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Ogilvy gives me another possibility

"You want to go to the public relations company? But you are not a public relations professional..."
"Why do you do public relations? You don't want to work in the news industry?"
"Public relations... and what you have done in the school community and TV station for two years seems to be Too big a relationship..."

These are the doubts from my friends when I handed my resume to the public relations company a few months ago. From a professional point of view, there is indeed a certain span between radio and television news and public relations. I thought that Chai Jing’s "Seeing" was seen more than ten times before and after. The college entrance examination filled in the volunteers, holding the heart of not reading the news, and pouring blood on the hot news ideal.

If you ask me what the most precious thing that the Academy has given me, it must be freedom. It is because of this freedom that in two years, through various interviews, filmings, and social affiliations, I have been able to get to know people of all walks of life. It is because of this freedom that I have always been keen to try new things. I, from the beginning of the year, have had the idea of ​​contacting Public Relations, the so-called public relations industry.

“I don’t have any experience, or even almost no basic professional knowledge. It’s just because I am blank, I want to know more about this industry. It’s so interesting to find another possibility, why not go Try it?"

And Ogilvy & Mather, the numerous public relations er and the 4A holy land of advertising er dreams, gave me this possibility. Up to now, I can clearly remember the joy of HR's internship offer when I received the HR. I decided to put these words under the quit code, which is also a perfect rest for the three-month Ogilvy lifestyle.

Gorgeous building on Jinbao Street

Ogilvy & Mather Group is located on Jinbao Street. The name of Jinbao Street sounds bling-bling, but it is a street without any bus lines:) The office area is divided into Jinbao Building and the gorgeous building. There are few steps in the west, Jinbaohui. Lijun Huating, Macao Center and Wangfujing, there are countless commercial elites every day in this land of gold.

My H-line Ogilvy was in the gorgeous building. When I was on the first day of the HR, I was in the team. The team was almost gone. Rebecca, who has been internship for 5 months, told me that not only is it late for work, but it is also late for work; the small team doing the global event is taking the media to participate in the conference in Taiwan. In a few words, my first impression of public relations became "the OT + business trip from time to time." Later experiences told me that the reality is more than ever.

The first basic job as an intern contact is to figure out the location of each department. Finance, IT, TRC, administration, express delivery room... Since the elevator of the gorgeous building is built in the middle of the whole building, the various departments are basically surrounded by the ring in the middle of the elevator. When I was unfamiliar at first, it was easy to go in the wrong direction. For example, the 7-story express delivery room and Ogilvy Neo were relatively distributed on both sides of the elevator. I took a bunch of onsite supplies and wanted to send them. I went out of the elevator and went straight to the front desk of Neo. Say hello.

After a while, when I was able to take the new Robin through various departments, I couldn’t help but feel a little pride. It seems that it is just a trivial thing to think about now, but it is really cool to finally feel that you can completely abuse your own things.

Don't judge a book by its cover

To be frank, when I went to see and know, many public relations people complained about this trip, especially when they had a bitterness in Party B, they could not feel the same. Although it is known that any profession may be "the surface is bright and bright behind the unknown," the real industry will still make the rookie players feel at a loss. A customer is "more" [pay attention to the adverbs I use here, because the customer God can easily satisfy it :)] Satisfied public relations communication activities, in addition to the on-site rifle cannons, in addition to the cocktail party, in addition to the media and the organizers Talking about laughter, more is dark circles and exhaustion.

Its fast-paced, powerful workload, and the possibility of being called by customers at any time makes people's nerves tense. The AE that takes me directly is always multi-threaded, and often writes a plan while opening a concall. Countless times, when I woke up in the morning to check the mail on the subway, I saw a reply from the AD to the customer at 3 or 4 in the morning.

Many people know that after I asked Ogilvy, I asked what was public relations. I recalled that I was asked "What is the public relations you understand?" I replied, "It is different from advertising, not by yourself, but by Some strategies spread so that potential target audiences feel good about you." The previous view was far from comprehensive, and the three-month real work experience gave me a better understanding.

Relations public (PR) The Practice of IS The Spread of Information Managing Individual BETWEEN AN or AN Organization (SUCH AS A Business, Government Agency, or A Nonprofit Organization) and The public. --Wikipedia

Simply put, public relations activities are a bridge between your customers and public to spread information. Among them, the customer may be a government agency or a commercial company, like I am at the corporate team of to B. Public relations communication establishes and maintains relationships with target audiences, media, KOL, etc., ultimately affecting their formation and maintaining their views on the subject of communication.

Daily work is definitely a round of bombardment of mental and physical labor. Mental work includes planning communications campaigns, conferences and other event schedules, writing news releases, leadership speeches, and social media content. I have not been exposed to crisis management during these three months. ); physical labor has to do media pitch (media invitation) and communicate with the media to spread the target, make a coverage report to the customer, with a media travel in the field activities. It sounds like tall, but it can be as small as the location of the media invitation brand logo, how to choose the event venue whether the customer is no longer, the style of the report is dark blue or light blue, and every trivial thing is patience. And a great test of care .

Colliding with powerful things will tell you what you are, this is your self.

The first sentence of the opening of Li Hongzhang is that "the world is only worthy of no one." When I didn't have a hard-working resume in May, I saw a bunch of Raiders from South Korea, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. I was about to book a ticket with my girlfriend, and I got a notice from Ogilvy. So I left two differences in July and August, and I lived in the apartment-company-apartment life all summer. Perhaps outsiders seem to be so boring and boring, but you know that you have never grown up here. This kind of growth is not just to follow the industry's predecessors to improve their work skills, but more importantly to find themselves.

Every major project is a complex and complicated project from pre-preparation to post-monitoring. I have had the experience of making more than 100 phone calls to the vendor in order to confirm the various preparations for the venue. There was a person who carried four 2 meter high standee sweats and sent them to the venue. I got up at 5 in the morning. Go to the airport with the media to fly to the venue, arrange the media accommodation and then check the flow of the next day summit until the next day at 3:30 am to sleep, have worked overtime to write report to the middle of the night to return to Dingfuzhuang dark The experience, there is a press with a printed press kit can not hit the car had to step on the 8 cm high-heeled rush to the venue experience.

When I was in Shenzhen, even if I didn't have enough sleep, the next morning I got the organizer's work permit. The whole person was tired and full of energy. She worked with the media and cooperated with the various social media in the exhibition area to answer questions from CCTV and Xinhua News Agency. The doubts, dealing with various emergencies on the scene.

In the past, I always felt that my strength was too small. I couldn’t reach the level of great gods in English. I didn’t have much knowledge of public relations. I was afraid that I could make mistakes when communicating with the cows. It could be from zero to one. When a piece of KO fell, the huge sense of accomplishment was so vivid .

I still remember that when the press conference in Shanghai went smoothly, I stood on the Bund and drank lemonade, blowing the cool wind from the river, and I could hear the whistle of the distant ship. I felt that it was beautiful.

The essential qualities of professional public relations er in my eyes

It is often said that this line has a "low threshold" and the answer is yes and negative. Indeed, it does not emphasize the "specialization of the profession" as the science and engineering department can become a professional public relations god, and it is far from simple.

  • Research and rapid learning. Although public relations is not the media, the most important thing is the media. Therefore, the perception of the law of transmission is particularly important for the sense of the old and new media. When I was scheduled to do media pitch for the first time, I looked at the activity and wanted to call the media. AE tells me that such a slamming call is likely to be rejected by the other party. You need to study the relationship between this person and him, know which media he has worked for, which line he runs, his writing style and recent reporting history, know Does his media have the latest topic plan related to himself...
  • Improving efficiency is the hard power of work. As mentioned before, the public relations company's affairs are very trivial. In addition to the customers, the internal financial and administrative aspects of the company are also a big headache. To do list suddenly came over 10 tasks, in addition to solving one piece according to priority, efficiency is king. If someone else needs 4 hours to complete, if you only need 3 hours, this can become a better than others' ability and capital.
  • Even if it is not Virgo, you should live like Virgo. I am a white sheep who lives in Virgo. Although it is impossible to do things perfectly, the workplace sense is absolutely indispensable . A lot of small things can reflect a person's attitude. For example, whether dressing is appropriate, whether you can see customers, participate in activities, whether the email signature is consistent with the team members, whether the file is properly named, whether the folder is neatly formatted, font, font size, color Whether it is uniform, capitalization, full-width corners, punctuation marks, spaces, or not, whether the page preview before printing ensures that the format is correct, whether the difference between sending, copying, and secret sending is clear... I have received another intern reply. The email to HR is copied to all the interns in the previous HR send list, but this reply has nothing to do with other people.
  • Finally, keep the social power max . Let the media or your customers know you, and like you, that is to say, to establish a network, show calm, calm and calm, like old friends and laughter. Every time onsite, I hear "Do you remember me? We saw it at the last xxx conference, and have a self-portrait." Similarly, AE told me that the other party may have really forgotten you, but this can deepen The impression of others on you. Any relationship in the world needs certain emotions to maintain, and it is not just rational and logical to process the work to achieve the goal.

Lucky and grateful

I was 96 years old and I was the youngest in the whole team. Leslie, who was sitting next to me on the first day of work, said, "You make me feel old." Indeed, I am so fortunate that I can enter Ogilvy in the summer before the junior year. Interviewing my AD gave me the qualification to enter the gorgeous building. I directly trusted my AE, recognized my ability to work, handed me the task, encouraged me when I made mistakes, taught me how to work, taught me How to solve. Everyone at work has a harsh side, and I am grateful that most of the time we get along like friends.

Before coming to Ogilvy, I said that I wanted to try another possibility, probably with a little bit of understanding and a little bit of communication and public opinion. What Ogilvy left for me, except for a 4A cavity, a label, a few lines on the resume in the future, and more importantly, self-awareness. Dad always told me the word "talent", and I am still not sure whether my talent is here or not, and I am still in the uneasy stage of career exploration. But what does it matter? There are always more possibilities in life. Are you saying yes?