industry Association and the Physician Association accounted for more than 95% of the incidence of serious illnesses. The group pays heavy illnesses, and the distribution of these 25 serious illnesses is particularly important for the second compensation.

What kind of ideal grouping illness should be:
● Group A: major organs and related diseases;
● Group B: brain and nervous system diseases;
● Group C: heart and related diseases;
● Group D: disability And other diseases.
● Group E: malignant tumors;

Guardian No. 1, and star-satisfied malignant tumors are grouped separately, which greatly increases the probability of multiple compensation between malignant tumors and other major diseases. Among them, Fosun's group A: major organs and related diseases, group B: brain and nervous system diseases, grouping is more reasonable.

(3) Light responsibility

i. Ten kinds of high incidence of mild disease

From the perspective of high-risk mild diseases, except for the fact that ICBC Royal Life does not contain minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery, the other models contain ten kinds of high-risk mild cases, which are not much different in quantity.

Ii. Comparison of ten high-light and mild product terms

In terms of the definition of

mild terms: mild stroke , ICBC is dominant, only requiring exercise or dysfunction of limbs III or III below one limb or more than one limb after 180 days of diagnosis.
Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery For 100 years, Dora A is dominant, not required: Angiography shows that at least two coronary artery stenosis exceeds 50% or a coronary artery stenosis exceeds 70%.
Specific area III degree burns Tongfang and Fosun are dominant, and the burn area is only required. The III degree burn area is 10% or more of the total body surface area.
The other 7 high-risk cases: the definition of the terms, that is, the payment conditions are the same.

(4) Price comparison

In terms of price, the Guardian No. 1 has obvious advantages, not only far lower than the malignant tumors, but also the multiple diseases and multiple diseases, and the malignant tumors are not divided into multiple groups to pay the heavy illness.

(V) How to choose the
pursuit of cost-effective: the preferred guardian No. 1, the price advantage is obvious.
Emphasis on minor responsibilities: Guardian No. 1, with more mild illnesses, a higher proportion of claims and no grouping.
Focus on the group of serious illness: preferred star satisfaction, the most serious group of serious illness, followed by the guardian No. 1.
Health Abnormal Persons: Preferred Guardian No. 1, Hongkang 哆 A A, online sales, all support smart underwriting, and the underwriting is loose.
Service Convenience : Preferred Guardian No. 1 and Yu Xiang Life, branches throughout the country's eastern and central developed areas, and some western provinces and cities.

Third, write at the end

With the launch of Guardian No. 1, based on its excellent quality, it will inevitably have an impact on the existing critical illness insurance market. Through the above comparative analysis, the target market of Guardian No. 1 also tends to be clear, that is, consumers who are grouped with critical illness insurance, who have plans to insure in the near future, can be considered. For those who do not value the price, it is still the first choice not to pay for multiple illnesses. Consumers who have already purchased other heavy insurance for multiple illnesses still recommend that you continue to hold them.

Rational, objective, neutral insurance brokers, universal insurance basic knowledge, so that consumers in the process of understanding and buying insurance, less detours, according to customer needs and actual conditions, tailor-made insurance solutions for customers.