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Is the research internship really meant to write a report?


Have you discovered that the first requirement of the research and development internship has been quietly changed into "graduation in 2019 and later", and our group of people who are still looking at the door of the 18th session suddenly become a past tense. The "old bacons" who practiced internships are basically in two states: except for those who have no chance to write a report, and who are worried about not writing a report. Then ask yourself: When can I write a report/When can I finish this report? Yes, the purpose of entering the institute seems to be to write a report. Think deeply about it. Is the research internship really written for the report?

I have read an article in the past, "Deep thinking is more important than hard work." At that time, I only remembered this sentence after reading it. There is nothing to understand. However, after nearly three months of internship in the research, I found that this sentence is too weighty. Although the internship time is short, I have also studied and reflected for a while. Therefore, it is necessary to record and reflect on the past through some things, and to think about the next autumn tricks and careers.

Always ask yourself: Why?

This is a very important issue. Many of the partners around me, including myself, are doing things, and are just doing things. In the beginning days, the daily internship was nothing more than writing daily newspapers, brushing the database, and making recordings. After the advancement, I began to write reviews and write reports. I feel that I have done a lot of things, and the workload is not small, but many times I am doing mechanical work. For example, write a depth report, the analyst will give you the report frame, tell you how to write the first part, the second part, what information should you check, what kind of opinion you should draw. I did, I step by step according to the analyst's framework, the information to be checked, the content to be written is filled into the report a little bit, and then told him, I wrote it. Indeed, I completed a depth and was very proud to finish. But I never asked him, why? Why is the logic like this? Why should I write this way? Why is this company a leader in the industry? Why is this company developing this business? Why is this business able to develop? I never asked why, I am just doing it, nothing more. Anyone who studies the routine can learn, but not everyone can learn. When I continued to fall into this comfort zone where I didn't think about it, but I worked hard, I realized that I realized that I had to change. This change was to overthrow and start from scratch.

Why do you want to ask yourself why?

The process of looking at things is mainly divided into three stages: What, why, and what?

For example, a friend who sent a reading note to WeChat, after reading it, understands that reading and reading by others is a world of difference. I think about the many problems in the book. I only know what it is, just why. "It is very difficult to go deep after thinking about one or two layers. After ten days and a half, I gradually forgot. Every time I want to blurt out, I find that I have forgotten it. It is basically equal to white. This is the same as my internship process. I have only seen a lot of things on the surface. I can say it, but those who say it just stay at "what", and the only remaining content is back. Down, this feeling of backing down seems to have been done by me, but what I did and why I have never thought about it. I understand "what is", but I have never digested it. I just remember the architecture and content of this industry or this company. I didn't try to think deeply, understand, digest and turn into something of my own. In essence, I didn't do it. The same research. The consequences are terrible. Research is a gradual process. Without "why" and "how to do" research can't do the same thing. It's harder to say step by step, and it will help the later research. As a result, I did not make any progress during this internship.

Thinking is the premise of the report. Everyone understands that the report is very logical, and where does this logic come from? As stated in the "Pyramid Principles", people's thinking process is bottom-up. The principle of the pyramid is that the point of view is first, first put forward the point of view, and then find the evidence by summing up and deducting the arguments. The upper level thought is the summary of the lower level thought, and the lower level is the upper layer explanation. This kind of structure is the question. The answer type is actually the lower layer's answer to the upper level. It is only through questions/answers that continually form the entire pyramid structure to write a logically complete article.

The only thing we have is time.

What is most lacking is time.

When I came to understand that my internship was for research, not just for the boss, I realized the importance of time. I believe that many people, like me, have to go to class every week and have an internship. Time management is too difficult. Moreover, the research is faced with a very complex and unstructured amount of information. The scarcity of time and the infinity of information and the arrangement of life make us breathless. For a long time, we are constantly complaining about why we want to Stepping into the line of research, no returning to the road, no time to watch movies, no time to read the books that I like, anyway, there is no time. So what should I do in this limited time?

To study the most important issues. Affecting a company's stock price may have one and only one important factor, and the refinement of this factor requires a lot of time. As the boss said, the researcher should stand at the highest and the forefront of the industry and think from the perspective of the enterprise manager. Big problems, so some of the fine-grained problems have limited research value, and big ones are often more important than small ones. So what if you want to solve the efficiency problem of this big problem and small problem research? The first step in solving efficiency is often to establish a research framework and a thinking system. You must accumulate on the right path, and you can't get lost in running without direction. Setting the right direction is more important than anything else.

Human growth is not the same as the company's stock price. The changes in each stage are not caused by a single major factor, but by a combination of factors. So when we are discussing what is important, what are we talking about? I think it is something we are currently lacking but must not be lacking. I think that what I lack now is thinking, so thinking is very important to me. I think the current lack of hard work is diligent, so hard work is also very important to me. This is the leak check in the process of self-growth. The book "Different Classes" says that the genius of people's eyes is extraordinary, not supernatural, but a continuous effort. Spending time is a necessary condition for a person to gradually change from white to professional. The internship company has a doctoral alumni sister. When the company came to our school for the first time, the director asked: Does the research do not discriminate against the doctor? The director replied: Yes, I have concerns about your time. I am more worried about your energy, whether you can eat high-intensity work. However, the reality is that the school sister gets up early every morning and leaves the company in the early hours of the morning. The group she is in is the most tiring group in the company. In this kind of hard work, the people who have persisted in the group have finally entered the industry.

Generally speaking, the research internship is an experience. Because there is no contact with roadshows, research, etc., the work of the interns is only written, but the research is definitely not a simple report. This is a process of growth, and growth is inseparable from thinking, and research is inseparable from thinking. Think about what the industry is analyzing, why the industry can develop, how the industry will develop in the future, and the same ideas can be applied to the company. Thinking and diligence can make us come to the end and share it.