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A classic crime game after 22 years, but now it is called banned, take care of children, save the game.


Yesterday I shared with you that Grand Theft Auto (hereafter called GTA) was the first game to drive, but because the justice police suddenly slammed the innocent public's bugs and developed into a classic game of crime.

GTA is a game released by R Star in 1997. It has been 22 years since the launch of the new GTA5 in 13 years. It is one of the few classics in the minds of players.

So there are some loyal players who compare GTA's 22-year game quality.

GTA quality is getting better and better, and it is also the same as God in the hearts of players.

However, when browsing the web, I accidentally saw a post. Some people think that playing this game will ruin themselves.

The answering players discussed the three views and content of GTA, because there are a lot of scales in this game, huang storm and so on, the game world and its darkness, called R-rated movies.

And the introduction of this game also pointed out that the game is suitable for players over 18 years old, so the age of demos is also clearly divided.

However, there are still some people who worry that playing this game for a long time will not disturb the mind, such as violent incidents such as malicious crimes.

But as this player said, normal people understand that it is illegal to murder and set fire, and crimes must be imprisoned or shot.

It would be a bit strange to know how to break the law and throw your sins to the game.

Someone once shared her own landlord in Canada. She used to be a policeman herself, but she let her son play GTA with a gun every day to shoot the police. This person asked the landlord, don’t worry about his son’s problem?

Unlike the domestic parents who pushed the default to the game, the landlord said:

I strongly agree with this landlord's statement. I think that some domestic news I saw before, such as a schoolboy who likes to play chicken games, committed suicide by jumping off the building. Parents felt that it was the fault of the game company, and even blamed Newton for discovering gravity.

It’s strange to blame, but I don’t want to admit my education. And those pupils who watched the gray wolf roasting the sheep with fire, and used their fire to kill their little friends, the parents simply told the cartoon to be banned.

Therefore, if domestic parents can't manage their children and can't do well, then please don't let your children play GTA.

If a game can ruin a person, then please don't ruin the world.

In addition to slamming GTA and station GTA players, some people think that although they have been playing for a long time, they still can't learn the sister skills in the game, so the crime can't be learned unless you live in the heart of the devil.

There are also some senior black players who have given excellent comments. The players who can understand this comment are all social people~~

Even some players feel that they need such a game. Anyway, the scale of this game is comparable to that of a national costume.

As an adult, I feel that this game tells the truth about too many adult worlds, such as betrayal.

Although the GTA world is full of terrorist violence, the game's three views are positive enough.

The more you want to struggle, the harder it is to break free from shackles. You think that you have defeated the visible enemies, but you are being applauded by the invisible enemies. Isn’t that sadness, after I grow up, do I have to go?

Crime-like games are similar to movies, and individuals like to watch movies of horror crimes because they feel like the world they live in.

I know that life is not just about terror and betrayal, but also the sweetness of idol drama.

However, according to what idol drama can produce a lot of a year, and the crime-type works have been repeatedly banned and banned?

Ok, let's talk about this for the time being, so what do you think about the GTA game?

Think it should be banned? Or should it continue to be open? Welcome to the message area to tell me~~