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Essay | A day worth celebrating


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National Day

Whether you like it or not, it is a magical country. For example, it can accommodate "truly villain."
One of the most recent villains is Donald Trump, who even campaigned for the president with "opposing political correctness."
If I remember correctly, the concept of political correctness began in the 1970s, and it has been washed for half a century. Comrade Trump dared to sing a high-profile singer, and it was not unusual for a bunch of people to be a "little man."

With the progress of the US election, more and more Trump materials have surfaced. I used my spare time to watch two documentaries that attacked him. It turned out that he did not deliberately slap the ball for votes, but as always, sincerely Oppose political correctness.

To be honest, the villain is still pretty cute, because you don't like him, you can't be far from him, or argue with him, but at least don't worry about getting him.

Teng Ai doctor consulted a million

No picture without truth:

Need to explain, the statistical caliber of Teng Ai doctor is the total number of doctor-patient interactions, so it may be more appropriate to use the "number of interactions".
I officially settled in Dr. Teng Ai on March 28, 2016. I have accumulated more than 10,000 interactions in more than three months, equivalent to more than one hundred interactions per day.

I am very grateful to the readers who interact with me because you recognize my value. I want to know that I am also a more sincere person - want to discuss the problem one-on-one? Yes, please:
1. Online interview, if you have a chance, you need real-name certification.
2. Patiently queue up, each person's communication time is about half an hour, and a bunch of people are waiting in front of him.
3. Photographing and uploading, don't just take a few individual shots, I want all - whether it is physical examination, outpatient, hospitalization, or a report a year ago or ten years ago, as long as it can be found, all must be - - You have to endure the quirks of my comprehensive analysis.

The Internet has given the public an illusion that "everything can be convenient and free." Unfortunately, medical care can't be done for the time being.
This is not determined by the doctors, but by the industry characteristics of medical services:
1. Different people have different conditions and different values, resulting in a very individualized service.
2. Individualized programs have to be manually designed by doctors.
3. Medicine is a complex study, and there are not many people who know medicine.

Mystery project starts beta

Although the Internet cannot replace doctors, it still has a lot to do in improving the overall efficiency of medical services. My personal public number has been able to achieve such results in the past three months. It is thanks to the WeChat public platform and Dr. Teng Ai. The utilization time of the debris is also considered to be a minor task to improve the "high cost of seeing a doctor and seeing a doctor."
Popular medical science is another way of thinking. However, medicine is essentially a complex science. How to balance science and popularity has always been a headache for science writers.
During this time, I was thinking, can you distinguish the readers slightly and conduct targeted science according to the characteristics of different groups?
Now, I have thought of a simple and natural way of distinguishing, and invite interested readers to participate in the discussion. After the idea is relatively clear, I will announce it again.

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