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Unboxing | Epson ProSense J-300

A sports watch that can swim is a comprehensive sports watch, a sports watch that can play Tie San.

In recent years, Epson, the Japanese product brand, has become more and more popular in the field of sports watches. It is no longer the brand that says the printer. Epson's sports watches are divided into RunSense and ProSense series with the theme of "Second Know Me". Today, Xiaobian is fortunate to have the J-300 sports watch in the ProSense series.

Basic Information

Positioning: flagship sports outdoor watch
size: 45mm x 13.5 mm
weight: 50 grams
heart rate type: photoelectric heart rate
battery: 145mAh rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery
screen: Shu XianTM electronic ink screen
waterproof rating: 50 meters
GPS: high precision GPS
Connection: Bluetooth
price: 2499 yuan

At the current Epson sports watch, the J300 is the most expensive, naturally the most powerful, and the same price of the Runsense SF-850 confrontation does not fall. The ProSense J-300 is available in three literary colors: fortitude black, road blue and sand white, while the small hand is a white version that both men and women love.


Epson's watch is dominated by the Japanese style of small and delicate, plus a white appearance, just like the elf in the night. At first glance, this ProSense J-300 is like the SF-850 of the Runsense series. The weight of 50 grams can hardly feel any restraint on the wrist. This feeling is the difference between the pros and cons, and the people who like it like it. People who don't like it feel cheap, and Xiao Bian feels that sports need to be lightly loaded. The J-300 naturally doesn't look bad.

The white silicone strap is a good way to preserve the value of the face, but it will be affected by sweat and other pollution in the subsequent use, and the gray inside of the strap is used to reduce the influence of this aspect. At the same time, there are fine particles on the inside of the gray to ensure the comfort and anti-slip treatment during exercise.

Instead of using the I-shaped strap design, it is replaced by a hollow diamond design, which makes it better to breathe. Perhaps this is the change Epson made for the user to better distinguish between the two series of flagship watches.

It is worth mentioning that the ProSense J-300 has five buttons. Observed that the RunSense series of watches is 4 buttons, and the ProSense series of watches is 5 buttons, this is the fastest way to distinguish between the two series of watches, also shows the rich features of the ProSense series.

In fact, after the hand experience, Xiao Bian found that this extra button is a quick start button - allowing the watch to enter the search star at the fastest speed. Strengthening the running function of a sports watch is a must.

Hardware Configuration

The ProSense J-300 uses Epson's proprietary patented amphibious photoelectric heart rate monitor, which displays the real-time heart rate at rest while swimming underwater and measures the maximum heart rate and average heart rate during swimming. The function of monitoring per second fits the theme of the watch "Second Know Me".

Similarly, compared with the SF-850, the flagship watch of the same price, it has added functions such as swimming (indoor and open water) and triathlon, and then this Eink electronic ink screen using Easy View Display technology, this feeling and you The feeling of watching the kindle e-book is very similar. Epson calls this screen the ShuxianTM electronic ink screen, which clearly displays the dial contents even in strong outdoor sunlight, in darker forests, or even in the evening.

Unlike the SF-850, the J-300's charging contacts are moved to the back of the watch and a clip-on charger is used for greater portability.

In terms of battery life, the J-300 can be used for up to 20 hours under the GPS turn-on. It can support about 7 days of battery life when the heart rate measurement is “standard”. It can support about 5 days of battery life when the heart rate measurement is “continuous”. Can persist for 30 days. Xiaobian charges the J-300 in a low battery state and can be fully charged in an hour or so.

Built-in function

Compared with the SF-850's tap screen light and interface switching, the J-300 uses a raised wrist light and interface switching function. This is a lot easier, but it also has an impact on the battery life.

Epson said that its GPS sensor chip is self-developed, and it can also be accurately measured in the case of a tunnel or bridge. However, when they first searched for their own stars, they all chose to skip by failing. The watch's built-in running, indoor running, walking, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, indoor swimming, open water, triathlon and many other sports modes are a major selling point of the J-300. Therefore, the J-300 was positioned by the brand as a professional indoor swimming (50 meters waterproof) and triathlon sports watch.

The J-300 can be an all-weather event butler with a personal Apple app. In daily wear, monitor daily data such as heart rate, number of steps, calories, sleep, mood, duration of exercise, and keep track of your daily/weekly activity and physical status. In sports, after Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, the J-300 can be used as a controller for the mobile phone music player, which is very convenient. The watch also adds an analog clock option, increasing the feasibility of wearing it at ordinary times.

to sum up

The ProSense J-300 and the same-priced RunSense SF-850 are both Epson's flagship sports watches. Even in some scenarios, the J-300's features are even better. Swimming performance is also a highlight. A lot of actual measurements in the future.

J-300 with Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English and French is also more and more grounded with Chinese local App Tulips. Although some operating methods are different from other sports watches used, it is very convenient when you run. You can run with the newly added one-click button into the search star button. Xiaobai is also very easy to use.

Next, we will enter the evaluation program of Epson J-300. If you have any curious about it or you want to know, you can tell me in the comments, we will show you in the later stage.