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This super-looking to-do app makes task management a pleasure


Today's functions are getting more and more sophisticated, and the Prio is characterized by its simple operation and minimal operating interface to complete the most comprehensive to-do list.

Have priority

Just like his name, Prio focuses on the priority of the task. The main interface is marked with 0~3 priority (0 weakest, 3 strongest), the deadline countdown and alarm reminder. At the same time, to facilitate screening tasks, Prio can filter deadlines, priorities and build dates within the list.

At the same time, the task can be classified after the establishment, so that the priority list can be filtered in the respective lists to solve the most urgent matters first.

2. The value of the face is justice

Prio is beautiful both in terms of theme and interaction. Prio has a total of 33 theme gradients, which are the theme colors for each list page. The theme color that the user can use and classify and match, select the color for his list and "list point".

3. Simple and not rude

A great thing about Prio is that it fills in the information in a very simple step, and the new user can get started in 3 minutes, which is very friendly for lazy cancer patients. In addition, Prio is very beautiful in both Chinese, English, and emoji. The English task will be automatically capitalized, and it will save us time and beauty for our obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At the same time, its simple classification setting allows the user to complete the task of the day through the priority in the main task interface, and then build the future to-do list and even the book list in the classified list.

Prio may not be as rigorous as the features and tags of other types of pending applications. However, Prio is a daily-use application that clarifies the sequence of tasks, simple operations, and the victory of the face value allows you to breathe in busy and unorganized work.


iPhone & iPad | 5.2 MB | Free | iOS 8.0+

Download address and more, please go to - Prio

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