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[Mirror flower] Pulling silk: silly? The Lord will fly!

On the plane, the crow said to the flight attendant: Give the Lord a glass of water! After listening to the pig, I also learned: Give the Lord a glass of water! The flight attendants threw the pigs and crows out of the cabin, and the crow smiled and said to the pig: Is it silly? Will fly ~~! .

Almost everyone is thinking about how to get rich, but few people think that they are actually at the bottom of their lives, so our understanding of poverty is not only near ignorance, but also a lot of fallacies. We often use some sort of convention to degrade the urges of the poor: occasionally lazy, occasionally motivated, occasionally noble, occasionally sneaky, occasionally angry, occasionally obedient, occasionally helpless, and occasionally self-reliant. However, these do not help to understand and help our ordinary people as poor to realize their hopes: to eliminate doubts, make up for deficiencies, satisfy their wishes, strengthen their faith, and solve their confusion. In many literary works and public opinion, the appearance of the poor is only the master of some kind of inspirational or tragedy, which may be admirable or pitiful, but they will never be the disseminators of certain knowledge, nor will they Someone consulted them about their ideas or plans .

However, poverty is not a life performance . In fact, the lifestyle of the poor and the rich is no different in eating and drinking, and the plight of the poor is almost the same as that of the rich: lack of information, belief is not firm ,procrastination. The poor are also basically well-educated and knowledgeable, so they even think that they refuse to plan, and they hate planning more, because the rich and they think that these things will not work. So their primary choice is the same lifestyle as the rich: making your life less boring.
It is a pity that the idea of ​​the poor makes it difficult for them to get rid of poverty. And as each tide recedes, the gap between them and the rich will grow larger. However, they are helpless, but they blame the injustice of the system and the hereditary of the second generation. These complaints may be aided by the government and charities, but in the long run will only exacerbate the deterioration of their living conditions and the marginalization of social classes.

The reason why the same rich and poor people seem to have such a gap is because of what is behind them. The rich have unknowingly enjoyed a lot of things since the day they were born. They don't have to worry about whether their tomorrow will face survival problems. They don't have to rush to use their limited self-control and decision-making capabilities, and use these abilities to make more value. They don't need to be cautious and careful in order to survive. They have become accustomed to all aspects of their lives and will hardly think about them in these areas.
On the contrary, the poor need to constantly spend energy on trivial matters and need to make decisions on many of the rules. They have to spend more skills and stronger willpower than the rich to more broadly develop their talents and assume more obligations. A meager income every day means that they have limited access to information – everything costs money to buy. So they often don't know anything about the specific information that other people in the world have. This has led to the fact that in the world in which they live, many institutions are not built for people like them... Most of the things they do are owned by the rich, which also gives them their behavior. There is a hint: any change worth making will take a long time, and the possibility of any fundamental change is almost non-existent. Thus, the world in the eyes of the poor is often a land of lost opportunities , which allows them to focus on the present, to make their lives as enjoyable as possible, and to participate in celebrations where necessary.

This effect is all-round, because it is planned to lose confidence in future changes, and it tends to taste rather than health in the diet, especially when they are unemployed, they do not want to eat boring health food, but think Eat something that tastes good - there will always be some cheap and delicious food that tempts them. While the rich are eating junk food, they can enjoy a comprehensive nutritional diet – a health plan that lasts for many years. If the poor want to do the same, they must spend extra energy to develop their own diet plan... just open this gap in the aspect of eating, then in almost every other aspect of life, if the poor want to reach the rich Such standards have to live very class, which is really hard to add.
Therefore, in education , we often see poor people who are quick and quick; in the cause, the poor are more willing to "buy" a "stable" job. - within the system, or a small business. At the same time, the irony is that the poor are not willing to pay five insurances and one gold, but they often use the money for medical treatment. The poor have spent various methods to save money, but the total amount is huge; the poor use diverse Sexual approaches deal with risks, but these methods are very expensive.
What is even more discouraging is that in the face of economic downturn, the rich will save more money based on the current net capital value, and using today's deposits is part of tomorrow's net worth. But for the poor, because self-control is difficult to achieve, relying on their motivation and rules to get closer to the goal, it will be very far away for them.

Getting rid of poverty is a difficult thing for the poor, especially through the government and charities. But for the poor ourselves, there are still many ways.
First of all, it is a good job . For people, looking at the problem in the long run may require a sense of stability. As for those who do not see an improvement in their future quality of life, they may not always want to continue their efforts and their living standards are hard to improve. A solid income can make more contributions to future spending, and it also makes current borrowing easier and cheaper. This is why a good job is so important. Good work is a stable, well-paid job that gives people enough mental space to do what the middle class is good at.
Second, good at planning . People tend to overestimate the power of doing a lot of things in a short time, underestimating the power of focusing on one thing three or five years later. If you don't have a good plan and the ability to strictly enforce it, then the better the job, the deeper the cage. Especially in this "government does not support people" today, there is no plan, like boiling water to cook frogs.
Finally, do more precautions . Social security must be paid and buy an insurance. The cost of prevention is always much less than the cost of accident handling, so don't be too confident or too pessimistic to refuse to add protection for yourself. These precautions allow you to have the protection of the majority of the wealthy once and for all. This way you can free up your energy to do more valuable things.

Buffett has a famous saying: "Only after the tide has receded, I know who is swimming naked." When the economy is developing rapidly, each of us will think that we are very successful. But once the high-speed era is over, most people will have nowhere to run. Now that the overall economy is no longer leap, we must consider changing our way of life and work, adding a pair of wings for ourselves to seek a safe place.