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"The Road is Difficult", Chapter 55, Long Yuxiang


The army leaned on the door frame, his feet were soft and weak. He was scattered like a whole man. After throwing the fine shock symbol in his right hand, he pulled it down and leaned down the door frame until he sat down on the ground.

Although Tu Shan's was subdued, he still lay on the ground while he was still asleep, staring at the beam.

"Broken brother!" The army rushed to him, "Chou brother!"

The residence is still motionless.

Hu Yingning wanted to support her predecessor. As soon as she lifted her head, the two front legs were bent, fell to the ground, struggled to try a few times, and she was completely faint after exhaustion.

After Lu Yaoer resettled the Song Dynasty, he heard the movement in the yard. He took a shovel and carefully went to the room where he was in the cloak. At that time, both of the foxes were unconscious, and Lu Yao did not know what happened. She even dragged them to the bed and moved them to the bed, and she was so tired that she was panting and panting, and the people came in the yard.

Lu Yaoer thought that she had come back before she saw the little girl who had escaped. She walked out of the door and came to the yard to see a beautiful woman standing by the pool.

When Lu Yaoer entered the Song Dynasty, she looked at the big and small 丫鬟 厮 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Crossing the top, two green long sleeves move with the wind, with a pink long skirt, tied to the top of the shirt, a white skirt around the waist, a green ribbon waist, the balance ends into a knot, hanging On the side of her body, she didn't wake up, and with a grin, Luyao looked around and messed around.

"You are?" Lu Yaoer took the lead in breaking the silence.

"I am a painter who came to repair the cloister pattern for your house," she said, grinning, a look of sullenness. "I can see it, I can't use it now."

The cloister had collapsed, and the flower mud branches were spread all over the place. She moved her shoulders under the picture box. "Then I will go back, and the deposit will not be returned."

"Well, it's not your business. You leave your name. I will tell Miss Song." Lu Yaoer just waited for her to finish and was ready to turn back to take care of them.

"Qian Lianyu," said, Luyao's ritual turned and was preparing to go, Song Hanyue leaned against the door frame and waved at her.

"Miss Song Da," Qilian rain road is a blessing. "You are so hard on the house, I am very difficult to do..."

Song Hanyue wanted to talk, but she didn't come up in one breath. She leaned on the door frame and took a few breaths. After the mind calmed down, she screamed with tears and screamed at the rain. "Hey girl," she paused for a while, head Turning around, she strongly suppressed her thoughts of falling down, and she asked weakly. "After you are a famous doctor, today Song Dynasty is ravaged. I want you to be merciful, save." ······································

Qilian rain rushed to help the Song Crescent, shouted to Lu Yaoer, "What are you doing, and quickly take the handle!"

Lu Yao's brow wrinkled, she hated being instructed, but it was important to save people now. She held back her anger and went to help. She stayed on the bed with Song Hanyue. Qilian rain pulled out a small porcelain bottle from the waist and slammed the bottle. Plug, find the small incense burner placed on the table of the Eight Immortals, ignite the three red-purple-flavored spices, cover the incense burner lid, smoke as a lacquer, and give off a slightly fragrant smell, but also slightly sour taste, she took out two A small porcelain bottle containing agarwood and sandalwood, which are mixed with the purple-red spice, and the scent instantly becomes clear.

"What kind of fragrance is this red-purple?" Lu Yao's child was scented by the scent, and could not help but ask.

"Golden Yanxiang." Qilian rain cold and cold back.

Song Hanyue slowly opened his eyes in the fragrance. The golden color was yellow and strong, and she was good at gathering the fragrance. She no longer felt tired and weak, and the cigarettes scented her fragile heart. Qilian rain raised her head. Put a pill into her mouth, "Miss Song Da, this is the sub-wet fragrant pill, you are weak, it is best to use it to qi, come," Qi Lianyu picked up the tea bowl and made it to the mouth of Song Crescent." Send it with this tea."

Song Han Yuet swallowed it. This Asian wet fragrant pill tastes warm and heavy. Less than a sip of tea, she feels that she is amiable and long. Although she is still a little tired, she can move around without any problem.

"There are still a few lying over there," Lu Yaoer preached to Song Hanyue. "Let the holy hand give them treatment."

Song Hanyue pleaded and looked at Qi Lianyu, "Hey girl, you see..."

"Oh," Qi Lianyu stretched out in a lazy way. "Nothing."

Lu Yaoer led her to the room where she lived in the house. The two foxes lying on the bed slid down, and Qi Lianyu was surprised by Zhang’s mouth. One of them was not a fox and a Hu Yingning!

Qi Lianyu walked quickly to the side of Fengju, and his hand was stroking his smooth forehead. Her brows were slightly stunned, and three small bottles were taken out from the waist. They contained the chicken tongues that were in the heart of the heartache, and they were responsible for the poisonous and vomiting. The clove pill and the tulip pill, which invades the qi between the heart and the heart, lifted his mouth and opened his mouth, stuffed three pills into his mouth, took the water and served it, and the face of the seal was gradually restored to the blood, and the body emerged. A steaming hot air, sweat from the face, arms, feet and swells out, he suddenly twitched, Lu Yaoer panic on the side, Qi Lianyu gave her a ugly look, Lu Yaoer only let go of his heart, It can be seen that she was convulsed like a seizure, and she looked at him uneasy.

For a moment, a blue snake shadow transpired from the cloaked cloak. It spit with the serpent's pain and twisted back and forth. Soon it disappeared, and the body of the occupant was obviously relaxed. He had a tight body. Now it’s like a spread of meatloaf, with a big word on the bed, snoring and gasping. After a moment, the scams bounced off the bed. "Rain! Daxian is forgiving!"

In the panic, he panicked and turned around on the ground. He did not see the traces of Tushan. He looked up and saw Lu Yaoer and Qilian Yuyu looking at him like a fool. He turned to look at the bed and came to the army with two foxes lying on the bed. He Squeezing a sly smile, holding his hand on his cheek, and yelling at the rain, "Miss sister, it’s so smart."

"Well," Qi Lianyu snorted. "Do you remember me?"

Lu Yao's children understood it when they heard it. They had something to do with it. She took a deep look at the closure of the residence. "I said," she said, holding her arms in her arms, and strangely preaching, "Can you retell the old after a while?" There is still lying on the bed."

Qilian’s mouth was soaked, and the white eyes of Lu Yao’s eyes flicked, and both hands hugged their arms and replied, “I’m going to make a strong mind, I’m still going to say you.”

When I saw the big thing, I was stunned and sneaked into the middle of the two. I was squatting around like a pug. "Two, no, two," Feng Yu turned to Lu Yaoer. "You need to save people and save people." "Hurry," turned to Qilian Yu again. "Miss sister, my good brother is unconscious, and there is a little fox. Look at the face on her face. See you poorly, Miss Sister, save them."

Lv Yaoer gave her a look, and even the rain was not to be outdone.

Lu Yaoer was going to lick her hair, and her life and death were stopped by the shackles. She couldn’t keep up with her. She frowned and squeezed the wrists of the army. After a while, she took out the rosemary from her waist. The small bottle, pour it into the incense burner to ignite, the fragrance is very strong, the pale face of the army is slowly rosy, his long eyelashes are shaking, and Qilian rain sees a man with such long eyelashes once, and the army is opened. Eyes, the eyes were black and lacquered, thin and long. She didn't feel it was watching. When she saw her coming to see her, she quickly lowered her head and worked hard. She took out the Baimao Pills and stuffed them into the military mouth. Only when the army was rushed out of the hurricane, the congenital rushed away the spiritual power, and the body was immersed in cold poison. This white fragrant fragrant pill tasted sweet and fragrant. After taking it, the whole body was scattered and the cold pain in the abdomen disappeared.

"Come on the brother, come to the brother," Fengshou sat down on the edge of the bed and stretched out five fingers to match his eyes. "Is it all right?"

When I came to the army for a while, I smiled and looked at the shackles. "Thanks to the brothers and sisters, I have already squandered me in the first place, and I am convinced that I will be convinced."

The occupant patted him on the shoulder. "It’s okay," he said with a politeness. "My trick is that the sly cat has met the dead mouse, and it’s amazing."

They both confessed to each other, and one person took a large stack of hats and hated to kill each other. Qilian rain "please" them out of bed, her fingers were placed on the neck of the little fox, the pulse was abnormal, face The wound on the wound is also very serious. If it is not treated in time, it will be purulent.

She shook her head helplessly. "I can't save her."

The embarrassed monk thought that Qilian Yuji hated Hu Yingning who had bullied her before, deliberately saying this, "Miss sister, the past things have passed, you are..."

Qilian rain gave him a look. "I’m stuck in the west and can’t understand what you are talking about," she said, looking at the little fox, very serious. "She was hurt by the sword and her internal organs. Grass, Linglingxiang and Duliangxiang clothes can only be brought back to life, but, "Qian Lianyu took out all the small bottles from the waist and put them on the bed." Hey, although there are many spices on my body, it is less than a dragon. Fragrant."

"How to take Long Muxiang?" asked the enthusiasm.

"There is a sea fish in the East China Sea. This fish is like a mountain. It weighs a thousand pounds. It will spit out the water, and the water will float on the surface. This is the dragon's incense. When the sea is spit, it must be collected immediately, otherwise it will be The gull bird swims to eat a fine light, this fragrance is so rare, now the coastal turmoil, the fishermen are running away, the dragon musk has disappeared in the market, that is, there is money to buy." Qi Lianyu said with a sigh .

"I will take it now," the law of the feudal shackles will be carried out.

"I am going with the brothers," the army took hold of the seal and shoulders. "You don't have to waste your spiritual power." He took out the Yanzizi dragon and tiger, and the curse of the mouth, a dragon and a tiger whistling, scared De Lu Yaoer and Qilian rain quickly hid under the table.

He came to the army to ride the tiger, and he was shackled to ride the dragon, and accompanied by lightning and thunder, he flew eastward.

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