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Bedtime story - Mrs.


She was a martial arts wizard. At the age of thirteen, she defeated all the same teachers in the martial art and became the head of the Emei school.

This time she went down the mountain to encircle a thief gang. It is said that this group of thieves is not evil, but for the evil side, but because of the whereabouts of the whereabouts, even the officers and men can not take them. She led a group of sisters and sisters to check for three days and three nights, and finally found the thief's stockade. They broke the thief, but found that they were just a group of half-sized orphans. Their thief head claimed to be the thief. ", but it is just a child who is about the same size as himself and has a better time.

She couldn't bear to kill, and decided to let the children teach them.

The children are grateful for their swearing and will swear to be a man again.

Before leaving, the thief suddenly said: "Miss sister, your martial arts is so good, do you want to go back to me to be Mrs. Zhaizhai?"

She suddenly became blushing, and she did not wait for her to answer. The Hill Thief was kicked by her sister and walked away.

Seven years later.

On this day, she was playing a martial arts training sword. Suddenly, the disciples came to report, and a group of people from Chivalry Road came up the mountain.

She was first horrified, and confused in her heart. After the rise of chivalry in recent years, robbing the rich and helping the poor, and arrogant, why would they not be able to go with the same decent.

Not to be careful, the man of Chivalry has broken into the door.

She stunned: "I frown and you chivalrous road well water does not make river water, why kill the door, do this unjust thing.?"

When I first made a wooden machete, I laughed happily. "My people use wooden warriors. They are designed to restrain the wounds. The head can be assured. The martial arts, let me teach you today."

She was more angry and attacked the sword. However, after a dozen tricks, the sword was taken off.

She fell to the ground and simply sat down on the ground and hugged her arms and said, "I am in the hands of your rats today, and I want to kill you!"

That made the knife busy throwing a knife, to help her up, said: "Miss sister, I am the king of the thief, now you can go back with me to do the lady of the village."