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6.17 days BTC capital inflows up to SOC evening chain frequent transfer


Foreword: A group that doesn't want to brain, has no patience, and wants to get rich overnight can close this article immediately. It's not like you to double the money. It takes 5 minutes to read this article carefully.

BY: Xuan Zang frying coins (my new title) + micro: codema6 (must be remarked or not passed)


Whether it is a private group or public group; partners in the group, you in a group just one month in the time of discontent, forensic me three times accurately predict market trends, three times in my warning issued within 48 hours are Market verification, and providing 2 double currency opportunities in a volatile market, the facts have proved my strength;

Looking at the whole circle to make money in such a short period of time three times accurately predict market trends very few people , I have fulfilled the early promise, I will be the successful completion of the latter led to double promise, because of the limited energy next step I Only the development of private users in private groups , how do you choose to rely on yourself?

Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH Caldano ADA Wave Field TRX EOS BCH ELF SOC CTXC WICC IOTA ELA LBA TOPC STK YEE There are a lot of coins, my currency will be more and more, and the more you earn, the more you earn.

Xuan Zang's idea is very direct, I will use the payment method to screen out the users who trust me. Only in this way can the user's basic quality be guaranteed and the operation be disciplined! Just one round of operation, the high position is removed to avoid the doubling of the quilt/low-selling assets; the money earned is tens of thousands of times the amount of the reward, and the person who knows the value naturally knows how to choose

Comments: The concept of the World Cup led the market for three consecutive days. This is an extremely abnormal operation; BTC became the smallest mainstream currency in the last 7 days; BTC and ETH continued to narrow the market volatility due to continued large amount of capital inflows today. Bitcoin has fallen 66 from its peak. %, but the difficulty of mining has increased by 210%. From the perspective of supply and demand, the BTC is going to rise later, the SOC enters the lowest price range, and there are frequent large transfers in the chain at night.

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Thinking session

Let's make a hypothesis; if one tells you that he has a way to maximize your stability by five times in two years, you don't need frequent operations, you don't need to watch the disk often, you just need to remember the rules of practice and strictly enforce it. Go on, don't take money as money at all, just as a number, you can steadily double five times in two years (except for force majeure or the entire currency is banned), but you need to pay 10 Ethereum as compensation. I believe that everyone will not pay and will treat this person as a liar; if it is free to tell you? Some people may try to do it with a try, but in the end they can’t stick to their beliefs and give up at some stage.

In the same sentence, if you change to Li Xiaolai and Bao Erye, there may be a small number of people who believe it; and put it into action, assuming that it is replaced by Buffett? Certainly more than half of the people will believe and resolutely implement. What is the only variable in this matter? Is it human? Actually it is not. It is the class and circle behind the person that gives this role model and credibility. The world follows the 28th law. Those who can get more resources are always a minority. To do anything, you need a circle, a private niche. Circles, a circle that can differentiate the information gap with most people, I am Xuan Zang, welcome people who know how to choose to join us (private community upper limit 500 people)

Risk Warning: The risk of the currency market surpasses any traditional financial assets, regardless of investment/speculation; this market is slightly inadvertent, and the probability of your loss is 90%. Most people are ignorant of the short-term profit and loss as a market doll, winning and losing. People who don’t want to come and embrace this huge bubble, first carefully consider the huge test brought about by the loss of the stage before you participate in the currency market trading, can you afford it!

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