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The game committee ordered a "cool" and gave it to everyone who eats chicken.


With the "Jesus Survival: The Great Escape" is popular all over the world, "eat chicken" has now become the mantra of many people. However, it still has no small problem. "The server is too bad, the monthly supply is 30", and the "plug-in" makes many players rush to the Steam brush.

Especially the plug-in, can be said to do whatever it wants, not only those who chase the car in the game to ask if they want to hang, but also openly sell in the Steam discussion area, even the official Weibo can not be spared.

Previously, there have been many people discussing whether the plug-in will ruin "Jesus Survival: Great Escape", but yesterday afternoon, this problem seems to be less important. The Game Publishing Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association (hereinafter referred to as the “game committee”) stated that “Jesus Survival: Great Escape” shows the attitude: enterprises should not develop and introduce such games, and do not advocate testing such games to attract users. E-sports and live broadcast platforms should not provide publicity and promotion services. The announcement is on the official Weibo of the Game Working Committee.

In the announcement, the Game Working Committee stated that there is a large amount of bloody and violent content in "Jesus Survival: Great Escape", and its game experience and survival concept are seriously deviated from the socialist core values ​​and traditional ethics, which is not conducive to young people. Physical and mental health.

According to the data given by SteamSpy, a Steam statistics website from previous days, the number of players in China is 44.39%, which is the highest in the world. The attitude of the Game Industry Committee is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the game. Previous games such as "GTA5", "H1Z1" and "Dawn Killer", which are both bloody and violent, have been banned by live broadcast platforms. Nowadays, "Jesus Survival: Great Escape" may also encounter the same dilemma. If the anchor is only banned by the anchor, the impact on it can be imagined.

The game announcement not only mentions "Jesus Survival: Great Escape" but also mentions domestic game companies. Due to the fire of eating chicken, many companies in China have begun to deploy this content.

There have been rumors that "Tencent agents have survived for the rest of the world." Although Tencent has repeatedly rumored, the news of its "40 million acquisition of "5% of the developers of the Jedi" developer has been reported, combined with the previous Tencent to make "the Jedi survival: The "Escape" game player behavior questionnaire, the release of suspected agents to eat chicken microblogging (although immediately deleted immediately) and other content, many people are more firmly believe that Tencent really wants to represent the Jedi to survive.

Netizen spoof

The success of eating chicken has also nurtured a new blue ocean market for mobile manufacturers, and many game makers are deploying games of the big escape type. In the top five of the TapTap reservation list, there are four big escape games. Among them, Xiaomi’s “Millet Shootout” and Netease’s “Wild Action” are among them.

If the Game Working Committee wants to block or ban the "Jesus Survival: The Great Escape", it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on it, let alone those mobile games that follow the chicken. Xing Xu Landong ("Jesus Survival: Big Escape" developers), Xiaomi, Netease and other enterprises are also waiting for the further action of the Game Working Committee to take corresponding measures. At present, no company has responded to the announcement of the Game Working Committee. However, netizens are dissatisfied with the practice of the game committee.

Many netizens said that the game committee is purely a nosy, and a game must combine socialist core values. As a result, most of the games on the market are unqualified. Even the national game landlords are suspected of insinuating a certain period of time, and they must be banned! "It seems that the game recites the core values ​​of socialism is the game that meets the requirements." Some netizens said helplessly.

Some netizens have put forward some suggestions, such as setting up a game rating system. In this way, game manufacturers can expect the official attitude when designing the game, and the promotion platform can know in advance whether the game is worth promoting and to whom. However, some people refute this idea. He believes that the game grading system is equivalent to disguising the correctness of the 18 ban game. According to the game committee, this is almost impossible.

At present, the game committee only shows the attitude, but the player has already exploded all kinds of opinions. Do you have an objection to the announcement of the Game Working Committee, or do you insist on playing a game that meets the core values ​​of socialism?

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