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Can you find an "insurance" job?

First of all, I self-reported my family. I went to college to choose the "insurance". I graduated from school and went directly to the insurance company in 2009. I have been working for 7 years now, plus 4 years of school. Said that there have been more than 10 years of relevant experience. Nowadays, many people are commenting on insurance work. How about it? I want to give you some discussion. Everyone can share their opinions.

Let me first talk about the profession of "insurance". The above picture shows the enrollment plan of Peking University's 2016 graduate students. The School of Economics has an enrollment plan for the “Master of Insurance”. First of all, the insurance profession does exist. It is not a free course offered by Pheasant University. (And must be "proud" to say that our insurance profession has the highest status, because the financial system also has banking and securities industry, but there are no key schools to open related majors)

Then I will talk about my current job. I have to insert one more sentence here. I didn’t graduate until I was looking for a job. I started my internship in my freshman summer. Although I went to school to sink the game, the school computer didn’t go home. The home computer was too antique. I was Thanks for the blessings of the disaster, I have been doing an internship for more than a month. At the same time, I have done a good job of prestige for the first job after graduation. I have made a good job and I will be directly employed after graduation. There is no need for an interview. I went to a life insurance company, so I have already talked about the life insurance company's experience:

The work done is the “in-house” of insurance companies that people often say, that is, people who don’t have to go to customers, sell insurance, and get fixed wages. Speaking of the main department of the insurance company, a picture shows the internal structure of the insurance:

Insurance companies are actually similar to banks, with head offices, branches in each province, branches below, and outlets. There is only one head office, generally in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other big cities, then the provincial, regional, and district outlets. In fact, like Apple, the US headquarters manages and develops each. Apple stores only need to sell well. So some people say that “going to insurance is selling insurance” is half right, so only a small part of the work in the big cities and the head office can be done. 99% of the employees may not need to “sell insurance directly”, but the income and bonuses Both are related to the sales performance of their own unit. Because of this era, under the operation of the market economy, the products are no better, and they cannot be sold. Everything is equal to zero.

This is a well-structured company model, which is basically the case for head office and provincial companies. The prefecture-level and county-level levels are mainly based on the provincial level, so there may not be so many posts.

The blue part of it needs to participate in sales. It may not be “selling insurance” directly, but the work content can be sold. It is called “frontline department” and the work is very tired, but the treatment and development prospects are better because the company develops. It depends on sales. All expenses and wages depend on sales. Sales are useless. They can rise indefinitely. For example, this year’s performance is 100 million yuan. Next year, you can challenge 150 million, so the sales position is the most Opportunity promotion, salary increase, and even the boss.

The yellow part is generally called the “back-up department”. The work content is completely independent of sales, but the treatment and future career development prospects will be lower. For example, the finance department may be dealing with invoices for the first generation.

And I am in the personal insurance department (also called a insurance department or marketing channel), but also need to be responsible for sales, mainly responsible for sales team product knowledge, daily management, etc., to ensure that sales personnel can correctly explain insurance products to customers, Rather than relying on "fudge".

You may ask the first question, “Where is the salesman? Where is the salesman?” It is clear here that the salesman is called “agent” in the Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China. See the name, the agent and the insurance company are An agency relationship, not a labor relationship. The agency system was introduced to the United States by the American AIA in 1990. This system is the same all over the world, not Chinese. The agency system has been developed at home and abroad for many years and has its advantages:

1. The income is not capped. Many people say that insurance companies do not have a basic salary. Only "selling insurance" has income. I want to say that this is a real thing. However, the employee system has a drawback. It is to take dead wages. This is unreasonable for the sales staff. It is unfair regardless of the high and low performance. Therefore, it is necessary to give better performance to the people with good performance. The agency system can satisfy this condition. Of course, sales can't be done by everyone. This really requires talent, interpersonal skills, language skills and willingness to pay! Here, we disclose that some of China’s insurance agents have earned more than 10 million yuan a year, and they rely on insurance income to buy yachts. This is not bragging, because there are many agents in my company who deduct 10,000 monthly tax deductions.

2, really grasping his career. I believe that the older the person, the deeper the feeling of this sentence, the labor relationship, the old man, the old and the weak is the company's preferred target for layoffs, your future prospects are completely decided by the boss. As long as sales, expansion of personal connections, and the establishment of their own team, can really grasp their own lifeline, this company is not happy, change one, anyway, customer resources are my own, not the company.

The second question, "How can a salesman not eat?", I want to say that China's insurance industry is in its infancy, it is a barbaric growth state, and some agents use unscrupulous means for personal income, but this is a small part. It is really a The mouse cockroach really broke a pot of soup. There are also such problems in the initial stage of foreign insurance, but the foreign insurance industry has developed for more than 300 years, while China has only 20 years, because the Insurance Law was promulgated only in 1996.

As mentioned above, if an agent earns 10 million yuan, then his personal business needs at least 30 million, and there are customers who buy 30 million insurance. I believe this customer is definitely smarter than me, or else people can buy 30 million yuan. Insurance, so it is absolutely impossible to rely on flicker in this era. Coupled with the increasing level of education and contact information, it is impossible to develop in the long run. Only professional, only back to the future. There are many undergraduates in my company, and even returnees are agents, not "in-house" because of their professionalism, because they want to really control their own destiny.

It’s just that the people have been word-of-mouth by many people, saying that insurance is “fudge” and so on. You might also say why there are many insurance companies that don’t settle claims. The reason is that many people buy insurance that is not comprehensive, just like buying a cold medicine, just to treat a fracture. Of course, it is also possible that the agent exaggerated the insurance effect.

The third question is "why insurance companies are brainwashing and shouting slogans like MLM." First of all, I want to say that shouting slogans are all available to all sales teams. Any industry sales are the same. I have been to Coca-Cola sales training. The same shouting slogan, more lively than the insurance company, are standing on the table and shouting. Because sales itself is a stressful profession, it requires enthusiasm and passion. This is the talent and ability that sales people must have. It also needs to slogan to give yourself a way to encourage or reduce stress. The "brainwashing" is just training, the trainers have their own style, and some people can't accept it, they think it is brainwashing. In short, the generation after the 80s is already the backbone of society, and the ideological concept is very different from the previous ones. Insurance companies need to adapt to the times, but they are still not fast enough.

Ok, there are more words in the code. You can ask any questions. Knowing this platform is for us to discuss.

I will continue to write other insider stories in the follow-up.

Finally, we are sending a recruitment information: our company needs talents with multiple positions, whether it is “frontline” or “backing up” or “agents” who want to develop their own team. As long as you have bachelor degree or above, it is best to have experience in the insurance industry. , you can talk privately.